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A dragon and his human charge wander their way through a much harsher Equestria.

A submission for Obselesence's Most Dangerous Group Contest.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 27 )

I like it. That means: I DEMAND MORE!!!

:fluttershysad: ...please?

I knew you had it in you, Sock. Now we just gotta see where this thing goes. By the way, good work on making the first HiE fic that I don't hate, and then making Spike the main character on top of that. You've got some big fucking balls, or at least a lot of ideas, heh.

“Well, that’s certainly something,” he said.

Okay, I liked Spike before this, but that one line made me love his character here!
I can't wait for more!

Fascinating. A shame this has already over, because you've created a most intriguing world here. I definitely hope you come back to this after the contest concludes, especially since it seems I speak almost fluent Mag'aran.

I'd wish you luck in the contest, but you clearly don't need any.

Sock, this is amazing.

i would read more of this if there more! :heart: epic

This is a very interesting begging.

Spike looks like Guts in that cover art and that was the only reason I read this.

He may not be as cool as Guts in this but he could get there if you were to continue this, hint hint.

This a good one, fer sher! Lush, detailed environment, characters who feel real, and exposition delivered in subtle doses rather than being laid out. It would be great if you managed to go a little further with this and wrap it up.

It was fun deciphering Renée's speech, too. I'd put my conclusions here, but better to withhold the temptation that spoiler html would provide. :twilightsmile:

I know it says complete, but I really hope you continue this story after the contest.

What is this bull shit and where do I get MORE! Going on the favs in the hope of future updates.

Author Interviewer

No, Sock, don't just end it there, you jerkwad ;_;

...wait, what? That's it?

>Marked Complete

Excuse me?

4663617 We meet again.

FINALLY! A story with, Spike and a human girl, nice:pinkiehappy:!

And even more shocking is who is after Spike, and that this 'girl' represents the Element of Magic!:moustache::pinkiegasp:

Really hope there's more soon! Prequel or Sequel. Don't care which. JUST. NEED. MOAR!:flutterrage:

Awesome story. It has so much potential for becoming more.:moustache:

Ouch you gave me a heart attack. very interesting fic. You left me hanging and think i jus imagined a trailer of this fic. very goog fic i love it!!

The only problem with this story is that the chapter ended and it is tagged complete.

Can't you, like, threaten to ban him or something?

4663617 why is your bar blue?

I admit, this story was is pretty damn cool. While It's a cryng shame it won't see continuation (yet), the premise was executed really damn well.

The thing that really got was was Renee's speech pattern. I was able to decode most of it, but at first glance, it sounds almost like an actual foreign language. Any comment on how you came up with it, or what the messages said decoded?

Now that was something different... perfect last line btw. That's also the only problem with this little gem. That way too early last line.
Deciphering Renée was also a lot of fun - and it makes the fic last a whole lot longer as a bonus. :twilightsmile:

Hey, I wrote a review for this story. If you are interested, it can be found here.

Overall, it was quite alright, but feels too much like half a story. Didn't get much of a reaction from me overall.

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