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  • So You Escaped From Limbo Now what do you do? When you've been gone a thousand years, you have a lot to catch up on. Heroes old and new must deal with the consequences of their choices, each in their own ways. by Maran 21,893 words · 2,848 views · 234 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Little Mac's Hero As Little Mac tries to choose a bedtime story for his mother to read to him and his sister, he asks why none of the old legends have earth pony heroes. His mother has a good answer for him, but she dredges up some old memories, too. by Maran 1,578 words · 943 views · 65 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Earth Ponies Are Overpowered Twilight Sparkle is an expert in unicorn magic, but earth pony magic remains a mystery to her. She's determined to uncover the earth tribe's secrets. What she learns will change her life . . . And it just might change Applejack's life as well. by Maran 21,977 words · 12,424 views · 1,243 likes · 25 dislikes

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Season 7 Overview · 6:27pm October 28th

Given how lackluster Season 6 was, I didn't have high hopes for Season 7. I got the impression that the writers were running out of ideas. Thankfully, my concerns were unfounded. While it doesn't quite reach the heights of S4 or S5, this newest season proved that the writers still have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, Scootaloo has yet to fly, but at least we got to see her and the other CMC grow into their roles as contributing members of society. Starlight also comes across as more relatable

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Report Maran · 166 views · #season 7 #s7

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  • Secrets of the Mane Six Everypony has their secrets. Twilight never imagined those her own best friends might be hiding from her, until one of hew new duties as a princess brought her stumbling headlong into a side of Equestria she never even knew existed. by Starscribe 12,880 words · 2,087 views · 319 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Paper Butterflies Discord and Big Mac get together for an arts and crafts project. by Petrichord 3,750 words · 1,048 views · 146 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Mutually Earthblind The Apples are good at growing things. The Pies are rocksmiths beyond compare. With such different takes on what it means to be an earth pony in their blood, Pinkie Pie worries they might not be related after all. And just what is Maud thinking? by Winged Cat 5,091 words · 873 views · 49 likes · 3 dislikes
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Thanks for the favs!

Yeah, I've thought about it, and I even have a vague outline of the plot. I also wrote about 2000 words that I'm not sure will make the final draft. :applejackunsure: But I want to finish the final chapter of "Seeking Harmony" first before I give priority to the "Overpowered" sequel. And between my work and searching for a better job it's been harder to find time to write. Nice to hear that you're thinking about it, though!

Ever thought of a sequel to Earth Ponies Are Overpowered? Love to see AJ learning to master magic and flying.


2397180 Thanks! Yeah, a sequel is in the works, but I can't give any kind of time frame for when it will be uploaded yet.

Just finished "Earth Ponies Are Overpowered" And daaamn. Great read, thanks for writing it up :D
Hope there's a sequel at some point! Keep up the good work <3

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