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I write well when I am brave enough to speak my mind. Soy milk fund


I am Spur. I'm a fourteen year old teenage filly who lives on the bayou with my Ma and Pa. Most of you know me because of my little sister.

My little sister was Cozy Glow. One of the most reviled villains in Equestrian history.

(A/N: This story is particularly dark, so I've been told. Read at your own risk.)
Contains series finale spoilers. Cover image credit.

EDIT: My first featured story, 10/16-10/18/2019! Hooray! :yay::pinkiehappy:
EDIT: Featured again, 10/29, 11/17/2019, 4/6/2020, 5/26, 8/18, etc! :twilightblush:

Some praise for My Sister, Cozy Glow:

I had just finished watching the finale, which killed my incentive to write, but upon reading this, I'm glad to say that it brought it back. Thank you for writing this, MicahDebrink. --IReadYouWrite

Man, there's so much emotional depth packed into each and every word. --Thought Prism

This fic is far outside my usual fare but I am still enjoying it immensely. --SockPuppet

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Glad I'm not the only one to foresee this scenario. Though, I am disappointed that I was beat to the punch.:pinkiehappy:


“The appeal failed,” Ma said. “Princess Twilight said it’d be too risky to bring her home, in case she were to be freed by some renegade magic in the future. So, they…they took a hammer and a gravel-making machine and they…erm…well…she’s scattered across the Everfree Forest now.”

Well, it didn't take long for someone to find a way to make that ending even more cruel, did it? I'll have to warn more sensitive Cozy fans off!

(As for the fic, it's a neat idea.)

“The appeal failed,” Ma said. “Princess Twilight said it’d be too risky to bring her home, in case she were to be freed by some renegade magic in the future. So, they…they took a hammer and a gravel-making machine and they…erm…well…she’s scattered across the Everfree Forest now.”

To be continued...

Is he going to start a Cult of Cozy or something?


I loved that opening scene. I could tell right away where it was going, and that made such a good way to introduce the main character and her struggles. And I like how bleakly understated the reveal of Cozy's eventual fate was, too.

I'm really hoping more of this gets written :twilightsmile:

Im tracking this story, cant wait to see what happens next

Yeah, I agree. Just fixed it.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you! :twilightsheepish:

Not sure what you mean.

He gets a group of ponies to resurrect Cozy. Presumably cloaked cultists like Harry Potter's Voldemort revival.

Not sure if it's neat exactly.
It's capital punishment, presumably of all three villains, one of which was a minor.
How strange the actions of the heroes in the final season were have been discussed at length though, so no point reiterating it here.
What it is, though, is very illogical. I don't see why they would bother with the petrification spell in the first place if in the end they simply planned on executing the trio. Discord and the Princesses combined would have had the power to simply vaporize them in an instant as opposed to taking the extra steps and presumably hiring others to grind down the bodies.
Just seems even more strange and out of character than the final already had things.

Sorry, my mistake - it was the concept of the fic I was reffering to, not that idea.

Furthermore, for some reason that rainbow - which was the power of 19 characters together - didn't destroy them like it did the Windigos, where it only took the power of six to destroy Sombra. Not sure why, even for Cozy Glow coz they clearly think of her as the irredeemable and dangerous villain she is first. Like, she had a sadistic grin on her face while planning to murder Fluttershy. She's a miniature female pegasus Sombra.

As much as I'd like to think of them being turned to gravel (more for Chrysalis than anything), I think it more likely they were placed in the deepest section of Tartarus to prevent anypony from ever releasing them. (I have been tempted to write one where they're in the statue garden and Silverstream accidentally smashes them with her tail and their pieces get sent to the rock farm, but I didn't feel it necessary) Anyone who wants them dead, while they technically aren't, they're as good as if they're never awakened from their possibly dreamless stone slumber.

Have an upvote, though.

I think Spur needs a friend, and a therapist. She is clearly going to have issues and some therapy alongside someone besides her Mother and father to help.

I am thinking a new kid comes in and isn’t scared of her, maybe they eventually manage to get her to a therapist and help her.

