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I've got some ideas... let's see if they'll actually reach fruitition...


The Green Lantern Corps. Protectors of The Universe, led by the ancient Guardians of Oa, these peacekeeping soldiers protect nearly every sector of the universe with one sole weapon: the Green Lantern Ring. But not all of the universe is under protection; there remain several patches of space unprotected by Guardian influence. In one of these Sovereign Systems rests a particular planet, Pax Harmonia, full of many creatures and governments; the most notable being the Kingdom of Equestria.

When a sole Guardian appears before the rulers of Equestria, Princesses Celestia & Luna, and asks for a favor from old acquaintences, the peaceful country will be forced to deal with the concequences of letting a creature out of myth twice fold live amongst them: not only a Green Lantern... but a human. A young, cocky human named Hal Jordan...

(Editing help is welcome [First MLP story & all], tags & rating MAY change depending on future directions)

Oh, yes. I own nothing.
My Little Pony, FiM are owned by Hasbro & Studio B.
Green Lantern & other related properties are owned by DC Comics & Time Warner
The cover art, while awesome, was not made by me. This piece was made by the very talented KrisJustice at Deviantart and can be favorited here: http://krisjustice.deviantart.com/art/Death-of-a-Green-Lantern-265021244
Cover art may be subject to change.

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So yes, here it is... Not the story I was originally thinking of, but still a good place to start. The one I wanted to do, the long running one, is still a bit out of my league for now, so this should be a good first story.... that isn't to say that this WON'T become a long story, but probably not a long runner (anything that has sequels or a wider "universe").

And for G.L. fans: please no flame wars over which Lantern is best. I've seen enough "Hal vs. Kyle" etc fights already. Suffice to say to say, at a point, all the human Lanterns will make an appearence... but that doesn't mean that they'll be absolutely similar to their comics counterparts. The A.U. tag is there for a reason, but I WILL try to keep the spirit of each Lantern as much as possible. Let' s hope this goes well!

First aside from OP!

Will edit comment with criticism.

I'll drink to this! Keep the chapters comin'!:twilightblush:

Interesting......please continue.:moustache:

I really enjoyed this Chapter, it is a very interesting take on a HiE fic, and I really cannot wait until the next chapter. This Chapter in it of itself is very nicely paced, it covered a lot of the aspects but also leaving a good bit of things open for us to still be wanting more and to imagine what could happen.

All I can say is this: This... is going to be EPIC!!! :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much! I wanted to give a lot of detail for people who probably aren't all that familiar with the Lantern-verse, but was a bit afraid that I just wound up being long winded. :derpyderp2: And on the Equestria side of things, I DID want to be a little vague since quite a few things in this planet's history WILL wind up affecting their human guest... some for the better and a lot for the worse.

Even before I got into FiM, I've been a fan of Green Lantern and always wondered what it would be like if a Lantern was forced to live amongst a species that wasn't his own, kinda like what happened during the first Green Lantern Corps series Post-Crisis in the 80's. But then it was a few aliens on Earth, but here it's one human on an alien world that, even for a Lantern who's seen A LOT, is strange in a lot of ways.

I'm still in the middle of writing/minor editing the next chapter, so it should be up in by Wednesday or Thursday. Hope I don't disappoint!

1251352 o-o... those references in the GL universe just FLEW over my head.. the only Green Lantern i have ever seen/known is the most recent one, the one that was on Cartoon Network >.< and the talks i have had with my sister who loves the comic series and has a small bit of knowledge of the GL part of the DC universe. Still I can easily enjoy great writing and i loved how you were able to accurately portray the Guardians.... the way i know them at least :twilightsheepish:

I have to ask though, I see the Comedy Tag.... it won't just be random stupid funny stuff where ponys and Hal will be the butt of jokes left. right and center... that is a serious turn off with stories for me, the kind of Humor i'm expecting is the things i have seen in the cartoons, if that makes sense. >.<

EDIT: DISREGARD THAT!!! -is feeling super special- i just looked back at the tags, i HONESTLY thought i had seen a Comedy tag but it isnt there... so... oops?


Oh, yeah! I freaking love G.L. The Animated Series (personally can't wait until the second half of the season start at the end of this month!), but this fic will have quite a bit of mythos which will be inspired or directly related to the comics canon. I am interested in the way the comics are going (with the malevolent Guardians and the Third Army, NOT going to be part of the fic since... well... it's barely started and I don't wanna make guesses out of school), but I do appreciate the distant, but trustworthy ones from the movie & series too. A certain Guardian is slated to make an appearance after a major event around the sixth chapter or so, but that may change since I am only still in the middle of the first chapter (second, after the prologue tho).

