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It's a good start but I'll wait for more chapters to decide if I like it or not, however the story is on the right track, it continues like this

This is definitely something new, I'm not sure I like it, but I'll follow if it gets better,

Another Gamer Fanfic Has Awoken!!

Its not a bad story it's just I'm not a fan of the style. Still I wish you the best of luck

Finished reading the manga and currently reading the light novel, I really like isekai stories, especially if the MC does not become human, but turns into something else, and I hope this one is may be part of the ones that I like. Keep up the good work, also thanks for introducing the manga and the light novel, now I can look forward for more chapters.

“Wait a minute!? We can wear pants?!” They looked at him

heh that was good

Acquired [Quick Thinking] Skill. Acquired [Stupid Idiot] Title.

For being a stupid idiot, that worked surprisingly well

Comment posted by casey33 deleted Jul 5th, 2019

"(Kid's Voice) ¡Quítame tus putos cascos, maldito y sucio caballo!" Dijo [Baby Dragon] mientras todos a su alrededor estaban en shock.
I understood the reference

I actually read a bit of the manga that this originally came from! It's a good read. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

“Huh? Was that an HP stat? He said as a screen appear over his head.

Oh the gamer ? reincarnatedasa dragon huh

“WHAT?! What’s with the ‘wild’ part? Are Dragons supposed to be pets or servants or something? Am I a meal or a pet for someone? Wait… why am I a dragon? All I remember was… my death. I passed away as an old man. I lived my life & passed away peacefully.

I guess any life who passes away gets reborn, but I thought getting reborn erases your old memories for new ones? I guess I got lucky, in keeping my old memories, old useless memories with ideas on creating some future tech in a world of fantasy.” He looked around as he walked to find out where he is, until he heard some rustling in the bushes. “Hmm? What the hell was that?” Out of the bushes came some sort of grotesque mutated worm with a circle of fangs. “Holy... Shit.”

Well use the "OLD TECH ADAPTED TO THE MAGIC WORLD , Currently with hp of a imp as a compliment"

“Okay, I manage to gain 14 levels, 2 new skills [Dragon Punch] & [Dragon Kick] , my skills have improved a bit. I’ve even done a combo move of [Roll] & [Baby Breath] that I like to call [Rolling Flame] against those worms. I think I’m powerful but I’m not. I better find a way out of this forest & possibly the most important thing I need in life; pants.” *stomach growled* he looked at his belly as he groaned “What am I gonna eat?” He said as he looked at the worms “God… or whatever believe in this world hates me.”

That was why small dragon was a better bet

“Holy shit… It’s strong! Plus, it’s a Rank C+ (“Am I strong enough to slay it?”) ” He wondered as he sneaked around it without making a sound.

Asasin style

“That bastard!” whisper Krotos as [Baby Dragon] crawled further into the bushes.

“That bastard!” whisper Krotos as [Baby Dragon] crawled further into the bushes.

BETRAYAL ... bad time! :ajsleepy::trixieshiftleft:😒🙁😑😼:pinkiecrazy:

“Soon this place will be ruled by the dominant species, ponies.” Said a large horse. “And us, The Equestrian Conquerors ruling it and the princesses will place us as fair ambassadors.” He laughed which cause some growls.

OOook ? noow what ?

OOook ? would you send me the adress when you found that storry

I enjoyed the story via youtube on the channel 'robot voice'. Were can i read it? Is there a english uncut version to buy? Im german and i must sadly say i cant get it german for many reasons like 'cut versions' with blood partial removeal and shit like that... i enjoyed so far all i read on the youtube version and if the story Is half as good it will be a amazing story here on Fim Fiction

I would be Interessted as well :raritystarry:

Maybe a status overview after the next evolution? :raritywink: I wonder how the vision skill/talent is named. Reminds me of PokemonMysteryDungeon main Character had something like that called 'Dimensional cry/Scream'. :moustache:

Is that story MLP grafic style or antro... Not really a fan of antro fan since hands for all makes things less exotic ... :applejackunsure:

Eye see, Thanks

Starting from Scratch :https://www.wattpad.com/415334933-reincarnated-as-a-dragon%27s-egg-~lets-aim-to-be-the/page/8

Well That is What IF.