If they never get freed, then yes, it is in a way like death, assuming they aren't conscious while in the stone. Though, this is only if the stone spell lasts literally until the end of time or destruction of that world, which seems unlikely.
One thing Twilight had a point on is the uncertainty of the spell's continued existence, as not even the Elements turning Discord to stone lasted forever.
It's actually an idea for a story, if I had it in me to write, that somewhere down the line, the magic binding the trio in stone finally breaks. Presumably because the casters have all died, those being Discord, Celestia, and Luna. Of course, such an occurrence would be the result of something quite major, and the trio awaken to a very different world.
I was thinking something akin to Dark Souls, in that the world is actually in its final decades, with life and magic being sparse, small pockets of civilization living in the ruins of ancient times.

This is an interesting take on post series finale events. Will be watching this one closely.

I personally think a therapist would be a bad idea. Though that's mostly because of my own experience with them. If the ones I've seen and heard about are the norm then Spur would only be worse off in the end.

Ok, looks like this story may be depressing but I do hope spur does get friend who doesn’t judge her, perhaps something like a griffon or something who just isn’t so badly affected by the equestrian attitude against the villains

I can agree with that. Though the species doesn't really matter to me.

Loving this!!! Can’t wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I say go and try writing it. I'm also planning to start a story myself today.

I'm getting some EQG Twilight vibes from poor Spur here, in that she fears the monster she could become. I've always been a fan of self-vs-self conflict, and this is a well written example.

How could Silverstream destory them? You mean like accidently knock the statue over?

I actually think the statue treatment is way better than Tartarus. A slumber seems way better for your mental health than pacing around in a cage for years. Even if you do interpret the three of them as being somehow awake and aware while petrified (which I really don't see), then it's STILL a better prison. Because unlike Tartarus, the palace garden actually has GUARDS that will actually notice if they ever escape.

I never saw Aang or Captain America as being dead when slept for 100 and 70 years respectively, so it really didn't bother me.

Before even getting into this story, right off the gate I see a lot of resemblance of this and what we saw of Jerome and Jeremiah from the TV show, Gotham.

Yeah, like accidentally knock them over. (More for a meaningful tail play with her than anything since she got none in the show) But I think an eternal dreamless stone sleep and being placed in the deepest section of Tartarus is sufficient. Jim Miller said they're in suspended animation which means they're probably asleep as statues like Twilight was, so they're not suffering at least. IF they're ever released, to them it'll be the instant after they were turned to stone.

They're probably not conscious like Discord was based on Jim Miller's word and the name of the stone SLEEP spell. So if they stay that way forever or until the end of time, it's about the closest you can get to death without truly dying. Discord probably only got free without the releasing spell because he's the most powerful creature in Equestria, and even with Celestia and Luna losing connection to the Elements, it took the CMC fighting in front of him to empower him to escape. I think those three could only get free through a releasing spell. I don't know if regular stone sleep spells die with the caster. Both times with Sombra everything he did was undone by the same wave of magic that destroyed him.

Hey congrats on getting the story featured! Really enjoyed the first chapter and looking forward to more!

Well I'm interested in this interesting story also I believe I'm not the only Naval ship in this comment section.

One of the most of the most reviled villains

...You know "of the most" is repeated, right? You've written it twice, for some reason.

Ooh shitshitshitshitshitshit... :raritydespair: :twilightoops:
I'll fix it.

Thank you! :twilightsmile: I have some more chapters in the works but I'm not sure in what order I want them.

Take your time and do what you want to do with it. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

It's reads like a villain backstory.

Reminds me somewhat of Joker movie.

Good job on the story, though.


It's reads like a villain backstory.

That may *cough* or may not *cough* have been intentional. :pinkiehappy:

“Princess Twilight said it’d be too risky to bring her home, in case she were to be freed by some renegade magic in the future. So, they…they took a hammer and a gravel-making machine and they…erm…well…she’s scattered across the Everfree Forest now.”

...While I am proud that Twilight has learned from Celestia's mistakes...HOLY BALLS, that seems ruthless for her, and that's taking into account that she participated in exploding Sombra 2 1/2 times.

