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Long ago, the nations of Equus were attacked by a vicious race known as humans, who hailed from a previously undiscovered island nation. The war against this species was horrific and costly, but the peoples of Equus were able to defeat these invaders, inevitably resulting in their complete and total enslavement.

However, when Equestria discovers proof that the humans came from a world all their own, they are horrified to learn humanity could still be a threat.

Fearing another invasion, the nations of Equus decide to make a preemptive strike on this new world, known as Earth by its people, seeking to take control of both this planet and its inhabitants. However, what they fail to realize, is that the humans of this world might not be the monsters they think them to be.

Finding themselves faced with an unknown enemy, the world humanity knew suddenly flipped on its head. With the threat of enslavement looming over them, the world will have no choice but to take up arms and come together as one as they fight to defend their home and way of life.

Cover art by Uz Naimat.

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You got me hooked, can't wait for the next chapter.

Good to hear it. I'll try not to keep you waiting too long.

This makes an interesting plot to develop. A really nice concept I'm really interested to know about. If you need someone to tell ideas and help with brainstorm I'm willing to help!!

I just hope these ponies understand that regular humans are not the evil ones.

Eh... I blame the government.

Twilight's brow furrowed as she regarded Pinkie's question. The Crystal Empire recently came under attack by human rebels, who sought to topple its rulership. And although they were ultimately defeated in the end, a lot of ponies got hurt.

I love the “slave unrest in Crystal Empire” trope.
After all, crystal ponies used to be slave, so you can tell there a lot of empire citizen sympathize with the humans rebels, maybe in secret after saw how aggressive their Equestrian-puppet rulers (Shining and Candy) are.

It sounds interesting, I look forward to how this will turn out.

Thanks, I hope you'll find that you enjoy it.

It takes the concept of enslaved human beings from the fanfic of "I shouldn't have enslaved humanity" but here it is well planned and achieved.

Twilight will find out that Earth is indeed real and we will not take kindly to being enslaved.

I'm honestly pretty interested in this story. I feel Shining's going to learn the same lesson he learned in "To Change a Changeling." You shouldn't judge a book by its cover and not all humans are bad.

I have big things planned for Shining. Big things!

I am over here wondering what kind of earth (or more specifically time) the nations of equus shall find. Will it be the modern era the Cold War, ww2/1, or will it be a au like kaiserreich and TNO

Interesting story, I can't wait to see more, especially when the ponies, especially Shining, regret mistreating humans as the atmosphere in this story builds up.

The ponies are gonna be in for a treat! (Unless you don't make it too much of a steamroll by making their magic quite effective :P)

Their magic is going to give them an edge, but we're not going to let that stop us.

Oooh, sounds like there would be a great uprising, revolution, or even war later. No matter what method, it will bring ponies into fear.

I Hope Twilight goes on an epic Undertale style adventure on Earth.

¿Cómo sería, se preguntó, que hubiera un mundo gobernado por humanos? Una raza bárbara que tanto dolor y sufrimiento les ha causado en el pasado; una especie violenta que el mundo había considerado demasiado peligrosa para permitirle ser libre. Si hubiera un planeta entero lleno de esas criaturas hambrientas de guerra, podría resultar un grave peligro para la paz y la seguridad de todo Equus.

If in a hypothetical case they discovered the existence of the earth and humanity, a doubt arises in me... considering that they fear us, would the inhabitants of Gaia or Equus consider it necessary to invade the earth?

"Don't worry," Shining Armor replied comforting his sister. "We're alright. Those dumb monkeys couldn't even touch us," he said smugly.

Oh you’ll regret that and learn your lesson soon. Plus maybe he’ll understand that well they were desperate since they probably out of resources so they had to raid or somthing since they didn’t have many options left

We have a nuke and the final boss of earth to back up humanity to put the fear of god into them even the gods themselves

Same or at least the bad actors in government but government fault mostly yes

They don't need nukes, because humans will bring a one-side slaughter with shells and explosives against those ponies who mistreated them.

This is great so far, can’t wait for more updates


Who else to blame when things go sideways for humanity? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This is giving me some serious YHaY vibes.

Except in yours the humans are sapient, so the ponies are just slavers with no redeeming circumstances.

Yes magic may be good but science is better
Just ask the U.S.

And don’t forget about the civilians since well who knows what they have

After the human had gone, Shining Armor looked to Spike, raising a brow. "You don't need to say 'please' to it," the unicorn stated. "It's just a human, you don't have to treat it like a pony."

