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Wings of Black Glass

The worst fanfic ever written is still better than the greatest story never told.



The crisis is over, the threat resolved, the day is saved. Or rather, there was never a crisis to begin with. Twilight Sparkle has saved the world, there is nothing left to do but tell the others what just happened. She has quite the tale, of memories only she has, of months that never happened, of the despair that nearly ended Equestria, and the hope that saved it.

In Equestria, Destiny is a very real thing. Every pony has one, emblazoned with a magic mark for all to see. It is a simple given fact that every pony finds their place in time, their own special destiny. Or is that law so immutable after all? Is being special always a good thing? In a society where destiny is real, what happens to the individual without one?

At the heart of Twilight’s story is a single pony with a unique mark. The choices he made to try and fit in have left him alone and miserable, and willing to go to insane lengths to find his place. When a chance meeting with Twilight Sparkle gives him a chance he never thought he would have, his decisions come to have consequences far beyond what he could have imagined.

Maybe, just maybe, in the story of our lives we are not always the hero. Sometimes, we are the villain.

Author note: I initially wrote this in third person point-of-view and then later adjusted it to be first person, but even after numerous readings I'm still finding spots where I missed a fix. If anyone spots any more, message me with the chapter and line, and I'll fix it.

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“Is that the Alicorn Amulet!?” Pinkie Pie spots it first. I set a hoof on it.

Oh no...:twilightoops:.

“It wasn’t my first choice to come back this far, but there was no other option.” I have to stop for a moment to wipe away a tear. “Have I got a story to tell you!”

Just what is this story about:ajsmug:?

Interesting start, I’m eager to see how this plays:twilightsmile:.

“That’s alright. I imagine you’ll have lots of questions after I get past the early parts. I’ll try to explain if something is confusing.”

Just as long as Twilight doesn’t go overboard with the questions, this pony will be just fine:trixieshiftright:.

“The roof leaks when it rains.” He sighed and glanced around. “The door doesn’t latch properly. The foundation is cracking, and the entire building sags to the east.” He paused and returned his eyes towards us. “It’s a hovel.” Pinkie Pie stifled a giggle. “Now if you would, please leave.” He seemed to have to concentrate past his annoyance to be even that polite and stood a bit more stiffly. The door swung open of his accord, shimmering in his neon blue magic aura. The Unicorn’s eyes turned down from the door to the broken soldier figure. “I have repairs to make.”

Jeez, rude much:ajbemused:?

“You can’t seriously expect us to just drop the subject, after a demonstration like that.”

He has a point:ajsmug:.

“ Do not call me that. ” He snapped hard. His voice boomed, amplified by magic, as he slammed a hoof down hard on the floor. Bright lines, like little bolts of lightning, danced away from his hoof and skittered across the stone. He seethed, breathing hard through clenched teeth as the thunder echoed away. Rainbow Dash was stunned into silence, everyone frozen still by the outburst. The moment passed, and Sable Stardust faced each of them in turn, seeing the surprise and a little fear in our faces. Wordlessly he turned to leave. I stood, ready to reprimand him, but to my surprise, it was Fluttershy who reached him first. She stood in his way; he couldn’t seem to look her in the eye, he was letting his head hang low. “I should go. Before I do something else I’ll regret.” The yellow pegasus looked down at him for a moment longer, and then her expression softened and she stepped aside. He paused at the door, seemingly trying to say something. “Twilight Sparkle knows where to find me.” It was all he managed before closing the door softly behind him. I heard another crack like lightning from outside the map room, the same sound as when Sable Stardust teleported back at his hovel, and then silence.

Looks like somepony’s getting pretty hot headed:twilightoops:.

“Not everypony is who they seem to be at first glance.”

This is true in our world as well:ajsleepy:.

Comment posted by Wings of Black Glass deleted Oct 30th, 2018

Holy crap, did you create an account for the sole purpose of posting this? That's certainly some dedication there. :twilightsmile:

It might be more accurate to say that I never had need of an account until I finished this. So, uh, yes? :twilightblush:

I want to speculate, but... must keep reading! :twilightoops:

So, now I have to reread the first chapter

I'm trying to imagine this in animated form. It'd be kinda Badass.

But...the pony that's talking is Twilight. I mean, how many other purple alicorns are there?

Part 4: A Change of Heart. Brilliant play on words.

“Shoryuken!” Pinkie appeared from underneath a large rock, directly beneath the thief. No one got a chance to react as Pinkie uppercut the thief hard under the chin and forced them both off the ground.

What's "shoryuken"?

Comment posted by Wings of Black Glass deleted Oct 30th, 2018


It’s a reference. I don’t know to what, but probably an anime.

It's an attack used by a character in a video game. Basically, it's a flaming uppercut.