I will say that there will be some comedy in the fic, just as there will be some dark themes, but I didn't think there would be enough to make a "Comedy", "Dark", or "Tragedy" tag... at least for now. That's why I went with the more inclusice "Adventure", as mentioned in the description, I may change the tags and/or rating (there is going to be blood and battles. I won't say who's blood, but I'll try to make it tasteful so I won't turn anyone off from the fic).

A minor spoiler here: Hal will meet a certain unicorn who the fandom has decided has a human.... interest (cliche, but I do find it hilarious) very soon. Chapter two soon. And it will have a point, I promise; it won't just be fanservice.

1252116 oh dear sweet celestia.... you are gonna have him meet Lyra? how ummm how obsessive will she be in this? Twilight "Smartypants Incident Crazy" kind of obsessed? or just a very deep interest in humans in which she makes a big foal of herself in the way she acts about it at points? I don't expect you to answer btw 'cause that would just give to much away, as River Song would say "Spoilers" :pinkiehappy:


:rainbowlaugh: You'll just have to see. But the real question is, who'll be helping her out? That's going to be the real surprise. * :scootangel:

*note: It won't be Scootaloo. :p

Interesting, this looks quite promesing.

Maybe Oliver Queen could come to visit.

Maybe they could both show Equestria the power of DOMINO MASKS.

Hmmm, a tentative track for me. I assume that since ganthet and sayd are both still guardians of the universe that the War of Light and Blackest Night haven't happened.
This has potential, but we shall reserve critique for more chapters.


Thanks for the kind words. I don't want to give a whole lot away, but to satisfy your curiosity: Yes, the War of Light has started, but no, the Blackest Night hasn't happened. In this continuity, aside from the Green Lanterns: three Corps exist in defiance to the Guardians, but two have only made themselves known to them. The others have not yet emerged and, in one case, hasn't even been founded yet.

The only major ring presence in the story for now (that I have planned out) is the one Green, which as you'll see will be a bit "unusual", but as the story goes on... who knows? :trollestia:

Well, It's technically still Thursday. This is nearly double the number of words of the prologue, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

As this was rewritten after the original was lost, this wasn't given the pre-reading I wanted. I think I'm gonna use Google Docs to prevent this from happening again. As always, comments pointing out any mistakes are greatly apprecieated.

As for me, I've got Friday and Saturday all scheduled up, so I won't have time to write until Sunday. Until then!

Now this is getting interesting.

cant wait untill the next chapter

?? whoa-whoa wait? 19? Hal Jordan, the heir to Abin Sur, is being portrayed as 19 and has been a lantern since he was 13?
... Uhhhh Confusion. It has me. :applejackconfused:
BUT on the other hoof, I must say that I am now intrigued. Congratulation, this earned a spot on my favorites list. *clicks the star*

In Brightest Day... they may banish you Hal.
But in Darknest Night, you're damn right they'll be begging you to come back to save their sorry blue hides.


Hehe, the AU tag is there for a reason. :trollestia: Technically, he was 12 when the ring came to him; it's been roughly seven years since he became Green Lantern. When you brush up on Corps history, you'll see that a kid/teenager becoming a Green Lantern isn't the weirdest member to join; that honor still belongs to the planet and the sentient smallpox virus. :derpyderp2:

Most of the ages of the Lanterns have been altered: Jon Stewart in the oldest being mid 20's, Guy is around the same age as Hal, Kyle is the youngest still being two years younger than Hal & Guy. This is partially because it just seemed... weird to write Hal as a 30-40 year old in a magical land of talking ponies. The younger ages will also play into the theme of emotions; a sixteen year old who had a part in killing dozens, if not hundreds of his comrades would seem to be scarred more deeply than an adult. Hal's brief relationship with teenage Arisia (that was canon) no longer being really creepy is a fringe benefit. :rainbowlaugh:

And just so you know, Hal's father's crash happened when Hal was 10. In the next two chapters, more details about Hal will come to light, but others won't be. The full details of his "crime", for example, won't be fully revealed until after a major event in chapter 5.

Thank you very much for the kind words and the fave. :heart:

Most Excelent Sir. I did enjoy the opening line for the human. It was so good I sent the quote to my friend.

Big thanks to my pre-readers Lanafilly & Violet Droplet. As always, comments on errors we might have missed are appreciated. Now it's time to take a break. Gotta catch up on my Resident Evil before RE6 comes out! :rainbowkiss:

And I promise: there will be more Mane 6 & Spike next chapter!

