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why finish a story when i could start three more

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Both stand in front of the Forbidden Archives. Traditionally garden by warding magics, the massive library of the castle gets Ponies deeply lost if they lose their way.

I'm guessing garden should be guarded, unless they are using some of the shrubberies from the Knights who say Ni.

This version of celestia would never have retired so I call bull

Another banger by scrungusbungus from fimfiction.

Another day, another dollar, and another banger from Sir Scrungus from the House of Bungus

The cover art is a fine example of what it's like to enter an LSD-induced psychosis.

That's a strong fuckin' start, my dude. As always, I look forward to seeing what you got.


arnon? are you running out of names now?
great stuff, but i'm getting a little worried with how many stories you're working on at once now, you able to keep up with 5 stories?

it gets worse, I haven't even released all the ones I'm working on

This fic is scratching my nation-building itch. Immediately tracked and favorited.

I'm taking away your Cooking License... And promoting you to Certified Chef. Keep cooking man

each chapter is lining up it's own substory, with the Time Loop one being a longer-framed drawn-out one that's more to explain future events later

Arnon somehow gets a ticket to a longer life. Good for him. Always a shame that it's just an extension.

How in the heck do you keep writing this level of fire. Anon here is an ass but he's a well meaning and well written ass. Overall I can't wait to see what other updates you come up with for both this and the derpy story.

She has a lover that it would allow her to spend more time with. Retirement makes more sense, not less. :trollestia:

She only retired because of stress with him there she would have ruled for eternity

I sincerely hope you don't burn yourself out because I love reading what you put out.

This is adorable beyond the ability of the English language to adequately express.

Absolutely wonderful and fluffy and fun. Your "Arnon" is a fun character who keeps some of the better parts of the fanon "Anon" while being more of a real character with real insight about the issues with Equestria.

That wasn't what I was expecting from the cover art but damn it is almost better.

I am loving the politicking. Eagerly awaiting more.

One of the Guards, that had been directing the crowd approaches, probably with a name that related to yelling, cleared his throat before shouting -- it carries through the hall, silencing most of the whispered conversations. "SILENCE! DAY COURT IS NOW IN SESSION! Presiding, Diarch Princess Celestia! First presenting, Golden Showers, for the case of his Defaced Painting!"

'Golden showers' 😭😭😭

Bro hit the update button and now Anon got the Jotaro Kujo fit.


oh my fucking god i can't unsee it now how dare you LMAO :rainbowlaugh:

Ok so for some reason fim fiction sends me to the chapter with Luna? But good chapter can't wait for more. And I love the new image cover.

Good chapter, like to see Twi handling her feelings!

About the image cover.

Sooo.... which one of the Princesses is "Arnon's" stand?

Or it is one of those where it's both of them and it's called something like "Double Trouble"... with a second stage where Twilight joins and they form a "Triple Threat".


that's because the chapters look like they're being posted out of order

I oopsed and published the wrong chapter, but yeah its segmented sub stories

Hehe nice, every pony shall be pet.

fimfiction doesn't let you upload memes in the comments, but I would post an american dad suspicion meter meme or whatever, if I could

Idk how I'd get the appropriate version from google

Damn, I’m outta chapters to read☹️

Scrungusbungus claimed the entire also liked section, really says something.

She just won best pony to pet award. I wonder how Celestia will take to hearing luna has softer fur.

Everypomy glares at him, and Vivid smacks his leg.



my little pomy : friemd ship is magic

I wonder how Twilight's and Moondancer's reunion will go now that they're both students to alicorns? Maybe it'll happen sooner now since they're both more likely to run into each other now.

isn't this after bookhorse got winged?

Roughly staging it around S3, so pre-moondancer makeup but Twilight is still a recent alicorn

I freaking love the potential of this serie.
Keep going, you doing great work !

"Humans pet cute things, because it makes feel-good juices in our brain."


Also Luna...

We expect more, at a later date.

Was not expecting to read this story and run across the words "fur-tits". But I'd take a broken arm to get a face of Celestia chest floof so I can't say anything.

That arm snapping foreshadowing!

Nice chapter. I like to see them getting closer. And the witty banter.

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