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If the universe is so big, then why won't it fight me?


This story is a sequel to My Little Pokémon

After making the ultimate wish, the two worlds have been united at last. The journey continues as a new day dawns for them all. The Wonderful World of Pokemon has yet to be fully explored not when there are many more wonders to behold for Ash Ketchum, Twilight Sparkle and all of their friends as the journey continues once more.

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Oh boi! What a way to start the sequel

The wish was a success and the world grew so much bigger!

But, meanwhile more pony capture pokeball are being made for the different types of Ponies.

Other then that I’m looking forward to seeing how this will be playing out

Can we see the new map? Please?

Excellent story and I look forward to you starting to write the anime chapters

Both worlds are now one... Reminds me of The finale of Star Vs. the forces of evil

Great way to start the sequel!

Absolutely beautiful! Go on, take a look!

It's finally happened, their wish came true...

(idk why but I love reusing/repurposing a quote from ARK)

Oh boy, the Cartographers are gonna have field days to come!

Also pls continue with the series!

Pokemon that will be important later on:
Jirachi (Definitely)
Hoopa (Probably)
Solgaleo (Probably
Lunala (Probably)
If you can get the theme, 1 of the pony-capturing Pokeballs break

oh my, your right!?

What Luna said concerns me. Does the physics of the new world are of the Pokemon world or the Equestria world? For example, do the Ponies control the weather and clouds or its just nature that controls it? Will the scientists of both worlds will work together to study their new world and their physics? Are the predators of Equestria have appeared in Pokémon Regions? I mean there's so many things that brings so much questions.

I wonder who Sienna and Lucian were talking about? Sounds, like some really tough people

In the mean time, we’re going back to Holon. Looking forward to that

Maybe the Storm King and Grogar

And no one else wonders what happened to the human world of equestria girls or the human version of Sunset

oh yeah i almost forgot bout the monsters in Equestria!
how the heck will they handle that because of the changes?

The teasing of Twilight's love for Ash continues.

if team magma and agua come back

the magma team would definitely become a problem for the dragons.

I imagined them stealing the dragons' eggs to indoctrinate the newborns to the ideals of team magma (by the way. could creatures from equestria join team rocket?)

as for the team agua. I just think hippogriffs would have a problem with them. imagine them trying to steal that magic pearl from the hippogriffs

now the team galactic. as we saw. in the latest movie. they sure are still active. and with this new unified world. no doubt they have many reasons to act

It is always sad when releasing a Pokémon. It’s one of the hardest things to do

very true, when i had to let go, Vapor, an Old Vaporeon of mine it was very Sad!
granted, it was so long ago, when i did it, and it made swear never to do it again..
but ya know what i mean!

It is but in the anime, some releases are necessary. For example

  • Arbok & Weezing left to protect a group of Ekans and Koffing
  • Duxtox finds love to breed.
  • Lapras rejoins its family
  • Larvitar reunites to its mother
  • Naganadel returns to its home in Ultra Space
  • Greninja in Kalos to stop that corrupted plant life from Zygarde when he was under mind control.

I still think that Goh and Starlight would make a good couple and I still want to know what happened to the human world and the human Sunset

Hopefully, They will be ok when they go see what is going on

Maybe each of them could catch a Delta Pokémon of their own?

Someone get Chrysalis stat!

Oh no. We have another demon to worry about

Quick Find a universe with Dante in it

Finally I caught up to the current chapter

many eyes? who could it be?

or better yet someone call Discord!

So I don't know if you know this, but Ash is leaving the anime now that Journies has finished up and there's a special sequence of episodes leading up to that.

Oh yeah, I already know.

After all, the demon even gave away the fact that he would never enter strange reals. The outside was more his style, making it easier to search for him. Twilight was set to put an end to this as the decision she would make with the Trickster Dragon had yet to be revealed as the journey continues.

Wish her the best of luck

Terminaría la llamada con la Unión de Guardabosques, pensando instantáneamente en Human World. El resultado de ese mundo aún no se había visto. Arcanine, que dormía pacíficamente, se sobresaltó de inmediato por la voz elevada de Celestia.

I was wondering the same

Starlight was saved and Twilight was able to beat the Trickster Demon. Very nice

Amazing chapter!

Hopefully they’ll be able to find Reshiram

Hopefully we will see Paldea and how it's doing soon.

Oh I would love to see the gym leaders versus Magehold

Hopefully, the gym leaders will be able to find out and save Fantina.

you got the cherry blossom tree thing from mairimashita iruma-kun

And what makes Rosa believe that she has the right to think about Roseluck after everything she plans to do?

Why wouldn’t she think about her?

Rosa may be evil but Roseluck still her sister in the end.

They need to save her!

And the new female protagonist is probably his daughter Liko. A father’s dream carried on by their child who wants to aim higher and reach new heights that Ash hasn’t reached. A new adventure with a new hero of the next generation is about to begin.

I know this cause what I heard Liko is from the Kanto Region just like Ash and it’s looking that Season 26 will have Liko aim to be a Pokémon Master just like Ash as she starts out on her journey in Paldea for the Scarlet and Violet anime series.

I don't know about that. She doesn't look like Ash or share any of his similarities at all and it looks like she was born in Paldea instead. Probably a whole new character on her own. Roy looks like he would go after Ash's dream more than Riko would.

"By this point, it should be over for you. But I think you all should have a different fate compared to these no-bodies. I'll be seeing you soon. Farewell, Gym Leaders." Right then and there, Rosa Maledicta's voice would vanish. She left it all to her plants which were certainly capable of being as destructive as her. As they looked on in awe at this massive plant, they were ready for the worst.

And in a flash, this large plant would lean in at great speeds, using its massive mouth to try and consume the Gym Leaders and their Pokemon. Valerie looked up in awe as the next thing she saw was nothing but darkness

Oh no, please don’t say they’ve been captured to

Queen Maledicta: I use "Polymerization" to fuse my three Despair Plants into my ultimate monster, GO! Despair Plant Chimera!!

"Si puedes salir de este lío. Por supuesto... No he enviado a todos mis seres queridos. Solo necesitaba tres para esta ciudad e hicieron un excelente trabajo en los últimos meses. Pero su verdadero potencial debe mostrarse". a ustedes. Mis bebés... ¡Hora de fusionarse!"

"¡Saluda a Desesperación Planta Quimera!" Emergiendo de la luz oscura había una Planta Desesperación aún más grande que era el doble de grande que la mayoría de estos edificios.

The first thing that came to mind when reading this was a Yu-Gi-Oh Fusion Summon.

I say bring Hollow with them for a good reason; if its to save people's souls, there's one Pokémon in his party that is an expert in souls and is a soul.

Good thing they’re safe.

But, I’m worried for roseluck and how the others will feel when they find out Rosa is her sister


Does my heart good to see you notice the references.

I can see why Roseluck would feel that way but remember; there was another pair of siblings that had a bad rep because of the other. Lord Tirek & Scorpan but is unknown if Scorpan is still alive. Tirek is only alive because of Tartarus.

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