EDIT 9/26: Fixed a few errors I noticed.

something i didnt notice before... but i now notice... but can't think of ANY way to fix it to make it better.. is this:

Auntie Celestia, Auntie Luna…. And guests

i just can't think of what to change that bolded part.... it is just glaring out at me and i cant for the life of me think of ANY way to fix it :raritycry:


Thanks, changed it. Hopefully it's a bit better now.

Keep up the good work
I Have witnessed no less than three other Green Lantern fics on this site die.

Please maintain the willpower to continue, the hope that your story will be amazing, the compassion for your readers who wish to see this through to the end, and the love of the media that you use.

and F.Y.I. :pinkiehappy: best Blue Lantern

I'm afraid I'm several years out of the loop on Green Lantern continuity (does this follow the universe reboot?), but I'm not having any trouble keeping up with the story.
Nicely written and decent characterizations. I look forward to seeing more of this.

Thanks, I'm gonna try to keep this up for the long haul. I've got a lot of ideas that I really want to explore, the buildup is nearly done.


It's more-or-less based on the pre-New 52 continuity for simplicity's sake (I am liking the New 52, but I do kinda miss the old continuity still), but there are a lot of alterations to history (young Hal Jordan being the cheif amongst them).

Thank you for the encouragement, one of my biggest concerns was trying to make sure the characters weren't terribly OOC.

Okay, Luna trying to talk like a manehatten street mare.

That made my eyes derp. :applejackconfused:
I don't know why but it somehow physically hurt me. :facehoof:

Also, hey, Halllll, put the ring back on... put it oooonnnn... you know you wannnntttt toooo :twistnerd:
I give him a week. Tops.
Here's hoping that it still has basic functionality, because I have a feeling some yellow and red suited ring-wielding psychos are gonna be eager for some revenge against that 'particular' Lantern... especially now that he is effectively beyond the help of the Corp.

also, Raptor.
I agree.


Aw, yeah. I've faved all those GL/MLP pics on DA, bit of a shame that the artist didn't get around to the Black Lanterns, but I guess White Lantern Celestia was a good finish.

Also, Luna talking like what? I know I kinda butchered her Ye Olde Equestrian, but I didn't think it was THAT bad... :rainbowhuh:

Oh, you mean Glorious Dawn? I was trying to go for a Vanilla Ice in his "prime" kinda voice for her, but I couldn't do it like the master could. So now she's like a mare pretending to be a white guy pretending to be a white guy who thinks he's a "hip gangsta". And that only made it better. :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, Dawn's got a secret. There's a clue to her identity in the scene when the Elements are returned to their chest. I wonder if you can find it...

As for Hal & his ring... it's a very love/hate relationship with it. It's brought him some of the greatest moments in his life and many of the absolute worst. Right now, if he didn't need it to communicate, he'd just pack it away with the Power Battery and be done with it. But, as you've guessed, the universe hates Hal Jordan, so he'll be singing a different tune sooner or later. :scootangel:

1329062 I just had a terrifying thought. If Pinkie WAS given a blue lantern ring, that empowers the green. With Hal's will, he could probably use that extra juice to override the Guardian's control.

Or she would blow up the ring and half of Equestria with it...


:rainbowlaugh: J/k... wow, I must be tired. :ajsleepy:

This is great and I'm really looking forward to seeing Lyra and "Glorious Dawn" meeting Hal.

One thing you may want to be aware of, since Hal mentioned that the food on Equestria is safe to eat: That's not entirely true. Humans can't process food that's high in Cellulose, so eating a lot of food based off grass or hay would make him sick.

Keep up the good work


I probably should have been more clear, but what I meant to portray was that, say, if Hal was to eat an apple grown by Applejack, or a cupcake made from Equestrian ingredients by Pinkie, he'd be fine. His biology wouldn't have an adverse reaction.

It's like in the Mass Effect universe, quarians and turians have different amino-acids and can't eat food that humans, asari, & batarians can. Hal wouldn't have a life-threatening reaction to most foods on the planet, but he can't eat grass & hay. :pinkiesick: That's why he ordered simple vegetables at the meal.

He's gonna have some issues with the local cuisine, like how they put flowers and grass in pancakes, or how they have cakes but never have heard of a pizza. :facehoof: And the fact that he can eat meat is a fact he has to keep on the downlow from most ponies... huh, makes one wonder just what kind of detail is in all those old legends of humans... :pinkiecrazy:

1275379 ...Uh... I don't read comic books, so that little section of "Planet and sentient small pox" left me at "WHAT THE FUCK??????"

