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Joe Toon

As Administrator of a pocket dimension that bridges across (almost) every reality, it is my duty to report and document every time Equestria is breached by Denizens of another world (and vice-versa).


Desperate and out of options to stop the crisis of their declining population, Equestria created a portal to the human world to convert the population to supplement their own; only that this was not the world they had planned.

Thera, a world that barely survived the Great War that lasted a hundred years and numerous Xeno incursions, now find themselves connected to a magical fantasy world of mythical creatures via a dimensional portal. A surprise to be sure and pleasant one at that, considering the numerous others that appeared to their world with ill intent. Little did they know how wrong they were before they discovered the truth.

As tensions rose, armies mobilise and civil unrest escalate; war is now inevitable.

Inspired from a conversation with Rated Ponystar and set from my fictional world of Thera based off of the Paradox game Stellaris, TCB: Thera dives into various perspectives within the conflict through exchanges of letters, correspondents from both sides, recorded meetings and propaganda.

See the conflict progress through the eyes of an observer as Equestria challenges the world who declared to the galaxy that all who threaten them will know that they came to the wrong neighborhood and knocked on the wrong door.

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Celestia, you f******* moron!!!!!!! :facehoof:

I know that this story will take a long time to finish.

But, one to these days. I want to see her stupid-dumb look when her own weak army, and possibly her species be curb stomped!

Steak dinner anyone? Well done and fresh off the pony. :rainbowderp::twilightoops::applejackunsure:

Because that is all that, hopefully, will be left of Equastria this time.

If the description is anything to go by, this will be one hell of a story.

I hope not to disappoint.

This got my interest, waiting for more.

Celestia you came to the wrong universe if I know stellaris you were screwed the moment you came there. You have no hope of winning and just to make sure.
Command control
event crisis.199
event crisis.1000
event crisis.2000
Hope you have a fleet strength that is above 9 million. :pinkiecrazy:

Kill them all......the ponies I mean.

Well, did Luna die?

Humanity if Tera better not give mercy. 5 invasions is enough. Slavery of the ponies is what's called for.

So she's pregnant?

Definitely, pregnant with a human/pony child

As much as I've enjoyed this so far, I must protest inter-species romance. I don't think it was meant for members of two different species to have romantic relationships together. Especially given the implied pregnancy (and thus implied sexual relations) between this Carlos and Rainbow.

Understandable. It was uncomfortable for me to make the decision to be honest. However, I thought it necessary for the relevant plot that will be revealed later. Also for Stellaris players, just think of it when someone decides to be a masochist and turn on the Xeno-Compatibility feature. (RIP FPM)

Well, I'm glad I've gotten round to this.

I am ashamed, Celestia – ashamed! Here I thought that, out of humans and ponies, the ponies would be the sane ones. Such barbaric ethnonationalism shan't be tolerated.

Good day to you ma'am.
Ave Imperator.

The League of Nations, being a governing body, should be referred to as an "it".

"from your side is to be a demilitarised zone."

Should be "The equestrian side".

"Return said citizen to us safely and unharmed."

"citizen" should be pluralised; furthermore, convention is to specify that these are Theran or League nationals/citizens.

"Hell out of our planet."

This is up to you, but either "out" to "off", or "planet" to "plane".

Thanks for pointing that out. (I wondered how that got past the grammar corrector.)

Loving the detail of Iran still being called Persia, as it was during WWI, fun little side fact there.

Genuinely an excellent little story so far :3

And, for our gracious crusaders, though their barbaric xeno religion is shameful, we of the great league are proud to have such zealous defenders.

Deus Lo Vult.
Ave Imperator

I'm going to ignore the xeno child and pretend they've adopted. Or that Carlos/Dash have undergone some specific treatments for it to be possible.

I'm a fan of the whole "Anything goes so long as it passes the Harkness test" perspective on things just... Not the actual creation of children.

Otherwise, YEY INTERSPECIES ROMANCE, always nice to see kinship between flyers.

Ave Imperator.

Your support is much appreciated, citizen.

I want pony deaths and defeat. So far I'm not seeing anything else than humans losing. Seems like Celestia still chose the right place.

Don't worry, these things take time. You have to set up the board before you tip the dominoes.

I'm impatient when it comes to a story that catches my attention, even though I'm not familiar with Tera lore.

Trust me, what's coming for Equestria and the Princesses will make it worth it. If you know Stellaris, there is always a crisis just at the next bend.

... well, Twilight isn't going to live through this.

Ok guys it is time to prepare the guillotine

If that baby dies then somepony’s gonna be a wishing they were never born!

Oh this one goes beyond the old head-chopper.
Nope, its time Ms. Mengle Jr is earmarked to receive a taste of what it feels like on the other end.

You see, she's the perfect candidate for teaching practical dissection skills through hands-on practice. No need for expensive anesthesia, no worries about finding a new subject each time. Nope the kids can cut her open and feel around her guts over, and over, and over as long as they don't do too much damage to the really vital stuff.

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