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Wings of Black Glass

The worst fanfic ever written is still better than the greatest story never told.

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Some help? · 9:38pm Last Friday

I don’t suppose I could get a tiny bit of help? I don’t think my short description of the Ash of Fallen Stars is helping me much. Nor does that Sad tag. I’ve had trouble saying what my stories are about concisely or briefly. Could anyone who has read what I’ve posted provide some suggestions?

Let me at least justify my choices:

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:pinkiehappy:you're welcome:pinkiesmile:

:pinkiesmile:oh take a look underneath my messages

Thanks for the watch bro! :)

Thanks for the follow. :twilightsheepish:

Woah! Hey! Thanks so much for the follow! I hope you continue to read and enjoy my stuff! :twilightblush: it's an honour to appear on your feed.

Thanks for mah follow!

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