Could you direct me to a page on a wiki that explains the second to me?


Hehe, one of the best things about being a comics fan: showing non-fans the weird stuff that happens in them.

Here is a general list of Lanterns, which includes the two.

An entry on Mogo: the Green Lantern who is a planet.

And here is one on Leezle Pon, the smallpox G.L.

One of the greatest battles never shown in G.L. history happened during the Sinestro Corps War, where Leezle Pon fought and defeated the evil Sinestro Corpsman Despotellis (a similar hyper-intelligent disease, who killed 85% of an entire sector and Kyle Rayner's mother) in Guy Gardner's bloodstream.

1333291 *Skips over link to list and starts reading Mogo* Hmm... mmmhmm... Believable... woah, wait! XENOMORPHS??? *Checks* Yup, Xenomorphs. *Continues* Hmm... really interesting. *Finished* Cool!

*Opens Leezle* Okay, this is the one that I was interested in. *Starts reading* ...*Finishes reading*... I'm still feeling the "WHAT THE FUCK???" feeling... That's it?


Yeah, that's all there is about Leezle Pon, unfortunately. Not much, but there you go. Sentient smallpox, I'm guessing, is a hard concept to find new scenarios for, giving his short number of appearences. But, there's my point, 12 year old Lantern recruit Hal Jordan doesn't look so strange in comparison now, huh? :unsuresweetie:

1335521 He didn't look strange before then. If people can easily imagine 6 year olds as trained killing ninja (Kakashi from Naruto) then I see no problem here.

Part one? What the hell?

My blog will have more detail. Hopefully part two, the rest of the INTENDED chapter will be up by this weekend. Sorry in advance. :pinkiesad2:

As always, pointing out spelling/grammar errors is greatly appreciated.

Coming up with beats in the story is easy, it's building the bridges to those events that's the tricky part.

No. Just no. Having Hal send Celestia letters is retarded. Any hijinx he gets into would probably get reported by twilight anyways.


I'll freely admit that it's a little weak and a way to fit in backstory info that would otherwise be a bunch of out of place infodumps in the main story.

What the hell was I thinking? Eh, I thought that the Princess would try to get the guy who was either dumped in a lawless space system or sealed into a wall bordering the universe for eternity out of his funk by having him write progress reports on his readjusted life amongst a species very much unlike him. Learing the joys of friendship from the ponies and all that. But also a way to learn about him without actually talking to him. :trollestia:

1501354 instead of info dumps you could set it up as a problem or something Hal would have, then the ponies ask about it. It would have Hal explain parts of his backstory and it wouldn't just dump info.


I say this with absolute conviction: I will not have a letter in every chapter, every other chapter, or with a lot of frequency. They will mainly be background action only and hardly mentioned. Hell, the chapter I've planned immediately before the first major action beat, chapter 5 proper, will concern backstory with ACTUAL dialogue between Hal & Applejack. :ajsmug: Why her? Because of two words: Parent's Day. (Real original, huh? I actually might change the name for that holiday... :ajsleepy:)

It's just that some aspects of this backstory which wouldn't really fit which WILL become important much later on such as Black Hand and Sinestro aren't going to be worth mentioning in the main narrative otherwise. For whatever it's worth, Hal will never see it as even a fraction as important as Twilight would, he'll have bigger fish to fry.

While i don't find it "retarded" it does feel slightly contrived.
But heck, i want to see how it goes, It's your story, do what YOU want!


Don't worry, as I explained above, these letters will NEVER be a frequently reoccuring thing.

1501535You might be able to pull those off by having the ponies see scars on Hal's body from their battles and getting Hal to explain how he got them

1501535 on on a side note did you knw that 'the black hand' is the evil "faction" in the xbox (not 360) game 'Jade Empire' ?


True, for some battles. But it wouldn't work for everything. I assure you, it's a crutch, but I will not be too dependant on it. Really, the main purpose is to show the passage of time, and at the same time, allow readers unfamiliar with G.L. to (for instance) learn about Hal's origin or hear about the other human Lanterns in a side chapter that those who are familiar with already can skip.


Naw, I didn't know that. Unfortunately the only Bioware game I played for Xbox was KOTOR.

1501711Never finished kotor, I got stuck in a death loop on the wookie planet with the mandatory fight against that bounty hunter that gets buried in rubble when you escape the first planet.

I look forward to your next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Does he ever get use his power ring for anything else except translation further into the story

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