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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


The flu; all ponies have had it at some point in their lives. It's a simple yearly ordeal that leaves you feeling crummy for a week or two, then you're fine again, right? Oh how wrong of a misconception that is. This is not the story of the feather flu, this is the story of the black flu; the worst flu pandemic in Equestrian history.
(There is adult SpikeBelle shipping [as in age, not content] and no, there aren't any zombies.)

Though this story is fictional, I'd like to point out that this will be an accurate representation of a worst case scenario pandemic in our world. And after the recent outbreak of H7N9 in China and NCoV in Saudi Arabia, I felt as though I needed to write this story. So I hope this story will both entertain and educate you.

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Could this story actually be related to something that happened in real life? Has someone you know die from the flu thingy? I'm just asking because it was so well detailed.:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Saw you had a new story and clicked and read it without a second thought...damn, I know for a fact a movie is based on this but I can't spell it and I thought it was a great movie when I saw it, as for the errors in this, other then changing your numbers to letters and changing the error people to ponies and the fact that Rarity's remorse for her husband seemed much to rush, I'm seriously very, very impressed.

You know me, I'm 100% down for anything you write, can't wait to see how the two got together and married, I'm a big fan of this pairing and honestly knowing you, it's going to be a Spilight I seriously hope.

If so then:yay: This is going to get intense, poor ponies dying all over...this is going to get dark very, very soon...you have my full support:ajsmug:

I'm guessing this is set in the future, wonder how many years and all this came to be to begin with:unsuresweetie:

This is a very good story, I can't wait for more. I must ask, have you ever read "The Stand" by Stephen King? That is what this story reminds me of.

2641080 Oh it is indeed based on fact in reality, but no, thankfully no one I know has died from the flu. I'm just very vigilant about emerging infectious diseases and possibly considering becoming a virologist.
And thanks for the detailed remark. I wanted that so you could see just how real it is. :twilightsheepish:

2641091 Yes, that story was amazing! A little unrealistic though in therms of death toll, but still great! :twilightsmile:

It's called Contagion, but I will try to distance myself from that movie as the story progresses.
Rarity's remorse rushed? :rainbowlaugh: Have you ever seen Rarity?!
No, this story is going to be a SpikeBelle. Sorry.:unsuresweetie:
Oh you have no clue how dark I plan... :pinkiecrazy:
Yes, it makes it easier to work with the SpikeBelle. It's set about a decade from now.

Kind of reminds me of the game Plague Inc. Ever played it? It's a free app, and it's addicting!

2641122 I knew it:pinkiehappy: That's a great movie, I don't mind if it's close to the movie or not:ajsmug:

Very fair point, still hoping for a background though and Spike belle? Seriously? BUCK YEAH!!!! That's honestly my second favorite pairing, Gods, I'm excited now:yay:

This is going to be fun:twilightsmile:

I understand, I'm 100% ready for the romance:rainbowlaugh:

Really? That's cool:derpytongue2:

outstanding can't wait for more.

i always see people hopeing the end never come, but it will becasue in back of our heads we know that we are just ponters who we think is at the top, if you look every where elsa in the world you see people not borad but doing something and not worrying about noting, but here in the usa we freak out on almost everything and think the end is naer.

Am ready right now, my gear is just laying there waiting for that ball to ring, and wean it ring am out of the city like a bat out of hell.

what i'll like to know if your ready, unlike man weapons the flu can stay for 100s of yr later. mean made weapons you can fix it but flus will be here after wars and everything

I love stories and movies dealing with pandemics, especially Contagion. Heh, I was probably one of the minority who watched that film for the science :yay:

I'll be looking forward to more of this.

Oh, and have some mood-setting music:

All this talk about mutation and pandemic genes and such reminds me of the game Pandemic 2, in which you must infect the whole world with a virus which you can mutate at will. Fun game.

2641095 and i did see how real it is. If you want to become a virologist then I say do it!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart:


Nonsense, punch the flu. Problem solved.

2641574 Very good point my friend. People are in denial about so much, for instance the number of dislikes. I on the other hand, am preparing for any new disease to hit at any moment. Not out of fear though, but out of understanding. I know far too much about influenza viruses not to prepare.

I'm more of a shelter in place kinda guy. My home is my fortress, try to take it. I'll take your ass down from 300 yards away with my 270.

Well, yes and no. Flu pandemics do happen, but they gradually become adapted to our bodies as time goes on. Like H3N2 in the 60's. Nowadays it's rather common. However, that 90 day process of adjusting is hell.

Ya know, I read the description, and near the end where you mention the outbreaks I just can't help but think "well what about AIDS in Africa? Or the black plague that's sorta still traveling around south america?"

lol :derpytongue2:

Did someone say educate? Im all ears:twilightsheepish:

Are you a doctor ? A nurse? Or just graduated from medical school

This is really fascinating i would like to read more good luck.

Nope, I've just studied pandemic viruses extensively for the past three years of my life. I'm thinking of becoming a virologist or nuclear/ astro physicist.
And thanks!

2643405 Oh those are nothing compared to what's about to come.

2642875 Thanks man! Either that or a nuclear/ astro physicist.

2644147 wow i can really see a bright future from you.... ahh my eyes it burns

2644155 that's female to you. But thanks! DO what you can to help change the world and I guarantee the the world would be a better place for us.:pinkiehappy::heart:

2644255 Sorry, just a general impression considering the boy to girl ratio in the fandom.
Huh, so my choices are stop a global pandemic or help build the first nuclear powered interstellar spacecraft... That's a tough one...