Says the one who treating spike the Dragon like a pony or more accurately like a living being

Interesting premise. The only contact the equestrians have had with humanity was one of the savage nations or tribes of the past. Now since they are going to go to earth I wonder what will happen.

Because depending on where they go their fears of humanity will be proven false or true .

Like if they invade the USA or UK they might see a regular nation though if they invade somewhere like in the more radical parts of Middle East or a primitive tribe then their predispositions of humanity might have leverage at least in their point of view

They may be horrified to see that humans have a world of their own, loosely governed by themselves, which they would surely consider a well-organized threat, which will not be good for their own destiny.

Furthermore, I believe that their way of seeing human beings does not change even if they are in a civilized or tribal country or a country in an insurgency war.

Well an interesting story concept. Please continue

I'm glad you like it. I'm hoping to have the next chapter up within a week.

This story is great I can tell that one day this will be famous keep up the wonderful work by the way love this as well

(Author's Note) I can definitely tell you that I truly believe that this story is bloody brilliant amazing definitely going to like this and definitely going to be reading the full story when I get done I also hope that you are having a wonderful day as well and keep up the one who work with this story

Me and many others will be eagerly waiting

I love it, please continue this story, i'm begging you 🙏

I hope this story will be like:
At 0090 hours, a mysterious anomaly suddenly appeared not far from coastal Singapore (I'm tired of 'Aliens invading America' which has been done so many times), the anomaly looked like some kind of portal to another dimension, the portal is estimated to be two and a half kilometers wide and one kilometer height.

Singapore Navy directed two small Frigates near the protal perimeter to investigate.
There was a warning that hundreds of wooden ships and airships came out of the portal and all ships nearby.

The Singapore Navy is overwhelmed and the Aliens begins to initiate a land invasion on City of Singapore.

The Singapore Army was caught off guard by the attack, they began to mobilize and began to face the invaders.
The invaders consisted of various species wearing Madival style armor and armed with swords and bows.

Human superiority in technology and tactics meant that Equestria suffered huge casualties, but their surprise attack succeeded in conquering the small city state, giving them a foothold on planet Earth. (They use Magic, and humans at that time were not used to dealing with it)

The aliens initially thought they were victorious but they were shocked after realizing that Singapore was not the only country on Earth (The Equestrians, out of fear, rushed to invade the Earth without gathering much intel.) and started attacking neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Initially the Equestrians were once again successful and succeeded in taking control of the Sunda Strait and taking territory on the island of Sumatra.

But the coalition forces consist of troops from China, India, US, Japan and Southeast Asian countries led by the UN counterattacked and succeeded in pushing the invading troops back into the anomaly.

Equestria initially tried to close the portal, but due to technical problems, the portal could not be closed and became permanent (Twilight spent all her time crafting a spell to create a stable portal between Equestria and Earth, His spell was perfect to the point where she forgot to make a loophole for the counter spell to close it again because because they originally planned to permanently rule the earth)

Humanity from various countries felt horrified and outraged after seeing one of the most important cities in the world suddenly attacked, the city was ravaged and looted by the invaders, and thousands of Singaporeans and several hundreds foreigners from various countries were massacred and taken as slaves.

After learning about the information that humans living in the Equestrians home dimension were cruelly enslaved, UN unanimously agrees to invade Equestria and bring all its leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Humanity will bring war to the pony's home world, and make Equestria and its allies drown in blood, and they will not stop until they all surrender unconditionally to the UN.

I hope this story will not only contain about "the ponies being obliterated by modern weapons".
But also about the other side of humans, when Twilight and her friends arrived in Singapore they were amazed by the sight they saw, Modern cities are full of skyscrapers, automated vehicles, ships without sails, flying vehicles that can fly higher and faster than any Pegasus.

City of Singapore.

When Twilight and the other ponies see the history of humanity, they will be initially disgusted (Because of war and violence that happened throughout history.) and then slowly realize that humans are not as bad as they initially thought.

The reason why they didn't try to have peace talks (remeber, this began to happen when humans began to invade Equestria and the ponies began to be on the verge of defeat) or for Twilight and her friends to "resolve friendship problem" that's because humans demand unconditional surrender and the princesses to be judged in international courts because of centuries of human slavery.

