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I am a Star Wars fan and I like Human in Equestria stories


This story is a sequel to Eric Sparkle and the Locket of Prophecies

Eric Sparkle and friends are back in a new adventure. Any pony who goes into the Crystal Caverns almost always doesn’t come out, as the legends go.

Eric and his friends must solve the mystery of the Crystal Caverns, which are rumored to harbor a dark secret that could threaten not just Canterlot, but Equestria itself.

Meanwhile, an evil conspiracy is taking place between Glacio’s Ice Ponies and the changelings led by Queen Chrysalis.

It is once again up to Eric Sparkle and his friends to protect Equestria from the forces of evil.

This story is set during Season 6

Chapters (2)
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i hope Eric can meet that Patton Oswalt pony since this story take place in season 6

Comment posted by Fawwaz123 deleted 8 hours ago
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