Here's your reminder that what Discord did was literally entrapment, the fact that the embodiment-of-virtue Elements only depowered the Legion of Doom and not stoned them, makes their stoning, and this case - grinding into gravel on top of it - extra-judicial and arbitrary, and despite the fact that each villain had clear issues that made them reject nominal friendship despite unwittingly becoming friends with the other villains, no one ever actually bothered to give them a chance for redemption.

This really managed to make me feel bad for Spur, and the family in general, and I can't wait to see where you go with this.

So I wasn't the only one who had similar theories... Seems interesting so far, but I'm a bit concerned by the use of the Romance tag...

Hoo boy. Luna? I do hope you're still keeping an eye on dreams, because do we have a doozy of a case here...

Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Spur opened up some very interesting avenues for Cozy Glow's backstory and her own struggles as a pariah.

Oh my god they murdered a filly. Also Spur's family are a bunch of hypocritical dicks. You can't be able to talk about early signs of someone being evil without either being there to experience it or at least hearing about it from someone else. Everyone who was able to talk about neglect was able to at least attempt to nip it in the bud before sending Cozy to Ponyville. The relatives knew about the signs and yet did nothing. They're all at fault! In my eyes, there are few things worse then someone who complains about something not being done, but makes no effort to fix or help fix it themselves, and then gets mad when their complaining doesn't achieve anything and have the gall to berate the one who they wanted to take care of the problem without they help. The fact that they were verbally abusing the greaving mother, father and daughter is honestly sickening to me.

This is just what I’m getting from the first chapter, I’m well aware that I might be wrong in assuming they did nothing.

Funny you should talk about dreams. Cozy Glow snores in her sleep as noted by Tirek in “Frenemies”. When you snore, you don’t dream.

The premise has got me hooked! :twilightblush:
I love the writing style you chose for this fic. Really somber, moody, and very much reveals how Spur feels. I also really enjoyed the quips by “Cozy Glow”.

I’m so excited to see the continuation! Will Spur overcome her fears, or will “Cozy Glow” drive her insane? Can’t wait! :pinkiehappy:

An awkward family get-together where nobody knows the right things to say or how to react to how much of a sociopath one of their family was, nor the right way to react. Some want an excuse or a place to blame without realizing just what that excuse or name would mean. They just need something to direct their feelings towards.
Now Spur, it would seem that they feel the most guilt about Cozy, yet not because of what she did or the end result. It seems she feels guilty because she shares the mindset, with the exception that they know that mindset is neither good nor natural. They feel more upset about how this will effect her, but feel that isn’t how she should feel because that isn’t how anyone else she knows reacts.
Very fascinating. Just be careful that this doesn’t turn into an angst fest where every person she comes across hates he no matter what. Those stories usually don’t go anywhere.

Comment posted by NebulaNyx deleted Oct 18th, 2019

"So, they…they took a hammer and a gravel-making machine and they…erm…well…she’s scattered across the Everfree Forest now.”

Oh... yikes that is dark... Did not see that comming.

I'm currently in an optimistic mood so I want to hope for the best despite the tags.

Well the awkward family get together is a thing to build on but i am not really convinced about the way equestria handled cozy there, its one thing if a villain gets slain in battle but killing a helpless foe after they neutralized them , that seems to go against everything the new equestrian culture stands for and especially against everything that Twilight and her friends learned and try to teach.
Something must have gone fundamentally wrong in this au.

I was afraid no one noticed how similar they were!

I was thinking the same thing.

Smile. Though your heart is achin'

So, they…they took a hammer and a gravel-making machine and they…erm…well…she’s scattered across the Everfree Forest now.”

I was going to quit reading and downvote the story at that point, but I decided that maybe this could be misdirection and kept reading. After finishing the story, I downvoted the story. In the nine years that MLPFM has existed the staff for the show have been slowly replaced by people that don't understand that the show is about friendship. Friendship is about understanding and forgiveness. Writing and animating a child who is sent to Tartarus (known better as hell in English) was unforgivable. Continuing that story by turning her to stone is only slightly better because it implies there is a chance for her redemption in the future, however considering the show ended, they clearly don't care about that.

Sending her to hell, turning her to stone, then killing her by smashing that stone? If that is actually what you think the ponies would do, then you have no meaningful understanding of friendship, and you need to work on that.

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