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Hi, I'm AlienVsUnicorn (AVU) Lost to space and time... but at least I have cable. Anyway... Come for the sex, stay for the monsters. Cause Sex + Monsters = 20% Cooler.


In a vast, desolate future, Equestria has fallen to the Draekonic Horde — a race of dimensional-jumping dragons with a healthy appetite for pony flesh. The leader of these alien monstrosities is known to many as the Dread Dragon King, "Blütgierr" but to one Unicorn solider, he is simply "Spike."

In order to defend against the Draekonic tyranny, three Equestrian units were created: The Pegasus, Earthly, and Unicorn Corps. These war-torn soldiers will die for the survival of the next generation and the destruction of all Draekonic beasts.

This is the story of Rarity and the Unicorn Corps.

Glory to Equestria! Death to Dragon kind!

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Its the amalgam and creative spelling of two German words. Props to anyone who can figure out what it means.


... And YOU win!

Now if you look under your seat you'll find.... A NEW CAR!!!

(And if it's not there then just keep waiting, It'll eventually will itself into existence...)

Did Rares swap weapons? I've never had a need for a scope on a shot gun:raritycry:....Bolts???? Rounds? clips? Magazines? case of ammo?

A case, I could use a case. . .:raritywink:

Looks like there could be a bit of some SparityLight in this story. Can't you see the blossoming of forbidden love between the troops and one of the troops of the enemy??

Not even seeing a word of this, but strangly, I'm getting a Vandread vibe from this. Especially with the formations of the Unicorn forces.

I will track this. :twilightsmile:

5630214 Man könnte sagen ich hatte einen unfairen Vorteil.

This looks promising reminds me of a gorier version of halo and vandreed

The rewrite was.... I don't wanna say better because I liked the first one also but this felt like a whole different chapter which is good :twilightsmile: still has a major Halo feel to it though :moustache:


Thats funny because I've never played Halo before. I kinda want to now tho.

5716009 its an amazing game......well 1-3 is halo reach and 4 was ehhh


Sounds cool. Ill have to check it out. My fave video game is Mass Effect, actually. I'm trying reaaal hard to separate my Syfy mythos from the world and mechanics of Bioware's. They can build a great story tho. I give them that.

5716043 I never was a fan of mass effect :applejackunsure: its just never clicked with me as a series :moustache:


I love it. It's got an amazing story. Plus sex with aliens is always an added bonus.

And as always, "There is no Shepard without Vakarian."

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