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lookin for another story · 8:27pm Sep 3rd, 2018

the details im gonna describe are pretty broad, but its the most i remember

human comes to equestia

can somehow regenerate himself even from things that should be fatal

he goes blind, but somehow rainbowdash helps him see again

This is the biggest points i remember, the story might have gotten deleted.

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I thought your name seemed familiar, happy to have you :twilightsmile:

been following stories for a long time, just went to your page and saw i wasnt following u for some reason

Thanks for the watch, hope you enjoy my weird crackshippy content :twilightsmile:

I thought I’d let you know that The Little Things was edited by me a while back, in case you’re interested.

Heh, never owned cats before?

  • Viewing 296 - 300 of 300
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