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seems fun. have a track

Liking this story, I wanna see what you got in store for the next chapter.

An interesting start. Watched!.

Alrighty then! You have my full attention! Onwards!

Dung beetle bois eating pooperoni with cheeseholes :raritydespair:

Interesting. I'm not sure if there is going to be actual sex or not, but I like the 'seductress and sex-joker' Chrysalis. It's entertaining! I'll be tracking this.

I Like this story alot actually, I love seeing an anon story where the anon just doesn't give a fuck and will say almost anything. Usually really funny, like this one.

"No, I've seen babies before. Babies are cute. I've even seen fillies before you guys ninjaed me out of Canterlot, and those little bastards were fucking adorable. But these? These are... Christ, this looks like Satan had a drunken threeway with an angry cat and oversized maggot, then had the baby aborted, only to find to his deepest shame it didn't die!" you exclaimed. Part of you was proud of that disgusted tirade, one for the record books. Apocrita on the other hand shot you a hard look.

Fucking glorious.

I can already see where this is going.

Very good start. Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

By the middle of the story hes gonna give her the d im betting on it

:heart: I love a great story, very funny and with great potential I expect great things :pinkiehappy:

I really like the way that shows that the Changelings are not total monsters and that maybe they are only misunderstood :derpyderp2:
(Well, if they are totally monsters and I do not think there is room for a misinterpretation of their actions, but at least they are monsters of the monstering class)

"I bet." you muttered. "Thirsty bitch."

you've already won my admiration for this story

There will be some sex scenes, but the focus of the story is more on the plot and humor than anything else. I'll probably end up indicating when those scenes are coming up, just in case people want to skip those.

lol, this is an amusing start, nicely done so far! Looking forward to the second chap.

Another amusing chapter well done, well done :rainbowlaugh: Hahaha, man I hope to see more of this, it's great :D

I’m adding this to my favorite and keeping an eye on this one

You think me to NOT be a degenerate who reads horse-porn? HOW DARE YOU, SIR OR MADAAM! I thoroughly enjoy reading the art of equine sexual relations, of the Little Pony sorts. It brings me to guffaw with hilarity and joy at how disgustingly descriptive and depraved it can be.

Also because sometimes it's just fun to read porn like the degenerate I am.

Alas, I do not doubt you to be a degenerate who does not read horse porn, but question if you are enough of a degenerate to read horse-bug porn! However, if you are up to the challenge, then you have been warned and shall be most disgustingly surprised.



Good to see Anon caring for changelings. And boy, does he miss out not giving up to Chryssy demands. Her tongues is indeed silver.

I shall expect bug-horse-shapeshifter porn to be creative, disgusting and pleasant at the same time.

I’m gonna slap him. No, I’m gonna pimp slap him. No, you know what, I’m gonna pull the famous Archie Slap on him....Hopefully someone gets that reference.

"I picked it cause she's got the moon, and if I had to choose a pony to stuff full of my marshmallow filling, it'd be her."

Literally cracked up laughing like a twelve year old. Not even ashamed.

as a changeling if hes afraid of fangs she could change them to herbivore like teeth instead

My ego is huge right now.

Whoa, TMI dude, TMI :pinkiesick:

Absolutely loving this. Can't wait for more. Keep up the good work!

Wooooooooow. What a dumbass. And it is very petty to go after someone's entire home when you have beef with just her. While this chapter and story overall is good, good enough I'm now tracking it, I can't help but be angry that Anon will do that. Can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm liking this. Gotta love the random and off the wall stuff. Looking forward to more.

Midway through the the chapter I got the song "Hungry Eyes" stuck in my head. Been forever since I heard that one.

"Queen Chrysalis, winner of the Humanitarian of the Year award." you joked while watching the guard pull his companion out of the room. Then you questioned if 'humanitarian' was even a word here. Would it be Ponytarian? Or Equestritarian? And then would it be different for Chrysalis? Changelingtarian? Dammit, these were the hard hitting questions you had to know the answers to.

And then you got sidetracked thinking about your HR comment. She probably didn't know what Human Resources was, because, ya know, "Human". Was it Pony Resources? Or was it Changeling Resources? Dammit, those hard hitting questions were always in your face. That and your Attention Deficit Disorder. You really should have gotten diagnosed and got some meds to go with that, but they'd probably be gone after being sucked into magic pony land.

I am entertained.

Continue. :trixieshiftright:

"And here I thought we Changelings were ferocious." she spat coldly, kicking all her legs one at a time to get rid of the little passenger critters. "I'm not saying we're cute, but even we have standards on insulting an infant." she added, trotting back over to the door, refusing to look at you. "It's for the best you keep denying our majesty what she wants. She'd end up dying of starvation trying to get anything from you." she threw in.

Oh. Oh damn.

Anyway yeah, good stuff. Looking forward to Pharynx invariably kicking Anon's ass. Should be fun.

Come on, Anon. You are being offered sex by a married who can literally be ANYONE you want! You want to plow Luna? Bam! But if Chyssi has a clawtoris... You'd be damn lucky to stick it in! Let's not forget she could demand a sample of female human if you are really squicked... But why would you be? Tap that sexy bug!

wo boy he did not think this through at all

If it were me, I would've done Chrysalis much sooner than this.

Anon needs to show the queen why humans you are much so better by breaking her bed post


Anon is a petulant asshole.

I love it. Fuck the ponies, we have weird rapebug holeyhorses and weird not water, water cushions, what more could a man desire?

"What? No, fuck that. I think you're all equally shitty."

Okay, that made me laugh.

"Well, yeah, I have to keep joking. Otherwise the terrorists win." you said, a half-smile gracing your face. "You're the terrorists by the way. You hide in your victim's nation, commit terrible acts, kidnap innocent people, and live in a shit hole with the express intent that it's a huge pain for people to come after you... I'm going going to start calling your leader Queen Chyrsal-ISIS."

How very outgoing of you.


Oof... this won't end well, or maybe it will, we'll see :yay:

Awesome job dude, keep it up!

I love how much of an asshole Anon is in this. Great work!

Booze. Other than that, not much.

I'm loving this. Anon's character is the perfect blend of strengths and weaknesses so far. I almost hope Chrysalis gets what she wants, then Anon turns around and decides to go back on his own free will. Biggest of the middle fingers.

Giving an annoyed huff, Chrysalis pulled away, choosing to sit on her flank now. "I'm a Queen, the sound of my voice is a blessing to my people. You should honestly feel honored that I choose to gift it to you as often as I do."

"Can I return it? Maybe get an exchange? I could really use some better sheets, maybe an actual mattress." you quickly counter, tossing aside the poorly weaved sheet made of leaves. Fucking. Leaves.

God damn. Throwing shade in what I have no doubt is a dimly lit room.

Chrysalis merely chuckled and followed after you, her wings flicking out a few times as she did so. "I'll crack you eventually, Anon, and when I do, it's just going to taste all the sweeter, like a fine wine."

"I bet." you muttered. "Thirsty bitch."

I can see why this is trending so fucking well. XD

Correction: Common Sense trumps all, but the LACK of Common Sense makes it all more entertaining! :pinkiecrazy:

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