Good story, good dedication = Solo-inspired story

Nice work M8, may apply this to some stories

:applejackunsure: Not entirely sure what you mean...
But it sounds like you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy: So, thank you.

Aaaaand I'm sold on this. Very well sold.

Ok why does that mask remind me of Infinite's mask in Sonic Forces? This is sounding like Sonic Forces.

Well Inifinte is a Mobian Jackel named Zero who was called the ultimate assassin and was the leader of Team Jackel who Eggman hired as mercenaries for his cause. Infinite's team was all taken down by Shadow The Hedgehog when he invaded Eggman's new base in the jungle and fought Zero. Shadow won the battle and humiliated Zero calling him weak before disappearing which left Zero in a state of rage since he never lost a fight and was never called weak by anyone before. But when Eggman found the Phamtom Ruby he created a working prototype of the ruby and imbedded it in Zero's chest giving him a mask similar to what the cover of your story has and changed to his name to Infinite. Then Infinite appeared in a city which was during the main story of the game and beat Sonic with the help of physical illusions that could actually touch solid objects.

If you want to know more about Infinite's past I suggest you watch this video. It's a Sonic Force DLC add on called Episode Shadow which explains what happened before the main events of Sonic Forces.

Well, the last sonic game I played was Sonic & Knuckles. Your description makes it sound like the ruby in Infinite's chest matters more than his mask. I don't really see any similarities. :applejackunsure:

Sorry about that. Inifinte's mask had only his left eye showing and his right eye is covered by his mask.

This story was awesome, I hope theres a sequel for it later on. Would like to see the Sable from the end come back.

How interesting you would ask that... :raritywink:

TThe Ash of Fallen Stars
Despair is a foe one cannot face alone. Luna has fought this monster and won, but her new friend is losing. Badly.
Wings of Black Glass · 52k words  ·  14  0 · 359 views

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I think Sable would sound something like Nick Wilde from Zootopia, maybe a bit lower.
Despair like Benjamin Sisko from Deep Space Nine.

I read and loved this, well done! I may even read it again... it's that good.

Thanks, that's really encouraging.
What was your favorite part?

Jeez, that's like asking who my favorite background character is!
There are so many... I liked the duality between the different realities, I loved the end where the repercussions of being asleep took its real toll.
The Lion or the Tiger ending you gave.
Seriously, the only thing I had a slight problem with was going back to the "present" at the end of each chapter.
You could have used breaks in the middle to make it so that the ones she told the story to were asking questions, but that's not even much of an issue because that's what I would have liked to see and it doesn't impact the story at all.

Putting a break in the middle of the chapter is not something I had considered... I think it would have been even more distracting than it already was. (Although I'm fond of stuff like that, so I was going to use it anyway.)

Someone else mentioned to me it felt particularly well planned out, and that's kind of misleading... What happened is I was about 40% of the way through writing it, and still didn't know how I was going to end it, when I realized I could have the story be told by Twilight after she gets back. So after finishing the story I went back to each chapter to add the "present" scenes. Which is why they end up where they did, and a few reference events that have not "happened" yet.

Amazing story. This should really get more attention than it has. Can't wait for the sequel to be complete!

Thanks. When I first uploaded it, it went up all at once, and I was a new author here and had no followers. It disappeared off the front page in under two days. That is why I am releasing the sequel one chapter per week.

Splayed out on the ground in front of me was a stunned-looking Pinkie Pie and an unfamiliar black pony tangled together where they had collided.

It’s just a mannequin.” Exactly like one of many Rarity uses to make outfits.

Something glinted on top of the highest shelf, and my curiosity got the better of me.


Fixed. (You would think Grammarly would spot those...)

If (when) you find more, PM me or it'll flood the comments.

“If it’s so difficult, why do you do you even bother?” As his only response to Rarity’s question, Sable stood from the seat and opened his wings, holding them high. Only now could I see how different from typical wings they were, these had no feathers but rather long almost rectangular panels with a glass sheen to them. Speckled tiny silver dots scattered across their surface shimmered as he breathed. It was almost like looking at a field of stars reflected on the surface of a lake at midnight.

There weren’t many Unicorns interested in magical theory in Ponyville for me to have much of a conversation about it.

Also fixed. (I get the feeling more are coming...)

I don’t do well with pm. You can’t edit them or quote stuff.

“I was on my way home from Applejack’s, and no. In that order.” Sable humphed, almost a laugh.

“Caught on quick.” He looked back up at the sky, and for another long moment, there was silence between us. I rubbed at my neck, trying to come up with a conversation topic.


ask why, but I stopped myself.

It wasn't in the show and I haven't read most of the comic stuff. It doesn't surprise me the topic came up there somewhere.

There was that old pony in the Apple family that shoveled manure.

I landed in front of the door and use my magic to fling it open. Or I tried to, they were sealed shut, resisting me.

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