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During the height of Equestria's war with a vicious, relentless enemy, two reservists are sent to the northeast coast with one mission: Keep watch over the sea. Isolated on the foggy, rocky edge of the continent, the two find themselves brought together by more than just circumstance.

Collaboration with Gay For Gadot Based off a prompt from Bean's Writing Group Discord server, "The Fog".

Thanks to the illustrious Bean for the coverart and crucial feedback.

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Comments ( 9 )

Me: No!!! You're not allowed to leave us on a cliffhanger and let us not know the fate of these two characters I've grown attached to!

Shirlendra: Haha, great writing go brrr

You both already know what I think, wonderful work as always! And thank goodness that countertop finally got dusted! :rainbowlaugh:

Sweet and dreadful, as all such stories should be.

A wonderful story all the way through. The balance between the tension and tragedy of the ongoing conflict and the blooming romance between Compass and Sundial is well maintained. The conclusion is wonderfully gloomy. Well deserving of a like and favourite.

Well done, Gadot and Shirlendra!

Ding dong, review time here!

I can now comment while having read this. I loved it, can't wait for another setting from you to take hold.

Well, fiddlesticks. That's a bummer of an ending, but damn, what brilliant writing. Downright exquisite!

Holy shit! This was a stellar exploration of (untagged?) sci-fi. The exploration of life during this war had such painstakingly good attention to detail. Your imagery and prose here are absolutely delightful, and there are more than a few really breathtaking lines in this. Delightfully dark, and just all-around a thrilling read.

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