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Very well written panic attack, so far this story is amazing

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Huh, I surprised myself with how much I like this story, good on ya, look forward to seeing more chapters 👍

It would be funny this entire time they think he’s Erect yet he’s completely flaccid and when They finally bring it to his attention he’s like no this is my erection doubles in size

Yeah this story is great and its very well written. I have to stop a lot of stories I start because of things like pacing, and you do a wonderful job of it.

I like the story, but I wish the chapters weren't so short.

However, your friends insisted you needed a much larger one for comfort

Yes... comfort

Sorry, I got side track did he pass out or was he like frozen in place with a thousand mile stare into the distant?

Hey, can't wait for him to learn the 'Dedo dactilar woshi' or better yet, the paralysing nerve strike, that freeze opponents.

Or even better! The two fingers master splinter knock out, and pressure point where he could keep restrain of an opponent with a single digit, that way he could enter tournament with Princess Luna (Don't act so surprise, of course princess Luna enter fighting tournament…or at least watch them)

I have a feeling Zecora just became Anon's pimp.

Jeesus fuck Jacks. Kinda freaky dreamscape ya got for a farmgirl...

Interesting, but the pacing needs some work though. It feels like this story is the cliff notes of a story.

Oh! I hope lesson one is the dangers of lucid dreaming, because lucid nightmares or for what is more commonly know 'sleep paralysis' are the stuff that can kill someone by cardiac arrest, from the scare it can provoke.

Also lucid dreaming is something no one should ever do daily, and at most used it responsible, you see when one dream, the brain rest and it only works the essential, aka, breathing and all that sort of things. By having a lucid dream, your brain is working twice as hard without rest and constantly using it, leaves the person exhausted even if sleep 20 hours, so he or she goes back to sleep and if lucid dream happens again things just keep pilling up.

So…yeah lesson one 'Dangers of Lucid Dreams and how to apply them responsible' that is definitely something for lesson 1.

Indeed, and try not to force it either. A friend told me that by forcing it it easy to drop into sleep paralysis

This story is where I come to, to do the mightiest of thinking

Hmmm candles, a fancy dress, a to-do list, all sort of meals, Spike is not there, she wants to tells a story. It safe to said we all thinking the same thing, the desk of harmony has just summon Anon and she is building the courage to ask him to go face a friendship problem by himself.

Are you going to finish this story

Yes, it will take me time but, I have several chapters rough drafts done already. Takes time for me to edit and check my work. So I release them when editing is done.

Well tension is clear now. I don't know if he has gone that native yet. I mean sure, he is stuck can't leave and is not like there are other humans. But for him to view them in that light would take time, and maybe possible never if he ever see a female centaur, a cat person or whatever race was Tirek or the king of storm in female version. All those options that are more closer in looks to a female human.

That is something I always wonder, why the human always jump straight to ponies, without first exploring with races that look similar, and then gradually work his or her way into deeper feelings that doesn't involve looks?

Je the heart is weird

I am honestly amazed that out of the MANY different stories I have read, not being able to be sent home because earth is magic resistant hasn't been used before.
(If you HAVE read a story that did use that explanation, good for you! I haven't.)

This is cute but I wish anon went with zecora. I mean she was first.
Ah well.

'Sex' tag for highly mature content at times and clop

I'm confused... Aren't those the same thing?

Well, now it time to share the news I suppose

Gotta say, not a huge fan of the Twi Force nick name. lol.

About a half an hour in, “I-I’ma happy you both r happy… Now ifn’yall excuse me, I- I got work needs doing.”

As Jacks starts to slide off the seat, Rain-Bro flies up, “R-Right, good work Bro. I’m going back to practice some more of my awesome moves!”

Please don't turn this into a herd

The seeds have been planted, no stopping the herd now, also great story,little small on the chapters length but otherwise a great story.

So, hes not even going to spend the night? Or was it really just that awkward for him?

A combination of awkward, physically and mentally frustrating, and more. Not the best choice but definitely not the worst. He is only human

Welp, that was what it was.

Comment posted by DrYzarc deleted Dec 3rd, 2020

Ahhh, now i understand. Though this was going into a bizarre direction there for a second.

Well, I suppose the only way he will not kill anyone is to have at least like what? 6 mares at a time?

Haram and Harem are not the same thing, OP.

Oh boy I hope this is not only mares, I want to see how well a cat lady or a cowlady fair in this experiment.

I support this train of thought.

Now we wait, I want to see 'defeat' luna and celestia with his now "magic dong".

Yo, celestia and Luna, that would be awesome

I already feel my will to continue reading this fic die

This feels kinda like wish fulfillment. Like you're just writing the exciting parts without any buildup. I dont feel very invested in the plot. If you were just trying to write a light, fluffy, wish fulfillment type story then you did well. To be clear, I'm not trying to denigrate your fic, I just calls em likes I sees em. As it stands I enjoy it as light reading. Kinda relaxing to have such a simple and unburdened plot. Although those last 2 chapters have maybe a little too much contrivance.

I think there should be at least one gryphon on this list... for science of course. :trollestia:

He should start eating a whole bunch of other fruits in front of all of them specially cause he can’t eat grass or most things they would eat

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