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I don't want to give out information here... Because obviously you're all going to use it against me. It's alright, I live in a cardboard box and I move it around a lot, so you'll never be able to.

Art that people made for me, along with other stuff.

-From Novaling

-courtesy of Shadow Bolt

-Same guy

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Any updates planned for wings of change

I'm okay. Busy as usual, which is basically a copy and paste from most correspondence I have with you all so I guess you're not alone. I'm glad I'm still getting some stuff out there though. I'll finish eventually.

How've you been, haven't heard much from you in a while, besides today of course, now I get to re-read it all again! So yeah, how have you been my good sir?

Man, most of this was just a copy paste from last time.

Nah. I've just not had a lot of time is all.

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