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Where the hay is everyone? · 12:35am Tuesday

I'm sure that the few of you remaining here have noticed the decline in views and overall activity in the past few months, and particularly in the past few weeks. Last weekend, even if you turn off the mature blocker (which I usually leave on) the top story in the feature box reached more than 200 votes - which isn't that much compared to a year or two ago, but still what I consider respectable. As of this posting, the top featured non-mature story has just 74 votes and 558 views, and one of

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Thanks for the favs!

Yeah, I've thought about it, and I even have a vague outline of the plot. I also wrote about 2000 words that I'm not sure will make the final draft. :applejackunsure: But I want to finish the final chapter of "Seeking Harmony" first before I give priority to the "Overpowered" sequel. And between my work and searching for a better job it's been harder to find time to write. Nice to hear that you're thinking about it, though!

Ever thought of a sequel to Earth Ponies Are Overpowered? Love to see AJ learning to master magic and flying.


2397180 Thanks! Yeah, a sequel is in the works, but I can't give any kind of time frame for when it will be uploaded yet.

Just finished "Earth Ponies Are Overpowered" And daaamn. Great read, thanks for writing it up :D
Hope there's a sequel at some point! Keep up the good work <3

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