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Firestar Dragondell

I love anime and fanfics and I will try to make fanfics.

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Fast things · 11:13am Dec 28th, 2022

1: I might have to go back here. I know, It's been... a year since i was back here. First thing: I really want to do my Yo Kai watch Fanfic (with my Pokemon Side story to go with with.) and My Akame ah kill.

2: I'm also want to Plug my Tumblr, and Discord here. I'm working My Rp's there.
For my Discord:
For my Tumblr:

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Hey! I would appreciate it if I could get some professional feedback on my masterpiece!

TAll Day, Everyday.
Follow the journey of a little girl who takes her football to the next level!
Penanka72 · 137k words  ·  114  18 · 961 views

Just randomly self-promoting my work to get the story out there. Feel free to look at my other stories!

Thank you for reading friend!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave and follow.

Thank you for the fave :)

Thank you for adding Crisis of Infinite Trixies. It's an honor. :twilightblush:

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