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obsessive yandere wizard twi has me in a deathgrip

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Scrungusbungus my guy, my dude, i don't know how your pumping out stories like this but I'm all for it. Have a good one man.

Scrungus pls stahp

I need to sleep.

why are you pumping out so much stories???

I can't appreciate them all if I'm tired as shit :fluttercry:

i have work in 2 hours and i was supposed to be asleep like 6 hours ago but here i am


everyone below me has already said what i was going to say - god damn, scrungus!

Goddamn man, another one? You've got so many brands in the fire you're liable to burn the kitchen down at this rate. I might be mixing metaphors. (Wait, this one's been going on since February? The fuck? I've surely been Following you since then, can't believe I didn't get notifications for ANY of these chapters.)

(Rarity's still waiting.)

Y’know, I saw this and your cadence/gleaming shield story, and decided to put that one off to save it as the “best for last” with how much I love that concept.

Now I know I’m going to be absolutely distraught when this journey comes to an end. Goddamn you Scrung.

Good lord almighty, scrungusbungus you are a machine!
Serving up banger after banger of awesome stories.
Both this one and the Cady/Gleaming fic have me fukken hyped for more.

"Oh, I didn't know if that whole 'secret' thing meant we had to be quiet or something." Barnon shrugs.

What secret?

"Nevermind. My fault for leading with the Holopad. Knock yourself out, just pass it back when you're done."

You mean when its battery runs out?
What is that you say? It has a micro-nuclear battery that will last 100 years?
That doesn't actually change the answer...

These Pony things were kinda cute. Like, in an adorable way. But they had that hint of normalcy; the eye bags, the slipped speech... like a human in pony form, almost. And they spoke the same language, without needing his translator? And could read, judging by how she was glued to the Holopad.

My fanon is that since they had no Tower of Babel in their history, they can understand and speak any language that wasn't created to be secretive from others. (Yes, I am a Christian... My user name translates "Dragon of God"... fitting for a redeemed fallen man.)

No guns, but cannons?

Fun fact IIRC that was.the order of development IRL. Not that he seems the sort to study ancient history.

I am okay with the ending on the assumption that her interest really was entirely non-sexual.

Also, Twilight has an irrational fear of quesadillas based on their " cheesiness"? Apparently it doesn't extend to cheese burritos.

Yep, artillery pieces came well before handguns unless you want to count the original Chinese firelances as guns. The metallurgy to make a thin alloy fit for taking multiple explosions was hard, so thick cannons you had to wheel around were invented long before anyone know how to make a small one that wouldn't blow your own head off.


Barnon still felt bad. He could tell their talk helped, but... Twilight had told him this was a pretty big fuck up for her, and in the midst of what was basically a panic attack, he'd doubled down on her, leaving her to stew on that for two days. She appreciated him knocking though. She asked if they could talk again soon, but asked him not to knock again until she gave the go-ahead; keeping this whole thing as their secret.

This secret.

> Also, Twilight has an irrational fear of quesadillas based on their " cheesiness"? Apparently it doesn't extend to cheese burritos.
imma keep it a buck fifty with you, i haven't watched the show

Two days have passed since Barnon slammed the door on the purple pony. He hadn't touched his Macrowave since, and had been cooking things in the oven. Wasn't as fast or convenient, but he would survive this trial.

So Barnon didn't think to buy an air fryer?

I swear scrungus is so hooked on horse romance that if someone ran a drug test it would show up on there.

That's a surprisingly high quality illustration in the author notes. Even if it is AI art.

If the spaceship suddenly depressurized, what would happen to the macrowave? Would the Equis gravity keep all the air in?

Spicy Twilight pic.

Maybe he should by Twi something. She'd get a kick out of that.


Brother, I wish I had HALF the drive you did when it came to producing stories like this. Maybe I'd get around to actually doing something with the fics I've written... But that's besides the point! I'm a huge fan of your work so far, and I genuinely cannot wait to read more of it.

Mans joined the site on january and has since been dominating the featured box. What a chad

Mr. Bungus this is incredible, you need to keep on this story.

“Unlimited Books but no book” huh? Sounds like a steal, now if only it were games

Fun fact: you wouldn't freeze in the vacuum of space, at least not in any notable timeframe. There's not enough particles to lose any heat to. Otherwise you'd need to have a heating element even when wearing a spacesuit.

Instead, you'd boil. Human temperature + zero pressure = fatal evaporation.

There are dozens of us!

Also, grats on having three fics featured simultaneously!

Air fryers are the shiz ... Bitch. I've automatically added one to your Spamazon cart.

That's a good science question!

My hypothesis is that Equis' air would rush through Twilight's microwave and it would keep rushing through. If Equis has atmospheric pressure like Earth, that pressure would constantly push it's air through the microwave/macrowave until something stops it (like closing the door).

Need to know what's on pages two through six.

Not what I was expecting, vibe-wise, but this is probably better.

This probably one of the most inovative, interesting, slice of life stories i have read in a long time.
Everything about is interesting, binged on the whole thing during work and still wanted more.

Well done. Definetly read this story folks. Its a gem

That last paragraph was a great ending to the chapter.
(Chapter 10)

Individuals seem to have remarkable freedom in this corporate-ruled future, for all the computer-suggested solutions to remain suggestions rather than automated reports to authorities or something.

They must still prefer customers to constituents.


Any awaiting Contacts to the previously listed Individuals, Companies, Organizations or Businesses will be put on hold, thanks to your 'I Value My Privacy' package.

Ah, there it is.
Freedom has an actual price.

Smart purchase there, Barnon.


Also, that art has suspiciously horny eyes.

At least from his perspective, this seems a pretty decent future. Neat stuff.

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