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These first stories take place during and after 1119 (Year of the Pegasus), 119 years after the night of the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration.

Series One:
1: The Pony in the Cockpit
2: The Old Terraformer
3: The Broken Filter
4: The Empty Magazine
5: The Relays
6: The Stargazers
7: The Bright Spark

Series Two:
1: The Convenience Store, The story of Kir'gle - Chapter 1 (New!)
2: The Flight Plan, The story of Aqua Flux - Chapter 1
3: The Story - The story of Sugar Dew - Chapter 1 (Coming soon)

A quick bit of world building, at this point in Equestrian space. FTL travel has been developed, a good majority of the systems population has moved out beyond it's planets. Including corporations and a good portion of the fleets, what remains are those too stubborn or unwilling to go.

For planetary reference, starting sunward and working its way out.

Sol: Sun
Temperature: hot.

Planets: 7
Name: Azar
Type: Volcanic, atmosphere, mined
Habitable: No.

Name: Ryza Prime
Type: Barren, Mined
Habitable: Yes but only in the shelters
Moons: Ryza IV

Name: Equuis Prime
Type: Varied.
Habitable: Yes
Inhabited: Multitudes. Home planet of nearly all lifeforms in Equestrian System.
Moons: Singular, Home to the "Moon Ponies"
Stations: Freyja

Name: Glass
Type: Ocean
Habitable: Yes
Inhabited: Yes, Galotian Home planet

Name: Dunhexia
Type: Rocky, Some water
Habitable: Yes
Inhabited: Changelings Homeworld after the great migration.

Name: Kollam
Type: Barren, Sandy.
Habitable: Yes, but only with special precautions.
Moons: Kollam IV (The Dust Bowl)

Name: Tharatos
Type: Barren, Mined
Habitable: Yes, But only in structures.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 18 )

Owo. wuts dis? *Feels dislike*


FTL travel has been developed, a good majority of the systems population has moved out beyond it's planets.

For planetary reference, starting sunward and working it's way out.

"its" not "it is"/"it has"

(skimming through the 1st chapter; the same error quite a few times in the story too)

These first stories take place during and after 1119 (Year of the Pegasus).

A bit of extra context might help. What does year 0 or year 1 represent?

Hi there, so yeah. I actually have a whole timeline I was going to post. But basically, year 1000 is the start of the show during the longest night of the thousandth year. This starts at 119 years after that.

The readouts on the dash were going haywire, and as the pony watched despite the ship no longer spinning a quick look out of the canopy revealed no additional clues as to what has transpired. A sudden explosion rocked the ship, the flash filled the cabin and the pony was thrown violently forward against the seat restraints. Out of breath the pony can only stare at the readouts in confusion, as nothing indicates a engine or other system has suddenly catastrophically failed. As the pony swung the pilots chair searching for the cause of the explosion it comes face to face with the business end of a ship sweeper.

Oof. Poor pony. I will assume that a ship sweeper is like a trench-sweeper/trench-broom AKA the Tommy gun AKA the Thompson M1, which was invented too late for it do do any good in trench warfare during WWI. What I mean is, it seems to be a weapon that is useful for clearing out a room/trench/enclosed space of enemies and doing so quickly and efficiently. It probably isn't a projectile-weapon, since then those bullets/projectiles could 1) bounce off a surface and hit you since it's being used in a spacecraft and 2) you might punch a hole in the spacecraft you are clearing, thus killing yourself if you are without a pressure suit. I assume it is some sort of gun that (remember, this is the MLP universe) uses concentrated magic bursts to kill living organisms in a short range that are in the path of the aiming mechanism(s). Or, it could use lasers. Maybe even sound waves (though that is very unlikely). If you could tell me what exactly this ship sweeper does or how it works and/or give me an image of such ship sweeper, that would be very helpful. Also, I assume we are going to learn who the suited figures are/who they work for in the next chapter.

In a small dusty town on a dusty moon in the far reaches of the Equestrian solar system sits a small dusty general store. Where a positively ancient pony brushes dust from the dusty shelves of the store.

The only place in the entire galaxy that is dustier than Dusty Divot/Depot!

And year 0 is the day that Luna was banished to the moon fur a thousand years.

The figure growls through it's suits built in communications, "Only Equestrian."

Do they not like Equestrians?

It was at this moment, the pony realized something was very, very wrong.

The pony steps into the airlock and cycles it, allowing them to open the outer door and step into the void. Space, as the pony knew was cold. And despite the heated suit a small shiver went through them each time they stepped into the dark. The pony uses the small jets on it's suit to maneuver towards the little station, taking a moment to reread the specs on a small hoof held tablet built into the suits arm.

Of course, we all know that he shivered due to how vast and dark space is.

The pony stood from the console, shutting it down. It had to report this, it had to let someone know. As the pony tapped on it's helmet to begin a encoded message it felt a prickling at the back of it's neck, no more than a moment before the blade sliced cleanly through it's suit and buried itself in it's neck.

*CoD: WWII face*

I feel bad for this guy. He must've been traumatized for his last few days/weeks.
Who even are they?
The way the events happen, and the way the suited figures strike, remind me of something.... but I can't remember what.

Fuk boi what's with these guys and Equestrians?

That was dark and very well written, well done sir. I’m looking forward to the next installments!

Uh... I have a sudden desire to stay on Earth.

Well THAT doesn't sound ominous at all.

Are the people killing Equestrians ponies, or are they some random alien species?

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