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Shadys back bitches · 4:40pm Feb 18th, 2014

so I'm back! At last!

I'm sorry for disappearing, but well here I am now! expect frequency with chapters again, and I'm working on length. enjoy folks!

And holy fucking shit I made the banner!!! first time ever!!!

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When will thee continue "Touching Rainbows?"

1424981 All good understand I come on here to read stories and write (writing is my stress relief) but I understand see yah on the flip side

1424982 I did before I read the reply to me, and that is a shame I was really enjoying Touching Rainbows:ajsleepy:. It had inspired me on my work during a time I felt very little inspiration:twilightsmile:. I really wish it had made it to completion but if it isn't in the stars, then that is acceptable as well. I wouldn't want you to force yourself to write it. :twilightsheepish:
Part of me also wonders if you ever left fimfiction who you would pass the story to, but till such a time comes I'll remain curious! :derpytongue2: Also curious as to what had happened to turn you away from fandom, but I'll leave that to your choice of divulging or not as well :twilightblush: Anyways, I wish you well and maybe I'll even hear from you again sometime! :twilightsmile:

1305876 technically, yes, virtually as far as FimFiction is concerned, not really haha, i check in occasionally to see what's goin on with comments n jazz, but im not a brony any longer. i wrote an overly extensive response to Killagatros's comment on my page, so if you want the full run down go ahead and evesdrop there ;)

1420290 nah, not a brony anymroe, things change lol, some other people are doing Touching Rainbows adaptations, but i just can't do justice to the story anymroe. just don't feel it, ya know? i mean, i haven't been a brony since summer 2013, just kinda lost it's touch, idk, i tried pumping out some chapters for you guys, and i just felt a massive drop in quality, personally, i'd rather let it just die than let it suffer ya know. End it on it's high note. as far as im concerned now, TR is public domain, anyone can extend on it's universe, continue the story, or whatever, it's the peoples now :) i've seen one spinoff, and just was asked if i could give the thumbs up to another. I mean... idk... maybe if i get like an influx of fanmail or something i'll get some winner drive to really pump this story out for you guys, it's probably like 5 chapters out right now. Idk, all depends on whether or not enough people care, not that i wouldn't write it for the satisfaction of one or two fans, but it would be stellar if i got 10+ people telling me to continue it. I mean, i just can't look at ponies and not cringe now, so naturally trying to right a romantic anthro interdemenional highschool fanfic is pretty damn difficult lol. But TL;DR: no, i'm not actively upon my own will writing fanfics anymore. sorry mate

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