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Ever since she was a filly, Applejack has lived in Manehattan. And ever since Nightmare Moon took over, she’s had plenty of work as a private eye. When a tall stallion walks into her office and asks her to find his missing fiancé, it seems like just another case. But when a trail of clues and bodies leads her deeper into the darkened heart of the city, Applejack may find herself in over her fedora, and quite literally gambling for her life.

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Yes... excellent.

Can't wait to see where this goes. Goes past what I've seen already, I mean.

Interesting. Needs more noir.

Oh, hell yeah. It's here!

Applejack + noir. I'll read it.

To be honest, you had me at "Applej-."

I love the literature here, it's so well thought out! :pinkiehappy:


I'm a sucker for these kind of stories.

Story is great so far, can't wait to read more.

AJ a detective?

I could see Twilight in the role, sort of as a magical Poirot who uses her little purple cells...

But AJ?

Oh, and I have to assassinate NMM. It's my thing. That and exterminating all chernglerngs... :pinkiecrazy:

In spite of your lack of spacing, you have me hooked.

Of course you'd end it right there, though. Of course you would.

This should be interesting.

Have fun. Going to be doing a reading of the story. Hopefully (judging from your track records) this one won't be as junky. If you have a problem with the voices (for the characters that will be recurring) then tell me.

This is such a cool story! I love the setting and the pacing. Keep on being awesome!

Love the vaguely Philip Marlowe tone of the narration. Feels very classic-noir.

I like where this is going. I especially like the way you've characterized AJ.

Lines like

“Yeah. I’m going out to lunch.”

are great.

Well now, consider me very interested. This is a type of story I've always wanted to write, myself, but could never seem to get rolling.

The diner from Nighthawks, well done.:moustache:

>White Castle
You monster.

I am very much enjoying this story. The altered circumstances have combined to create a perfect noir setting, and Applejack's character- hard but with an undercurrent of sweetness- makes her the ideal Sam Spade. Very interested to see where this story goes.

I warned him. He didn't listen.

"Well, hello-hello, Miss Applejack!” said White Castle, his voice dry and scratchy like popcorn.

I see what you did there.:raritywink:

“Corn sandwich, celery soda, coming right up. Sure I can’t interest you in an apple?”
I looked at him evenly. “You know what I think of that.”
He shrugged. “Gotta sell ‘em before they go bad. And you know how quickly they go bad.”
“All too well,” I said quietly as he whisked away.

I'd sure like to know the story behind Applejack, of all ponies, not wanting an apple to eat. (Did something bad happen between her and the family when she left the farm?:applejackconfused::applejackunsure:)

I hope that we get an explanation of this soon.:ajbemused:

I'm enjoying this so far. I'm imagining AJ with a Babs Seed accent for this AU, but I could be wrong.

Great story so far, love a good noir!

And be careful in Manehattan AJ.
When the Big Apple goes bad, the most rotten part is the core.

Just judging from the tags, I'm guessing Sugar Beet was murdered.

Hm, you haven't mentioned what AJ's cutie mark is. I can't imagine it's still apples.

Curiouser and curiouser. I also feel like weekly updates are too slow :rainbowwild:

Nice play on Applejack's accent there.

Did Applejack intentionally play up her accent, or did she switch from city to country to look like a bumpkin?

5211110 That's my guess. People don't guard their mouths as well against people they consider too dumb to do anything with information. They're also less suspicious -- too dumb to be up to something sneaky.

I must say, I'm really enjoying this noir Applejack. Curiouser and curiouser indeed, though -- if he's not attached to the thin pony originally in the carriage, just who is Mr. Chiseled Jaw working for? (Not that that's his name.)

Wow, simply brilliant. Love the short quips and you can really feel oppression of everypony under the constant cover of darkness. Will definitely be reading more of this. :ajsmug:

Man, this is pretty good. It's reminded me of how long it's been since I read an actual mystery. Good show.

I'm loving this.:twilightsmile:

Sugar Beet had to have been involved in something illicit.

My story comments are usually more in-depth than this, but mysteries aren't my strong suit. :twilightblush: I'm still enjoying this fanfic, though.

Intriguing intrigue, here. Great chapter, Sock!

Oh, the cops are getting involved? Spicy!

I haven't even started reading this yet, but on concept alone, this is one of the most unique stories I have ever come across, I am looking forward to this!

You didn't specify which address.

You monster :heart:

Love your description of Babs.

I love Babs' role in this, and the subtle hints about AJ's former job and why she quit. And now I'm curious about the pegasus stallion in the photo.

What an Amazing Story, I'm loving it so far. Good luck with this story and everything else in your life. Thanks for this great reading experience! :ajsmug:

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