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I'm a simple pony with normal dreams. *Internally plots world dominance.*


It was a simple question: could the Mirror Portal be used to travel to dimensions other than the one that held Canterlot High?

But as we all know, simple questions can spiral into grand adventures — especially when Twilight and her friends find themselves in a whole new place with a brand new attitude.

Having been turned into denizens of this world, the group partakes in many misadventures.

I realized that most of my stories are rather serious, so I wanted to write something more light-hearted.

Chapters (2)
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Rainbow rolled her eyes. "So lemme guess: you went full egghead-mode, and researched non-stop since then."

Twilight scoffed. "It wasn't non-stop! I got a whole 3 hours of sleep!"

Rainbow simply rolled her eyes.


This first chapter was... decent. The banter between the Mane 6 was characterful, but it’s odd that the were so willing to abandon all their commitments without question. The illustrations are cute, but they’d look better as the cover than embedded between the text.

So far, there’s not much to set this apart from other Pokémon crossovers, except that the characters who were transformed into Pokémon don’t seem to understand them automatically. In particular, the setup reminds me of a fic called Rescuers of Harmony, which also involves all the Mane 6 being turned into Pokémon after Twilight summons a portal, including Pinkie Pie becoming a Swirlix.

Also, Rufflet is always male. Have I read enough Starscribe to know where this is going, or...?


Rufflet is always male

I actually completely missed that; that gives me SO MANY IDEAS!

Well that was quick.

This chapter feels rushed. The battle in particular feels too short; how does Rainbow feel about being attacked?

A pet peeve of mine is "what the hay is a Pokémon?" exposition because it's rarely interesting and grinds the pacing to a screeching halt. The scene just ends abruptly with no hints at what's to come.

It's Ash and Pikachu. The dynamic duo of the anime show. I wonder what adventure Ash is gonna get dragged into! Train to be the very best!

I don't like that you call Pikachu a rat, its a mouse pokemon. Ratatta and Raticate, now they are rats. Also, pokemon can understand each other, so the mane6 and Spike would have understood Pikachu.

They should still be able to understand Pikachu for being pokemon themselves.

Ok, so this isn't Gen1 Ash, since you said he was aware of 860 different pokemon, then is this Gen7 or 8 Ash?

Actually, I've had this story on the back burner since January (at the very latest).

But yeah, I can see your point. The battle was meant to show just how out-of-their-element they are, but I suppose it could've lasted a bit longer.

My logic for them not being able to understand Pokéspeak is that, since they can still speak English (or Equish, or whatever), they can't understand Pokéspeak. Except for Fluttershy.

And this is meant to be between Gen 7 and Gen 8 (to where he's heard of the Galar Region, but hasn't yet visited).

Ok, oh and a pokemon is released from its ball in white light, and recalled in red light

There r 898 pokemon last I checked

https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/ check it out I watched the first episode that ever came out in 1998 I am an og for pokemon I check the pokedex often

What I meant was "I know that, and Ash (roughly) knows that, too."

Ok waiting for next chapter keep the good work up

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