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I love anime and fanfics and I will try to make fanfics.


It almost time. · 5:00am May 21st

Hi everyone in the fandom. WHO IS READY FOR SCHOOL TO END? It almost time for 2019 kids to get to college.
(And if you asking I'm a 2018 kid) And my sister is in the 2019 depratmet. So I might be gone for a whole day so I will tell you this don't disappoint you parents by failing finals.

Good luck 2019

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Thank you for the follow and the fave! :raritywink:

Yeah I can garuntee they are, and will be great:raritywink:. Oh, and thank you for the favorite on Knights of Equestria Book 1 - War for Eternal Night:twilightsmile:.

Thank you for the favorite on One Dragon Ball - Arc 1: My Little Broly, Got Milky Way?, and The Gentle Caterpillar and the Nocturnal Bat:twilightsmile:. if you don't mind me asking, what're you liking about them? And if you're still liking them, could you hit that like button:pinkiesmile:?

  • Viewing 162 - 166 of 166
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