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I don't want to give out information here... Because obviously you're all going to use it against me. It's alright, I live in a cardboard box and I move it around a lot, so you'll never be able to.


Well, things have leveled out. But it isn't like the enemies of Equestria to go too long unnoticed (because let's be realistic, they probably have some ego issues). And in context, the stuff that the Elements went up against before, hell, even the war didn't ever really prepare Rainbow Dash and Jason, or Equestria itself, for the maelstrom of chaos that's going to be released. And Discord is still a rock, so that's quite the accomplishment.

The third and final story in The Winds of Change story arc (first one located HERE, second HERE). Also the one where all of the clichés of writing in the first one are explained. Because somehow thinking about how to fix a situation for long enough actually gives you ideas on how to fix it. Or maybe I should just give writing a rest.

Excellent art by Shadow Bolt

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When the rebellion overthrew the king of the Griffin Empire, everyone thought that things would be better, that there would be more food to go around, that the people themselves would have a say in politics. But that never happened. The new 'democratic' government started passing laws, small things first. No concealed weapons, no staying out on the street after one without good reason. The citizens never got their half of the bargain; they were forced to watch as the government transformed into an ironic sham of its hopes. And yet, never once did any of the council members miss a chance to say that they were only acting in the interest of the people. But for two griffins, actually trying to escape won't be the smartest, let alone the easiest option. In fact, it'll probably be one of the hardest ones out there.

So this got featured. I'm amazed, especially since it was the last story I expected to get featured.

Many thanks to the amazing thewookie1 for being around to make this story good.

Here goes for a story mostly devoid of canon characters and the entire canon environment in the beginning. Let's see how well this ends up faring out there. Mane six included because they come up later. This isn't like a chapter one bad place chapter two Ponyville story, for whatever that means to any of you. I've seen the whole, immediate magnet effect to Ponyville as a little clichéd.

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With Twilight Sparkle's coronation, Equestria almost seems to entering a new age of peace and prosperity, hopefully free of the enemies that plagued the nation. Enter Caramel, a normal earth pony, mostly content with the way things have gone over the last few years as his career progressed. And yet, the big day's gotten steadily worse ever since he started feeling weird the night before. His head hurts, his back doesn't seen to move right... But the pain's only going to grow, and he knows that things aren't going to end up ever being as simple. If only an exciting life was something he'd wanted in the first place.

Evidently I'm looking for cover art. If someone would like to sign up, I'd be really happy.

Yeah, there's a dark tag on here. Go figure. This isn't going to be your old run of the mill, romantic view of Equestria, because that would be trite, and I think I would die of boredom, or from lack of conflict. So here's a more realistic take on a pony filled society, with "healthy" doses of crime and corruption. Don't worry, I didn't go insane.

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*This is a side story to The Winds of Change, and starts after the first chapter of the sequel.*
With the sudden re-drafting of Jason and Dash into the military, Scootaloo is left feeling more alone than she can remember. Sure, she still has her friends, but friends can't just replace parents. And now with knowledge of her parent's leave all over the town, Diamond Tiara's bound to pick up on her weakness. But she's not the same scared, defenseless pony she was a month ago, is she?

Honestly, this works without knowledge of the prior story, besides the fact that Jason and Dash are her parents, and that they both have a heavy military background. Other than that, it's just another story.

Tags were hard with this, I have to say. There's only light romance, so don't worry about implied foalcon. There's no human tag, because Jason's only mentioned, and is barely involved if at all.

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*This is a sequel to my earlier story, The Winds of Change. The prequel's not as well written in the beginning, but at least give it a chance. Look at the rating if you're unsure.*
As the griffin war continues, Dash and Jason are thrust back into a conflict they aren't too keen on continuing. But with the griffin threats and the re-emergence of coveted soul magic looming on the horizon, will they be able to revitalize the war effort and win the war with the same efficiency and skill as in the liberation of Canterlot? With Team Green Bean together again and the aid of new allies, this almost seems like a task they can pull off. That is, if things go to plan.

The more I write this, the more I think that I went a little too far. Coming up with more ideas is going to be tough.

If you didn't like the prequel, this is waaaaay better. Just look at the rating. You should probably still read the prequel however, because this story makes absolutely no sense without it. This one's well written from the beginning though, so people should have much less of a beef with it. The prequel only got good about a quarter of the way through, before I improved at writing.

Characters involved are pretty subjective to change.

Side story concerning Scoots in Ponyville to be found here.

Art (more than just the cover) by Shadow Bolt

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Based on a true story. Kinda. Not really.
A man named Jason previously led a rather melancholy life before he died violently. No surprise there. But as he wakes up in Equestria and is thrown into a foreign body, he is forced to survive with the guise of a changeling. Taking place shortly after the failed changeling invasion of Canterlot, how can he keep from being revealed by new security measures, and blend into this new world, while making use of the most unlikely of allies? But of course, avoiding ponies only turns out to be the easy part when trouble has a habit of reading its ugly head. Really though, what could go wrong?

Props to the ever epic Zubafa for his cover art.

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