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Well this seems interesting, and funny.
Rooting for Anon/Celestia romance.

I...I think I've read your works too many times. I actually caught the minor changes here!

Comment posted by Clayton the hunter deleted Feb 28th, 2014

give celly all of your love anon:trollestia:

Oh, you glorious bastard. This is the story? Sweet tequila, I haven't even made it past the description and I'm already grinning ear to ear.

And I needed a pick-me-up, too. Oh, this is going to be excellent.

I like this. Nice and silly absorbable writing to even out the dark depressing stuff I read earlier.

Oh shit, i remember reading this as it was posted in the threads.

I guess this means it is time to feel again.

this looks promising lol

I read this on Pastebin before, and it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for writing it. It was an astoundingly good read.


Oh man, it's getting good. I kind of feel bad for twilight. If she had just continued to act normally, then maybe he would of fell for her in time. Though their is something to be said for a companion that would literally do anything for you. Yanderes for life.

Twi you bitch :flutterrage:!

Super pumped to read this at work tomorrow instead of working.

That ending was just epic.

Oh sweet, another one!

And, as if to confirm your worst fears, a single drop of creamy liquid drips from one of her teats to the carpeting.


“Girls, I need you to help me rut Anon! Repeatedly! For science!”


Best. Line. Ever.

Alrighty, fourth chapter in and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this is one of the best HiE's ever. First the thing with the milk in the first chapter then Twilight going all sorts of psycho followed up with a few sprinkles of amazing. This fic deserves so much more attention. I look forward to the rest of this fic and any others you write. :moustache:

Awe, Hell yeah, Sunbutt!

Most Anonymous stories are committed to stupidity, absurdity, and absurd stupidity. This fic has transcended that and attained the rank of Dangerously Genre-Savvy Juggernaut of a Troll. Good job.

In this fic alone, Autismo's a total Bitch. I side with AJ, Anon and Tia. I like it.:twilightsmile:

If only I could give this fic multiple thumbs up and favs I would in a heartbeat

You know, music in the middle of a chapter usually ruins it for me...but by God did it suit it this time!

Brilliant, I'm really enjoying myself here :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit... :pinkiegasp:

I've finally found an Anon story I can get into. More chapters please! :pinkiehappy:

oh balls this is amazing! All he needs now is a Cutlass, a flintlock pistol, And an eye patch. Xenogears music, its perfect.

well welll wellllll, I do believe i just found a hidden diamond in the rough, you just earned your like and fav many times over!:trollestia:

Ah crazy Twilight fics are ones that I enjoy, continue I say. :yay:

:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: I am loving the story so far can't wait to read the next chapters for this story and I love how you have Twilight bat**** crazy in the story and there better be a damn kiss scene with Anon and Celestia even if it is a small one :flutterrage:. But none the less excellent story and loving it right now :heart::heart::heart:


More like do anything TO you. She was anally raping him, after all.


How do you not know this, Anon?! Twi even said "Yeah, I'm not going to clone Pinkie!" Not that "Pinkie won't let me because she disagrees with me trying to rape you." Just that "I'm not going to."

Good job in making me start to hate Twilight in this story.

Best human x celestia fanfic ever made has arrived to fimfiction... I may die happy now.:trollestia:


This story just got even more epic.

I am eating cereal with pony titty milk o3o..... *Dips self in it* Who wants a bite?

You kill this story i kick your ass to the moon.

Srsly this is some GOOD stuff here.


When I began reading this, I expected this story would be just a comedy with loads of silly gags and kicks. You know, Celestia annoying Anon to death, Twilight planning and executing out diabolical but yet ridiculously silly plans, weird things happening in the background.

What I got instead was much, much more.

This was just.... AWESOME! But I now hate twilight in this one. Just... Evil. I think discords been giving her lessons

There are tons of little changes everywhere. By the way, I hope you enjoyed the additional chapter! It was really fun to write.

The story's already completely written (just needs to be converted) so I can 100% guarantee that it will be finished in roughly 3-4 weeks depending on my schedule, maybe sooner, unless I get hit by a truck or something between now and then.

The story tags sort of give it away, but yeah, get ready for more action, more romance, and more silly jokes sprinkled throughout. At this point we're only 1/4 of the way through the whole thing.

4015970 i second that.

this is starting to feel like a combination of Wild Card and My Little Pony - Journey, and that's an extremely good thing:pinkiehappy:

The "Rapedome" part made me laugh out loud, and now I think it's best Celestia and Luna be made aware of this... Especially the part of bringing down the mountain the fortress stands on...
Watch your back Sunbutt, it's always the brilliant psycho's that are the most dangerous. And this one is now ruler of a nation...

Love is fucking insane.

The story 10 out of 10
The humor 10 out of 10
The characters 10 out if 10

I Think you can see whhere i am going with this, this fic RULES!!!!

Anon could just clone himself in the mirror pool and give Twi his copies for her to enjoy her sex n' science. At worst it will distract her for a while, at best she's too deluded to figure something is wrong.

For the Equestrian market, human clones options come in three main packages: personal entertainment, business and military, all with flexible skill and training options available. Contact your nearest clone seller for further information.

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