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A man by the name of Ronan finds himself in the body of Zeraora, a legendary Pokémon, and is placed in a world vastly different from his own. One where disputes are settled with Pokémon battles.

Ronan finds himself a trainer through a series of mishaps, and the two head towards there goal of being the champions of Equistria.

You may be thinking, 'But Delta, nothing about this is original.' And to that I say, yes, you are correct.

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...is the whole group being inspired by Displaced pokemon stories?

10731116 Given the randomly-high number of favorites my Pokémon stories have been given lately, I’ll go ahead and blame myself for the surge.

I liked thanks for the chapter.

The Mane 6 feel incredibly tacked-on. Until that point, there was nothing indicating that this was a My Little Pony crossover, and even then, it feels like they were put there just so this story would be approved. Not to mention, the Everfree Forest is the most cliché location for a transformed protagonist to wake up.

Thanks for mentioning that, I tried to make it flow a bit better, but pacing has always been my weakest link. With the way I'm writing the story, everything's gonna seem tacked on, cause they are. Also, I one hundred percent agree that the Everfree is so cliché, and the soul reason I picked it was because it is. A heads up, this story isn't going to be anything you haven't seen before.

pretty poggers

Loving it so far

Love it! Hope the next chapter comes soon! :yay:

Zeraora may become protective of Spike if he keeps getting in trouble. Like if he suddenly learns a TM Move. This is just my opinion.

"i no- wait what!?" XDD love it!

Please don't make me wait so long for a another chapter

Wow he beeb captured fuck this story bye

....... The description literally says they are trying to become the champion together

I love that a gloom is what allowed spike to catch him XD i am willing to bet that they will find that gloom again xD

why doesn't the guest run away from this toddler to freedom? he does not have to accept bondage. does the character really love the leash? where is the hatred of the slave master?

Wow I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Next Chapter?

Me gusta mucho la historia espero con ansias los siguientes episodios 😁

Please don't die little story. We love you.

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