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As you know, I watched the season finale when it leaked. What you don't yet know is that I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and write a short fanfic that I can upload the day after it officially airs. I have posted a few other “recent episode related fanfics” with varying degrees of success, but I have a good feeling about this one because I have plenty of time to work on it, and I have a click bait title this time. The title and short summary are hidden behind the spoiler tag.

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Thanks for the favs!

Yeah, I've thought about it, and I even have a vague outline of the plot. I also wrote about 2000 words that I'm not sure will make the final draft. :applejackunsure: But I want to finish the final chapter of "Seeking Harmony" first before I give priority to the "Overpowered" sequel. And between my work and searching for a better job it's been harder to find time to write. Nice to hear that you're thinking about it, though!

Ever thought of a sequel to Earth Ponies Are Overpowered? Love to see AJ learning to master magic and flying.


2397180 Thanks! Yeah, a sequel is in the works, but I can't give any kind of time frame for when it will be uploaded yet.

Just finished "Earth Ponies Are Overpowered" And daaamn. Great read, thanks for writing it up :D
Hope there's a sequel at some point! Keep up the good work <3

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