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It's the second Nightmare Night after Luna returned, and everything starts out normal. Ponies are having fun, getting candy, and even Fluttershy is trying to join in.

However, hiding out in an alleyway is a certain outcast Changeling. And his time away from the Hive has made him grow desperate.

Gore tag due to small amounts of blood, as well as the nature of the story itself. Sex tag added due to innuendo near the end (nothing explicit).

Also contains some romance.

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Cute start. Keep it up. :)

Yah know, changelings can change. She could just change into her pony self and live one without a change.

Next chapter will actually address a bunch of these concerns

Her friends love her, her family loves her, your point?

We don’t know how it exactly works. It could be harmful or something, idk.

I'm going with the popular headcanon of "feeding off idle emotions isn't harmful, but forcing emotions out to feed upon is."

So basically, yes, the love Rarity's friends and family share with her will be enough to sustain her (if she can get past the initial wave of shock and fear, that is...).

Twilight and Spike gave each other a nervous glance, then leaned further into the hug. "If it makes you feel any better," Spike began, "This won't change my feelings towards you."

Rarity sniffled. "Thank you, Spikey-Wikey..."

By the way, you think you can change into a dragon once in a while? :moustache:

"Of course Ah am!" AJ snapped, "This wouldn'ta happened if ya hadn't frozen like a deer in front'va train!"

Way to go Applejack. Can we count on you to say this to the Princesses after the Storm King Invasion?

Maybe since her magic has changed color already she could shapeshift? Thorax is there, maybe he could give some pointers real quick. It is Rarity after all, she's pretty thoroughly aware of her own looks, hehehe.

Or she could hide in the back and let Sweetie just go off with them.

Or, you know, she could do the sensible thing and just tell them. Nah, that'd be silly. :trollestia:

Yeah, that'd just be silly... :moustache:

The doorbell rang. "Sweetie Belle, you ready?" came a familiar voice from the other side.

Well, just use an excuse that you have an emergency fashion disaster or maybe some potion prank from your friends.

This isn't going to turn out well...

I just realize one thing. Has Kevin already in the town yet or even exist in this story?

I do hope this gets more recognition, it definitely deserves it.

He was just visiting for the wedding.

Ever wonder what happened to him after the wedding?

Well, he was seen in Cranky and Matilda's wedding, so I assumed he was just around.

-n man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land!

Hondo Flanks gasped, "Wait a second, I think I remember seeing something about that in a newspaper! 'Flashy Pony Flies Too Close To Sun During Best Young Flier's Competition' , if I remember correctly.

I bet Rainbow still have that copy in her house so she could remind Rarity who had the bigger ego that day.

Have you thought of commissioning someone to draw the different stages of Rarity's transformation? It would help see what she looks like at this point in the story.

Or I could just draw them myself, but good idea!

Oh! Yes, you could do that! Do that whenever you have the time!

The Princess of Friendship was no longer paying attention, however; she had a study to write.

A princess in dangerous mode. :moustache:

And two: Why was Rarity's first instinct to hug him?

Because you're the most adorable buggo ever, Thorax, that's why :raritystarry:

Now that Rarity actually focused on it, she could hear a faint collage of voices in the back of her mind. Some of the voices were rather hazy, while others were a bit sharper and louder, but none of them were as clear as Thorax's just was — must be that proximity limit.

I bet one of those was Kevin. But did this mean there might also be another drone in Ponyville?

This whole sharing love thing always bothered me, as it kinda disregarded the law of conservation of energy. Just because they can distribute it now bitween themself doesn't mean it wouldn't run out at some point, so they still have to geather it from someone else.

This is a very interesting story so far so this is after scare master and thorax appeared pretty early in the season and basically meeting Rarity in a very unexpected and he basically explain about why he's here and unfortunately when he bit her it looks like Rarity is changing into a changeling which I didn't see that coming

Boy things just escalated so quickly so Rarity wanted to reassure thorax that Twilight will help out the situation and cure her from this transformation so they walk to the castle but instead of Twilight or Spike it was Princess Luna and basically knocked out thorax and accidentally hit Rarity and when she woke up she asked Twilight where is thorax and she told her that he in Canterlot and basically she told her to teleport her there meanwhile Luna was interrogating thorax why is he here but Rarity showed up and basically saving him and explaining that he is not a threat and something tells me she has some explaining to do

"Woah," Spike commented, "dude's got some serious guts, running away like that. I know what it's like to feel different from your own species, but this..."

