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Not a brony. No really, I'm not. I'm just here to see what awesome stuff this crazy fandom puts out.


When two worlds of great difference meet, it shall result in either the greatest of unities, or the most horrific of tragedies.

These are tales of such tragedies.

A series of one shots about human-pony interactions that I lack the time and/or creativity to create full fledged stories about. Feel free to get inspired and make one of these ideas work, or point me towards a story that already does.

If you're looking for something happier, check out the sister collection.

Cover art by me, using flag images from google search and put together with gimp.

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Wait, two collections? Where's the other one?


I sent them both for approval at the same time. Hopefully it'll be up soon.

You know, one of thsee snippets seems eerily similar to a plot bunny that's been kicking me for months... which is odd, considering how I wasn't going for "dark"... heavy perhaps, but not dark...

This is an intriguing story.
The wording may be a bit cumbersome, but the overall structure is good.

I want to see this as a full story so badly...

Mr. Stark... I don't feel so good...

Celestia, you horrible, horrible, wicked, useless, worthless, arrogant nag!

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