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I like the idea of this story based off of the description. I'll look forward to more chapters:yay:

You have my curiosity! :raritystarry:

I have an unfavorable premonition about this...

I'm intrigued yet very angry toward the treatment of humans.

This story is lookin good, I just hope our human here gets some revenge:pinkiecrazy:

This is a very good idea for a story... but spaying and nutering? Really? *Face hoof* Even myself, Princess of Torture does not do those despicable acts!

The entire premise of this story is a massive no. Seriously... just, no.

2756677 I am sorry you feel that way, and I am sorry I could not hold up to your expectations. Feel free to leave a thumb down if you haven't already, and go about with your view pleasure.

Thank you for your feedback, and I hope you have a nice day.

Its on the fence for this one. It one of those stories that'll get better with more installments. keep coming with installments and i'll keep reading.

2759027 tune in next Friday and I hope you'll be pleased

I have a feeling,just hear me out
shit is going to hit the fan,I repeat shit is going to hit the fan
so put your disguises:moustache:

Tentative follow. Could be very interesting.

no offence to the writer this will probably end up in my favs in time anyway.
but does anyone know another story similar to this one where humans are like animals i guess or close to that way.

i kind of have been looking for a story like this but still need to scratch that itch iv been feeling for these types of fanfics for quite some time now, and am tired of looking through the list even with the filter?
but ya that would be swell

2768120 no offense taken.

As for your search, this came to mind. I know it's not a story, but something is better than nothing, right?


What the hell?! I said, or at least tried to say. I had opened my mouth but no words had come out. What the fuck? Was I mute now? My throat was still sore, but what on earth could cause me to become mute? Are you now telling me that I was stuck in the middle of the desert and I was mute?!

2768205 Ohhhh, so maybe he will try to communicate through writing? And sorry.

2768241 No problem. The attempted communication will come later. I like to think that he is just going along for the ride until he figures out what is going on.

Also, I am getting a sort of a Planet of the Apes vibe from this. Is that what inspired this story?

2768262 Kinda. It may have influenced it, but only just slightly. Most chapters are written based off what my friend decides, as per our bet.

I really hate to be one of those people but... when is the next chapter coming out? I'm really, really taken with this already.

2768678 Friday for sure. Sooner if my editor decides to get up off his lazy butt and actually earn his title.

2768686 Lol fair enough, I hope that does happen then because I'd been looking for something along these lines :pinkiehappy:

Why is he mute? Oo

Anyway, I see a hell of a potential here, and I'm suprised this story has got so many dislikes, considering it's only 2 chapters long yet...
Faving and liking it. Let's hope it won't turn out into a whole bunch of BS.

2779584 He's mute because of...reasons.

As per the hope, I'll try and keep as much BS out of the story as possible, but unfortunately what some find as BS others find as gold...


I didn't mean to offend you or something... Sry if I did ;d

2780107 Nope, you didn't. I just tend to come of like that in writing, sorry. :pinkiehappy:

This will not end well.

Good. Good. So frickin good. I wish I could give you more upvotes.

Still, why is he mute? Will you explain this in next chapters or it's just something that has to be?
Keep up the good work buddy!

2790814 It shan't be explained in the next chapter, but it shall be explained eventually. It does have a purpose, just not one that can be reveled...yet :pinkiecrazy:


Awwww... I'll be looking forward to the next chapters then. Hope they'll be as good as those, or even better.

Don't disappoint us :pinkiecrazy:

fuckinĀ“ molestia dude :trollestia:

I am seriously loving the universe you have created!!! Please don't stop, or leave us hanging!!! :rainbowkiss: In all seriousness I enjoy your writing, and can't wait for more chapters!

P.S. I hope he can at least communicate through writing. He can still do that...can't he? :rainbowhuh:

2793476 Yes sir! Right away sir! Actually working on it right now sir!

...why is he mute? What possible explanation could there be for him being unable to speak? It would be one thing if he had a magic collar put on him by ponies, something they put on ALL the humans to keep them from talking in an attempt to make them appear as dumb animals. I'd be disgusted by such treatment (like I already am, I mean, JESUS CHRIST, neutering?! These are sentient beings you're doing this to! This isn't the Middle Ages either, this is Two Thousand Freakin' Thirteen, and the ponies have things like computers, trains and magic. What possible reason do they need slaves for?) but it would explain why they couldn't TALK!

But no. He's mute the minute he gets there. How? His larynx wasn't damaged. And you can't use the reasoning "humans in THIS dimension are mute because of how they've evolved". He's not FROM this dimension so that reason doesn't fly. The rules shouldn't apply to him. It would be one thing if humans had evolved as a species to just not be able to really use their mouths because of something the ponies did, but again, he's not from around there, so whatever affects humans in THIS reality shouldn't affect him.

2795403 All in due time...all in due time...


It's the same as getting your cat or dog fixed. The way the humans are treated is even closer to how wild horses are even right now.


maybe not well... but sure Interesting^^

Question: what qualifies as gore and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how "gorey" will this story become?

2807310 That really depends on YOUR definition of 'gore'. The neutering scene was probably a 5 for this story. There is one chapter further on that will probably be around a 7, but besides that this story will most likely be lite on the gore.

the guy has to grow a pair and stop being a grovelling little bitch its really unattractive

2818275 Calm down, Flare. Now's not the time for growing a pair. That comes later.

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