And probably that's why thorax Spike and Gabby have in common with each other given the reputation of their species did not give out a good vibe

Okay that's kind of sad but also heartwarming at the same time so anyway Rarity explained about why Thorax was here and basically it was an accident on his part and it looks like the princess is okay with the situation but she wants to give still a punishment but she will give it to Rarity to make the choice for him and she was going to ask about the Cure but Twilight gave her the bad news that there is no known cure of her transformation Rarity was devastated knowing to the fact she will never be a pony again Twilight and Spike wants to reassure her that everything will be okay that they will get through this but she has to explain to her family and then thorax woke up asking Rarity what's going on but she told her the news that she can ever be cure and thorax felt even more guilty what he did to her but Rarity wasn't too upset and it looks like they're going to help each other out

Okay things are going smoothly so far so Rarity introduced thorax to her friends and sure there was some mixed feelings but other than that it was good and I did like how Pinkie Pie was still opening up to newcomer but then suddenly Sweetie Belle showed up and saw what's happening and she freaked out Rarity explain this whole situation to her and nothing would change it was a sweet moment between them but when they got home thorax is living with Rarity at the meantime but it looks like the transformation is starting right now especially her horn this is going to be a long day for her

Cadance kind of breaks that on her own by spreading love wherever she goes.

Oh boy it looks like the transformation is starting pretty fast and Sweetie Belle is having a nightmare of Rarity becoming bad and Rarity is kind of worried about what's going to happen in the future but she wants to reassure her nothing's going to happen like that and now she needs to explain this to her parents which that's going to be fun

Well then the parents took the news pretty well I mean yeah they were pretty surprised to see their daughter transforming into a changeling and telling them that thorax didn't mean any harm I wonder how this will work out for her

The fashionista nodded as she landed. "Twilight once made me fake wings so I could visit Cloudsdale and watch Rainbow Dash compete in an event. Although I may have gotten carried away and entered the contest myself."

Oh my gosh I almost forgot about that episode and Rarity was pretty natural when she was using the fake wings in that episode and yeah like she said she kind of went overboard on the wing

Ok wow that was really fast transformation at least the Wing part and I'm sure that was pretty painful to experience that but it was nice of thorax being there for her when she was in pain and yeah I remember she did have wings and she has a lot of explaining to do about that as well

With a heavy *slam!*, the doors closed, cutting the Princess of Friendship off. She grumbled, then decided it wasn't worth it.

Well that's kind of rude 😑

And somewhere in the distance, Kevin snoozed comfortably, blissfully unaware of the mess he'd just inadvertently created.

Hmm like I said I'm just surprised nobody didn't freak out when they saw him at the wedding

Well apparently Rarity's friends are still thinking about this whole situation about her changing into a changeling and becoming good friends with thorax and basically all of them have mixed feelings about this whole situation

And two: Why was Rarity's first instinct to hug him?

Because you are the best thorax 😊

Well it looks like her transformation is complete she's a full-on changeling so now she's testing out her powers which it turned out pretty well for her and thorax was pretty surprised that there's another way to share love and everything so I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time and with that I finally caught up to your story

Like feeding a whole nation with one loaf of bread?

Hey nice to see the story again so it looks like Rarity and thorax it's ready to face outside even though he doesn't feel confidence in himself but once they got outside let's just say ponies did not reacted too well and everybody got all panicky Twilight tried her best to calm everybody down and thorax panic and telling the other ponies to take care of instead of Rarity which the other ponies did not expect it that does he will do something like that I mean it kind of worked but it will take a while for every pony to get used to a changeling staying here and the new look of Rarity well let's see how this will go next time

I almost feel ashamed that I've never noticed this little story of yours, dear. Did you draw that picture yourself? I must say, it's quite good. The proportions are all wonderfully executed (and on paper, too, from the looks of it). I know how difficult that is (especially on paper :pinkiegasp:). Very good. :twilightsmile:

But as she walked down the street, she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. And it wasn't the usual feeling she got for 22 minutes a week, either; this felt different.

Eh, that's really... something you should try to avoid? I constantly have to remind a friend of mine to write numbers out instead of writing actual numbers. It does look far more neatly to write 'twenty-two' instead of '22' in fiction. :3

The Changeling slowly lifted his hoof from Rarity's mouth, while still holding her firmly. The pony took this opportunity to ask, "Why did you do that!?"

The pony does have a name. If you want to avoid writing Rarity's name twice in the same paragraph, you could do it like this:

The Changeling slowly lifted his hoof from her mouth, while still keeping his hold firm. Rarity took this opportunity to ask, "Why did you do that!?"

Just some minor suggestions. :scootangel:

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