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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


In the past few weeks since Twilight has started dating, Spike has found himself spending more and more time alone in the castle. Normally he would be willing to put up with his own loneliness, in exchange for her happiness, but when the dark of the night comes around, he can't help but wonder if he really is alone.

(Eventual Spilight shipping)

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Pro: Spilight shipping. My favourite meal.
Con: That pesky Tragedy tag.

I'm so divided right now :applecry:

5429943 To put you at ease I will spoil one detail; no one dies.

Spike has fire hot enough to instantly slag steel and he resorted to a crude blunt object? Did Twilight have him neutered when he was young?

5429971 Maybe the intruder was another fireproof dragon. Bet he'd feel played if he left that blunt object...


That'd be where the claws and fangs capable of tearing through diamond come into play.

And.. I'm unsure that the statue would really help him with another dragon. Even one young enough to get into Twilight's castle. Even if he had the muscles for it, it'd be *whoosh* and he'd be coated in molten bronze. It'd get into his eyes and nose and it'd just be awkward and painful all around.

5429993 But which would you be more likely to run from, a regular dragon, or a dragon with a big metal beating stick?


Were I a pony, I think the breaking point would come at 'dragon'. Were I a dragon intent on mischief, I'd probably reflexively toast him and then we're back to molten bronze in the eyes and a huge optometrist bill.

5430020 I'ma be honest. Beating stick just makes you look and feel so much more badass. I mean yeah, it could backfire. But dat swag doh.

this is really interesting. Please update soon.:twilightsmile:

Well, this is interesting! Following.

Holy Celestial!!! Some get me jackhammer because this story rocks!!! Another great story ice keep it up

Hmn, interesting so far.

Holy smokes! I don't believe it... there are phones in equestria!

This story intrigues me.

5432139 No, well Spike is, but Spike is always anthro-ish.

5432280 You know what this means!? They got dat dial-up!

Also, thanks!

Okay, just read both chapters and quite a few question marks are popping up in my head at the moment. My first guess is that is seeing and or hearing future events involving Twilight.

I'm enjoying this

5432405 This story gets really psychological. So any theories you have this early in are probably going to be wrong. But that's a good one though.

SOOOOO if you could just release 20 more chapters quickly that'll be great:moustache: love the story btw keep it up :twilightsmile:

Wow I really like this! I like that he is somehow seeing/hearing a alternate reality twilight I wonder how your gonna have him tell her that he isn't dating rarity in this world and how is he gonna tell twilight that he sees two of them lol but I'm sure you've got a good way to reveal everything and i can't wait for the next chapter but take your time I'd rather wait awhile for a good chapter then a few days an get something junk lol so if you don't feel satisfied with the way the next chapter is coming out just take a break an publish it when you feel it's done we will be here waiting for however long it takes :D sorry for leaving such a long comment lol

Another chapter?! Wow you work fast....

Very interesting. I can comprehend the Spilight but I wonder... Will it be with the Twilight he knows or this... this phantom of a Twilight? Intriguing.

5432359 well i like spike and i hate flash so hopeing for spilight but your tragedy tag mess with me


I came for the Spilight, but the psychological horror mixed in is a great draw too. I eagerly await further chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Hmn, a couple theories spring to mind. The first is that some sort of alternate reality is bleeding through, one where Twilight was rejected and Spike got the date. Other theory, our native Twilight was rejected and all of the dates Spike has seen her go on are unconscious magical constructs created by Twilight's magic, and she's starting to break down from the mental stress of that. It doesn't completely fit the question at the end of the story (unless it's just confusion because of what she is going through), but I think I prefer this to my first idea, and I think it fits the promised psychological aspect a bit better.

5433380 Last chapter I was thinking it was a future Twilight traveling back to the past as that has actually happened before. After this one however the alternate reality theory sounds more plausible. It's either that or Spike is completely insane. Maybe he had a complete psychotic episode after being rejected by Rarity and is in a padded cell right next to Screwball, and everything. Or maybe he is on his way to a mental breakdown and everything is a hallucination.