2644339 Fair enough. I agree that it may be a hard decision... Destroy the world or save the world... I would save it personally.:rainbowwild:

2644405 That wouldn't destroy it. But I think I'll go with physics. Space is cooler... :derpytongue2:

2644592 what ever floats you're boat.:twilightsmile::rainbowwild:

2643367 nice to see your ready, i have a 270 as well.

I also want to tell you laern about everything in basic you don't have time in your life to master every skill you need to stay alive, just know the basic on how to find food, water, make colthe and know what to keep form getting board becase boardem is the #1 killer for survile.

I have 3 LED games that only need 1 AAA and i have mothes of fun will most do spuid things and die becasue of it.

2643367 i also like to show it won't be the flu that kills gorment it'll be no more power look at us in the usa and 1st class contrys we become to impmant on electronic tools for too many things right now we are at 7B people in the world all it have to do is kill about 3B, after that there be 4B there be 1B killed by lack of food and fight over it and we are back to the drak age, and our life staly will almost be like the wild west day, no one want to leave home with out a gun or weapon.

Trust me, I've already got pretty much everything down pat. And you are very right about boredom. However, if I have a large group of people I care about, I think we can all keep each other company. Strength in numbers. Plus I have a violin... :derpytongue2:

Currently I'm stockpiling N95 respirators, Tyvek and Tychem suits, winter clothing, a few gas masks, batteries, lots of assorted medical supplies, and food.... Even if nothing happens, I've got one hell of a Halloween costume. :rainbowlaugh:

2645275 That's exactly what a pandemic could do. Now I don't know you, but I've been studying the several avian influenza viruses that pose a great threat and I know the ins and outs of almost all of them. Especially H5N1. It has a 60% mortality rate and could easily spark a pandemic if it were ever to meet up with a human flu. Same with any avian flu. So it's only a matter of time until this happens. Now, I've done estimates on infection rates and kill rates and I've found that some of these viruses could kill almost 2.8 billion. And given how much in denial people are, it may even be more.
Also, H5N1 is three mutations away from going pandemic.
H7N9 is 2 or less mutations away from going pandemic and has recently been shown to be resistant to antivirals and even be airborne in a few cases. My money is on that bird flu... Soon.

2645519 good to know, am just your everyday guy hopeing to get a job and do something.

i can't wait for more up dates.

btw buy 1800s guns that use black poder and map out lead mines and lead refines, so you never run out of bulltes becasue you can make your onae.

but ya i can't wait for more updates


But No, I don't plan on that. I'll likely just get the most common guns so I can find ammo easily. If there's one thing I know about rednecks it's that they have a lot of guns, but no n95 respirators... :derpytongue2:

Soon man, soon.

I haven't read the story though, nor was I refferencing it... so I have no clue what you're talkin about :unsuresweetie:

2646121 there talking about how to survive in a pandemic

2646818 You're very right right about that. However, I do get my information from multiple sources. So, I don't just follow the WHO like they're god. And again, you are right about the flu being more deadly than these diseases. However, the seasonal flu has a 0.1% mortality rate. The Spanish flu of 1918, which was worse than the black death, only had a 2% mortality rate, but left between 50-100 million dead. Now we are current facing H5N1 with a 60% mortality rate and H7N9 with a 25% mortality rate. The result from either of those going pandemic would be catastrophic, if not nearly apocalyptic. So, I think that having a mindset of "we have bigger problems" would possibly result in the greatest loss of human life in history.
You also said the seasonal flu is more dangerous than any of their super influenza. Well this is true, for now. However both of these viruses are incredibly close to attaining the ability to spread from person-to-person. And this isn't some hunch from the WHO, this has been tested in multiple international laboratories and there results were the same. H5N1 is only 7-3 mutations away from going airborne and many of the adaptations needed to go airborne have already been acquired in nature. Now we haven't tested H7N9, but we predict that if it's similar to H5N1, it only has 2 mutations to go. Already we've seen limited transmission between people. Thankfully, the warmer temperatures have slowed the outbreak drastically. But when fall returns, so may H7N9.
Now I'm not trying to make you panic, I'm just giving you the true information that I have acquired over three years of research. Whatever you chose to do with it, is entirely your choice. I only want to help.

When will new chapters be posted? I need more!:flutterrage:

2651224 Tomorrow or the day after. I'm almost done, just gotta edit.

Dude! Awesome chapter! Can I have more info? I am amazed that you can make a serious point using MLP characters

Phew.That's one thing I don't have to worry about getting killed by, now that I know that not being really healthy is a secondary power, also... RARITY, said, "shit". Now, I'm not one to say swearing is evil or immoral but, it's kinda OOC to have her swear so breezily honestly. It's... unladylike I guess you could say.

2656015 She has a 106 fever, is in the ICU, and her husband just died. I don't think she cares much about being ladylike. :derpytongue2:

2656252 This a powerful and emotional story
you have here. Poor Rarity.
When I was in the first grade, I caught a fever.
In the ninth grade , I caught a minor case pneumonia. I felt like shit.
Let me tell you something, pneumonia is STILL pneumonia.

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