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why finish a story when i could start three more

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well, this sure is... something - compared to your other stuff - to say the least

This is great omg I'm bookmarking this!

I can't entirely tell where your going to take this, but I can tell its going to be hilariously awesome. A classic anon comedy story, but there are enough hints of something serious that reminds me of some of my favorite Anon stories. Looking forward to the next chapter!

I didn't know I needed this but here we are. This has me perking a smile. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

I'm going to favorite this this is hilarious

Barfy is delightful and I want one

oh this is amazing. Anon and barfy share one braincell together. I can't wait to see more of this!!!

The tiny jpegs are a vital part of the experience.

Barf stop thinking, let the bipedal thinking..

I don't know what to make of this fic. It's dancing somewhere between comedy and shitpost, and I'm here for it.

This is the best thing Ive read this year. Bravo Sir, cant wait read more.

I wonder if Anon's dick will grow from getting a sloppy toppy with golden goo 🤔

Def needs a scene where the bug hacks up a huge lugey and uses it to snipe a fly outta the air before pulling it back in and eating it even through she doesn't need to. It'd be a real frog moment and I'd appreciate it.

Delightful, disturbing, fluffy anon-grade comedy here! :rainbowlaugh:

This is insane and ridiculous. And I'm totally here for it.

ThePhoton, frog Enthusiast and the ultimate authority of all things about and related to frogs and their behaviour.

Omg. That had me laughing the whole way through.

This is awesome so far! Thanks for taking the time to write this

I love this and I need more. I've just met Barfy, but it anything happened to her I'd kill everyone involved and then myself. Barfy best girl.


we NEED to see how barfy and gummy interacts with each other

You better not take Anon's Barfy, Chrysalis. Or else there will be a reckoning never before seen. Anon will Anon at you and there will be no one to help you survive.


edit: My favourite part is when Anon said "It's Anoning Time." Then anon'd all over them.

"I don't understand it! He keeps escaping his pod, but rather than leave, he just finds ME and starts rambling inane things like "Rei is best girl" and "fucking knife-ears" and "we call this a difficulty tweak." WHAT THE BUCK IS A EUROBEAT?!"

A staring contest! barfy would win no cap on god

It's about time my expertise is recognized. Thank you.

If you are seeing this Author, do not give up on this story for the love of everything. This story has such gold comedy. Keep it up, I have faith in ya!

Ok, I admit I was skeptical about the story but I fully admit to giggling halfway through the first chapter

He's going to "evolve" her, isn't he?

When the top fic in the feature box can't even tell when to use capital letters, which words have "a" or "an" in front of them and uses ampersands in normal sentences, I finally realized this site is dead.

i think its on purpos. i mean the author has a few diffrent storys all capitalised and stuff so yea

yeah, this is my shitpost outlet story for when I can't focus while writing my other stuff

seems like it. its good either way thx for the cool story

Thanks. This might have restored the 1% of faith in humanity I needed before going over the edge.

youve got me, man. I have no fucking clue how this turns into a romance, but i am intrigued to find out.

Is this how he's going to rehabilitate all of the changelings? Just radiating love towards the silliest of them?

Absolutely incredible. It's like I'm reading a 2nd season tgweaver story, complete with master class art panels.

So thanks for that.

Dear lord. This fic is spectacularly... something.

I can't wait for more.

Okay I love how Barfy and anon legitimately love each other. It's nice seeing chaotic dumbest anon being a force for good. Surprised discord hasn't come out early due to his chaos.

Probably not, but if Anon's circumsized then he might get a shiny new foreskin.

Come to find out the Nurse Drone thinks Anon is incapable of taking care of himself, and decides to be his personal nurse. Thus we get a situation Anon thinks he's taking care of a pet, but in reality the Nurse believes Anon is underdeveloped and goes along with it. XD

I find this a very compelling read. Nice piece of work. How it gets more erotic is going to be interesting. Oh I do love that you have Barfys perspective on her new life. Emitting some honey onto Anons face and rubbing it in was a laugh. Reminds me of the little Japanese girl giving her father a drink of water then going to get more, after 3 times finding shes been getting it from the toilet. LOL. Its helping but not in a way expected. :rainbowlaugh:

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