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Just some Danish dude.

The Game

Version 1.1 - 26/08/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy)

0: Action (0 - 4) None (All story) / Little / Some / A lot / All action!!
1: Realism (0 - 3) Totally / Mostly / Some / Do as you like
2: Present time + (0 - 99) (Years - 50) / 10
3: Time factor (0 - 99) Multiply with above and choose an age
4: Adultness (0 - 3) None / Some / A lot / Pure porn
5: Character type (0 - 5) Humans / Anthros / Robots / Aliens / Mythical beings / [Friend's choice]
6: Tone (0 - 6) Gruesome / Dark / Moody / Normal / Light / Happy / Silly
7: Main char alignment 1 (0 - 2) (Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic)
8: Main char alignment 2 (0 - 2) (Good /Neutral / Evil)
9: Fanfic of [friend's choice] (0 - 1) No / Yes (Yes may invalidate options 2, 3, 5 if appropriate)

Usage guidelines:
Keep in mind that all counting starts from 0 rather than 1. For example, if you have 4 choices the set of choices would be {0, 1, 2, 3} rather than {1, 2, 3, 4} as many are more used to.

How to:
Choose a friend and ask her/him/it to provide you with a set of random integers in the specified intervals above and match the numbers with the options. Your friend has the final and ultimate saying in any unclear matters that might arise from the set of options. Your friend also makes any/all of the choices of "friends choice"-options.

Realism is supposed to be relative to the universe that the fiction if written in. That means if option 9 results in 0, realism should be relative to our own universe, but if that result is 1 and you are writing a fan fiction, the level of realism should be relative to what the chosen universe already offers. If you are writing and original story, (Not fan fiction) remember to take time into consideration and just try to base realism on what you this is realistic at that time.

If this confuses you, try thinking about it in the following way: option 2 is 'x' and option 3 is 'y'. Let's say that the final result is 't'. Then you could easily calculate t with this equation: t=(x-50)/10*y. Simply, you could just replace x and y with the appropriate numbers and copy/paste (x-50)/10*y into Google or another calculator and the final result should display just fine.
Remember that t the number of years that you add to present time and keep in mind that t may be negative, hence the result would be in the past. Also if you are writing fan fiction, t should be added to the most recent point in the main canon time line.

Option 4 may be disregarded by friend's choice

Character type:
This one is straight forward, but to remove any possible doubt, the "Friend's choice" option is not limited to any of the other. Your friend can choose whatever it likes.

Fan fiction:
This one has two possible options: 0 and 1. Think of it as a computer would do: 0=false and 1=true. Simple. If it is fan fiction, one should try to pick a universe that would comply with option 5 and if easily possible, would allow as many as the other options as possible to be appropriate, but that is secondary. Of course if this system is used already with fan fiction in mind, option 9 should be disregarded and options 2, 3, and 5 are still easily overridden if they should present inappropriate tasks.

Change log:

1.0 - 26/08/2012:
+Added [Your choice] to option 5
+Added Usage guidelines
+Added change log

1.1 - 26/08/2012:
+Added explanation of realism
+Added explanation of Character type
+Added future plans (Man, this little game wasn't supposed to get this serious... O_O)
*Extended explanations of time and realism to clarify realism and time periods
*Changed a few words and phrases

*Change all options intervals to [0;99] and make a way to randomize the order of options so they can be obscured from friends who already know about the system in order to make them unable to manually control your story. (Optional)

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Thank you for creating this silly vampire story.
I greatly enjoy it.

You've earned yourself a

Thanks for favoriting my silly vampire story

Nice :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks, my dude!

Hope my more original works grab your interest. Shared short stories for a fantasy novel series I'm working on through my blogs.

Thank you for a most entertaining read.
You've earned yourself one of these.


  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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