Or maybe this is years later and Spike is finally senile, living in memories he can't even remember correctly

‘Why is he being so distant?’ she thought.

Thoughts are usually presented in italics, as so: Why is he being so distant? she thought.

“Spike… I know this is different, but I have a coltfriend now. That’s just how these things work.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Spike, I…“

“Twilight, I know we see each other everyday, but it just doesn’t feel right. I get to see you maybe an hour or two before you head out, and before bed. That’s nothing compared to how it used to be.”

“But we went to the lake today. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“We went to the lake because you felt bad. Seriously, since you started dating, how often have we hung out? I miss you Twi.”

This is what 90% of stories that concern Twilight's dating life forget. Spike's whole world revolves around Twilight, and she makes up a big chunk of his self-identity. Such a huge change in Twilight's life would directly equate to change in Spike's life. Although I can't say that I feel that going in a shipping direction with this story will appeal to me later on, I certainly feel the slipping reality that Spike is feeling and how this change in Twilight's life is affecting him very strongly. I like the guess that the other figure is actually Twilight attempting to use a time manipulation spell to spend more time with Spike while still dating Flash. It would be interesting to see how that shapes up, but I'll trust in your narrative for now. Best of luck!:twilightsheepish:

Sees story... Eeyup. :eeyup:

Dragon san:moustache:

I'm gonna keep reading this because you promised Spilight. But you better kick Braddy Cutebottom to the curb as soon as it's not considered a contrived ass-pull.

Okay, I'm invested and kinda unsettled. Spike seems to be having some serious sensory hallucinations from the stress of bottling up his feelings.

This is getting creepy. My guess is that, Spike, is seeing things as if he was with Rarity and this is how it would effect Twilight. Or this is one big mind fuck and Twilight and Flash aren't really together and Spike's mind is seriously messed up and his really had a mental breakdown over, Rarity's rejection.:twilightoops:

Either way, I sense a huge mind fuck! :pinkiecrazy: Boy, I hope I'm wrong!:facehoof:

What in the unholy name of Tartarus is happening?! I DEMAND ANSWERS!!!
Preferably in the form of the next chapter...
In all seriousness, this is really good so far. Looking forward to more.

It's heart is in the right place, and the author clearly has talent, so I thought I'd lend a little bit of a helping hand to get it started.:twilightblush:

For me,she is the real Twilight and not just a vision of Spike.Maybe twilight in her last date with flash ,flash raped or slightly beaten her ,because he was angry with her about something ?If there was a loud noise in that room , maybe twilight was really there ,Spike isn't crazy ,i still don't think he is .And if Twi wasn't in the room anymore is because she is Twilight ,after all,she maybe used her magic for disappear fastly:unsuresweetie:

5432503 Patience young grasshopper.
5432533 Thank you. Also agreed, taking one's time yields the best results... Unless you're on a roll, then to hell with that!

5437080 Wow, I didn't expect to see you here. Thank you for the correction. :twilightblush:

Agreed, it really is something I'd like to see more stories address. Also, thank you.

5485380 Dude... You went 0 to 100 real quick. There's just a "tragedy" tag, no "dark" tag.

Is this an alertnet dimension in his head that the fauxlight created by magic and is now just messing with spike?

A bit of doctor who nonsense going on here. I mean separated between, what I am assuming are, dimensions. They could not be closer together and vise-versa no further apart then at the moment where he sees her and she sees him and that little smile graces her face, with a grin tugging at his, yet always at the back of there minds it is nothing more than a snowflake. One errant hello, one brief glance, a moment of loss concentration and they disappear. Reality crashes down and they find their lives them same he is with another and she smiles for another. The whole thing is deliciously dramatic.
Take you time, pace yourself, this story is worth the wait. You are doing fine. good progression, nice character development, and opening potential for much more.

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