Small Angel Dragon HAS a lot of White magic, not very good for combat (Healer/Cleric?) Easy to be familiar with Main kind

, Small Dragon, Plague Child Dragon(I guess desiease poison, decay)Bring Disaster path, it's possible to turn back, Art of Human Form (Blacker) Dragon scale-to-width-down powder?

Kid Marbeled Dragon Highter than normal dragon magic

Kid Dragon

Well That was a bit research

I read a story like this one time. I found it on a different site, but it hasn't been nearly as fun as this one

Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one.

Oooooh calamity. Fun times are ahead with that.

I want there to be an Evolution that splits him into 2+ bodies, like the next Evolution is a short Evolution called the Unstable Calamity Dragon then becomes an Evil Dragon but fragments of himself become a Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Order, Chaos and Holy Baby Dragon Eggs so that later into the Story, All the fragments of himself (in full Adult Dragon form) Fuse together to be something Powerful like an Omni-Demigod Dragon.

What about an anime? Has this light novel/manga been made into an anime?

To my knowledge there's only a manga and light novel, if there's an anime being made or was made, I haven't heard about it

I feel this was an attempt at turning the story into a comedy, because this is kinda funny

I don't think elements of harmony would work on something that isn't straight evil, bad or have only bad intentions

This story had some serious potential. Quick tip- You need to slow down, add some detail and more personalities to the characters. The way you have it, all the characters sound and act alike, and the characters don't have any brains. think about it, Princess Celestia doesn't just blow her top of during a conversation, especially with a baby/ child. She'll exhibit traits of patience and a teacher/mentor mentality.
Furthermore, The story is rather vague in general. I'm having to use more of my imagination to get create any real image. It also just feels so rushed, like you are trying to get it done and over with. i.e. Hello World -> gotta surviv-- gotta save these strange--- Top 10 most popular ponies arri---- pony dead, Revenge!!-- Talking baby drago-- visions of the past and future that make my head hurt, doesnt matter i'm fine now.. oh hey lets go find that fox with answers...
Thats roughly what it felt like to me, reading this for the first time. Like I said before this story had potential. Just keep writing, and you'll improve. Its my hope that you will develop as a writer and when you've gotten better, that you come back and give this story a serious overhaul.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give you a 3.7, with plenty of time and room to improve.

I feel like this chapter could still be canon, but as a side chapter or somethin'

Just want to point out that dragons have internal genitals like every other reptile.

It feels a bit rushed but besides that I like. In fact, I like so much I ended wanting to try an old Isekai story I wrote awhile back.

Also, I got to ask but have you read The Devil Evolution Catalog? Seeing how you seem to focus on writing Isekai stories you might like it or get some ideas for your stories.

“Let’s throw a ‘New Evolution’ party for… wait! What’s your name?” [Calamity Kid Dragon] (or [CKD] for short) paused in shock.

Not that again.

I would go for marbel dragon being... Magician.

Tell the Kid Calamity dragon what would be the evolution and to make different choise.

The human transformation HURTS, it is in the end of the level, and Calamity dragon could spread Sickneses trough the miasma scales so to make that magician dragon than being a longer because accidental spreading of Blight.

Or would you give... Note book as hotline to those to warn?

Damn this chapter had fire... :moustache: Nice ending btw :raritywink:

why did you have him go through the same path as the manga characters.

Calamity is more better. Plus when do you see a Main protagonist have the appearance of a villain in many novels? Not counting movies, anime, cartoons and video games.

I like to think that AI's highest title is [Stupid Idiot]

“ >[Item Box] ” He said as an actual box appeared with the design of figures on 4 sides; a turtle with a snake wrapped around its shell on the top, a white tiger on the right side, a green dragon with a long slender body on the left said & a large majestic bird on bottom.

In another world with my smartphone

Now I'm imagining a cute little sheep wielding a warhammer 5x its size

Nah... look up Dungeon Seeker. That manga is really fucked up for the sake of revenge

Spirits & Nightmare. It reminds me of KH:DDD. Anyway, great chapter. Hope to see more soon:pinkiehappy:

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