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hello everyone, my name is spawnzillafinalwars, and I'm truly glad you could visit this page. I am an artist, writer, and animator, and if you wish to see any of my animated works, head to my youtube.


Sahrot Strun. an Argonian who has been pained by the murder of his parents, and swore to have his revenge against the killers of his parents, the Thalmor. he swore that one day he will avenge them, and become a hero of the world, helping others when no one else will. When he had discovered that he was the Dragonborn, he had reached his goal, becoming the hero of Skyrim, and saving all of Nirn from it's destructor, Alduin. He went on to help the Stormcloaks in their plight to stop the Imperials from taking over. He was named Thane in all of Skyrims' fair cities, became the Archmage of Winterhold, stopped another world ending crisis by the vampires, saved the people of Solsthiem from Miraak, whilst saving Miraak from Hermaeus Mora, and has helped the people of Skyrim whenever he could. however, the pain that was inside him has grown over the years, and has revealed itself to be a curse from the dark god Sithis. Now, possessed by the evil residing in him, he went on to serve the Daedric Princes, commiting acts he would otherwise despise. once the curse was lifted, he saw what he had done, and was torn to pieces on the inside. then Sithis himself had appeared before Sahrot, telling him that his own hatred and unwillingness to forgive had conquered him. With that, Sithis laid a much more horrid curse on him. After that, he left Sahrot to wallow in his own misery. Sahrot traveled to the temple of the Divines, seeking their guidance. His prayers had been answered, for Akatosh, the god of time, and the leader of the Divines, had answered him. he informed Sahrot that the only way to undo the curse is to not give into his temptations, and prove himself to be redeemable. Sahrot accepted, and was told to retrieve an artifact of great power at an ancient Nordic crypt. But hefore that happened, he was told of his wife being kidnapped. Once he learned that the Thalmor had captured his wife, and were in the same place as the artifact, he went there, freed his wife and found the artifact, slashing his way through the Thalmor as he did so. there was one left, however, and the last remaining Thalmor had completed the ritual they had been performing; a portal to another realm. Once the portal had been activated, Sahrot had killed the Thalmor. In his final moments, however, the Thalmor had blasted Sahrot into the portal, casting him through space and time. Sahrot found himself in a new world, known by it's inhabitants as Equestria. He had come across a town filled with ponies. There, he had met princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Now, with their help, Sahrot plans on returning to Nirn, and with Twilight's help, he travels on to find a way to return to his world.

WARNING: some chapters may contain heavy amounts of violence and language unsuitable for minors. viewer discretion is advised.

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Okay. The summary is far too long and you've made your OC far too edgy. That, along with copious spelling and grammatical errors, as well as nonadherence to "Show, Don't Tell" nets my dislike.

6990093 Wait so Sahrot Strun isn't an OC?

he is an OC, I just had it edited.

Awesome, really loved this chapter with the 'clear skies' shout, well done!

well, thank you for your compliment. of course, storms mean nothing to those of dragon's blood, as the equestrians shall soon learn.

Very nice, keep up the good work.

DONE and really amazing story bro! Great cliffhanger by the way! Next chapter please!

school ah no problem man im in 9th grade my self actually

looking forward to new chapters

This story is perfectly made. Well done.:pinkiehappy:

a baby alicorn with immensely power?! God help us, or should I say Akatosh help us

Just keep the baby happy and no bad things will happen :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

This is Really Nice. I haven't even seen a Skyrim Crossover till now.

question how come in some stories timberwolves are refered to as either luberwoves, timberwolves or in some cases both?

Well that's simple, Dracobrony. A Timberwolf is just a wolf-like creature composed of twigs and small branches, while a Lumberwolf is similar, except it is made with larger branches and even logs, hence the 'lumber' part.

7419479 bro do the magic show....but can u do chapters to where he meets the CMC for show and tell, and maybe The Bitch Trixie, Diamond Tiara, etc.

What the FUCK!!?!!!???!?! FUCKING CLIFF HANGERS!!!

Wow......................he shut up real fast

hopefully a alduin wont happen

Lol he made the dragon lord shut up so fast I think he shit himself just by the sheer shock from Shahrot's statement.

7415231 i think when they says lumber they are talking about the huge ones

7641051 ah thanks i always wondered why that was

Damn i wanted him to use the dragon fire spell or the other dragon spell

Ah yeah!!! Princess Luna (maybe Nightmare Moon) versus Vaermina!

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Want to destroy the Thalmor.
Help the Stormcloaks revolt.

7790823 I-I think that was the entirety of the bee movie's script.

Up to the rose festival at least.

7798752 that happens when people don't read the lore.

or perhaps the dragonborn is unaware that the Thalmor are indirectly helping the Stormcloaks. who know's, until all is revealed. :scootangel:


I think it would be awesome if Akatosh comes in and lends them a hand against Vaermina. Think about it, both Celestia, Princess of the Sun, and Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time and the Sun, meeting the first time. But I guess you do what you want.

well, i do have something in mind. however, it is not Aedric, or Daedric in origin.

your playing with the big dragons now

I believe he gave away a little to much information in the beginning after all no one wants to remember trauma like that kidnapping.

So much backstory of Tamreil I feel he is to trusting.

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