I hope this will help you, your story has a lot of potential. ^^

Thanks for the suggestions. I already have a plan on how I want things to go, but I like that you're engaging with the story and are speculating about what happens next. Now, I'm going to have to disappoint you a bit, as the portal does manifest within US territory, but this conflict is going to span the globe, so we'll see plenty of international action don't you worry.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much and are eager to see more. I have a new chapter in the works, I've just been busy and haven't found a lot of time to write. I definitely haven't been procrastinating because I recently got an Xbox, and am now FINALLY! playing Halo!:twilightsheepish: No, it's uh, just been all work and stuff, certainly no video games.

*Starts humming Halo theme*



👀 *notices*

OH! You uh, you still there? Yeah I, I was just joking, with the Halo theme back there, I promise!



*You, being all skeptical*



"....I don't think they're buying it, Chief..."

"Zip it, Cortana!"

The next chapter will be out soon, I promise.:twilightsheepish:

It's okay dude, I don't mind reading fiction about the 127th alien invasion of America, as long as the story is good I will always read it.

Speaking of portals appearing all over the world, I hope they will spawn in various terrains so we can have land, air, and, sea battles.

Imagine the Battle of New York, where urban warfare is between the US army and Equestria royal guards, or the battle of Beijing between PLA navy and Equestrian navy, or Battle of New Delhi where Indian air forces fight against thousands of Pegasus.

I also hope that other Earth countries have side objectives other than defeating Equestria and freeing the enslaved humans, maybe China wants to Annexed most of eastern Equestria and incorporated the enslaved humans as citizens of their country (China is experiencing a decline in population due to low fertility)
Or India wants to claim the southern eastern part of Equestria to solve their overpopulation problem (India's current population is two billion)
Or America finds an OIL source not far from Applelosa :ajsleepy:

There's also the matter of how humans started to reverse engineer magic and use it for themselves and meanwhile the ponies try to find out how the humans' weapons work (One of Equestria's scientists died after trying to inspect the barrel of a captured human's weapon) :rainbowlaugh:

I recommend you to read this fanfiction story for inspiration : https://www.fimfiction.net/story/488286/choice
My favorite part of this fanfiction is the "Battle of Jerusalem" where the troops led by Luna try to attack the holy cities on earth such as Rome, Mecca and Jerusalem, they thought that if they destroyed these cities it would cause humanity's religion to collapse and the UN would surrender (they don't) which ended with Crystal Empire getting Nuked. :scootangel:

Btw welcome to HALO, I hope you don't develop a crush on Cortana (Because i did) :flutterrage:


I hope this story will not only contain about "the ponies being obliterated by modern weapons".

That's everyone of these stories except for the ones with blatant author fiat. I want to see a fic that's an adaptation of this one where they are capable of conquering chunks of Earth through magic brute force and no barriers.

This fic isn't an adaption of the link you showed, but if you want to see.

where they are capable of conquering chunks of Earth through magic brute force and no barriers.

Then I think this story is going to make you happy.

Can’t wait to see the next chapter, this is really good so far

Sorry to keep you waiting. Like I mentioned to another reader, I recently got an Xbox and have been binge-playing Halo. I'm working on the next chapter I promise.

Wait what?, they gonna conquering chunks of Earth?, Nooooooo😭
I hope it won't be as big as a small province or state, and I hope Equestria will suffer HUGE casualties, because otherwise it wouldn't be fair! (Unless what they are fighting against are underdeveloped countries in Africa.)
Almost like how the Empire of Japan managed to conquer huge chunks of east Asia with a surprise attack on America and sudden invasion of European colonies, but they were soon driven back as their enemies recovered from the surprise attack and countered them with superior technology and attrition warfare.

1000 ponies must die for 1km of Earth land!
Earth has 8 billion, and while the ponies may only have a few million, (tens of millions if they're lucky)

And as humanity begins to slowly adapting magic and even reverse engineer it (By politely conducting 'family friendly' experiments on the Equestrians they captured), Equestria and its allies will lose it's only advantage in the war and drown in blood! The pony tyrants will be dragged to The Hague (The headquarters of the International Court of Justice.) to face Nuremberg style trials!

Sorry to disappoint you, but they are going be be conquering chunks of Earth. Their magic is going to give them an edge, and until we find a way to counter it, it's going to be tough. Also, it's not going to be just the ponies attacking us, but the other races too.

I hope learning this hasn't diminished your interest in the story, but this is what's going to be happening.

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