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Making a movie of a Scooby Doo classic · 2:25pm November 10th

A classical cartoon I love is finishing a classical series.

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Thank you for the favorite on my story!

No problem. Feel free to free my stories when you have the time.

Thank you so much for adding Good Burger: Ed's Misadventures in Equestria to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Go ahead. I don’t mind

I have had a story but It's been very diffcult to write out, My OC Abyss is the twin sister of Faust, she met the mane six in the past generations. Her romantic attraction can be any of them, but my choice was Pinkie-pie or rather Surpise in the past, Though when Abyss realised she couldn't grow old with her friends. She accepted it on the first generation. Then when it was time for the generations to become a new with Fausts powers. Which Faust can't control, the red maned Alicorn makes a different world. Soon each time Abyss had to watch her friends grow up and die, and her attempts to make her feelings of sorrow, grief and her heart break go away by magically sending them into a doll, she made out of her animal toys. (Discord) Her doll came alive. On the second death, Abyss started to sheild herself away in the castle trying to find away to keep her friends from dying.

(If I recall the elements were wands or different coloured sticks in one generation.)

So basically she ends up finding a way, she worked hard to make the elements, trying to supress her negtivate emotions also, into her alicorn amulet, before they could die on the third, Abyss put them in glass cabnets, She enslaved Unicorns to power the elements, Earth ponys to run to keep the machine going, Pegsi to fetch her things. Abyss sent Faust and Discord away. But Faust came back with Dragons, Parasprites. They fought, and Abyss got sealed into the Alicorn Amulet not after cursing Faust last child with lonely job of the power of the moon, may the child never see the wonders of day, only the darkness and shadows of night. and then Faust had to rewind and erase History. Before creating, Generation 4. Where her children had to do everything that the Mane 6 did in the past generations.

How Discord became, a bad guy is that either he didn't like Faust after what she did to his creator, removed his memories, so only his feelings were felt behind, so on.

Though it still in Haitus, just ideas really. ^_^, so meh XD

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