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Towers from unknown origins have appeared in Equestria and only those who can enter it are chosen by the towers. Not even our heroes can enter it nor can Discord (Now there's a good thing about them). Twilight and her friends are doing their best to recruit those who can enter the tower to solve its purpose. While Twilight and her friends try to recruit awakened creatures, a centaur appeared in the tower and is growing his own food as the Tower Farmer.
Here is the link to my inspiration: https://mangakatana.com/manga/solo-farming-in-the-tower.26861

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This was something I wrote as the author and co-writer in Fanfiction.net almost a decade ago. The time line is after season 4 and the 1st EqG movie.

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1 Month has past since Twilight became ruler of Equestria but after two weeks of her reign. The secret of how the Legion of Doom form came out and Twilight is having some problems in handling the rage of not only other creatures but her ponies as well.

(Warning, Story Contents: Misdirection, Corruption, & Harsh Truths)

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A creature banished by the Pillars of Old Equestria has come back for revenge. Not for trying to take over Equestria but for banishing him to steal what belongs to him. He returns to Equestria and not even the Magic of Friendship nor Discord Lord of Chaos can stop him. There is one way to stop his actions; just give him what you want!

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Inspired by a webcomic/Manga called The Gamer. This story will involve original characters that will involve the EG movies and there's a possible that they will travel to Equestria and might not appear as Ponies. Don't own it nor MLP FIM but OCs' names belong to me and I will use a ton of references from games, cartoons, anime and other things I know and don’t remember until I remember it from the real world. Here's a link if you want to read 'The Gamer' https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/the-gamer/list?title_no=88

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