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*This is a sequel to my earlier story, The Winds of Change. The prequel's not as well written in the beginning, but at least give it a chance. Look at the rating if you're unsure.*
As the griffin war continues, Dash and Jason are thrust back into a conflict they aren't too keen on continuing. But with the griffin threats and the re-emergence of coveted soul magic looming on the horizon, will they be able to revitalize the war effort and win the war with the same efficiency and skill as in the liberation of Canterlot? With Team Green Bean together again and the aid of new allies, this almost seems like a task they can pull off. That is, if things go to plan.

The more I write this, the more I think that I went a little too far. Coming up with more ideas is going to be tough.

If you didn't like the prequel, this is waaaaay better. Just look at the rating. You should probably still read the prequel however, because this story makes absolutely no sense without it. This one's well written from the beginning though, so people should have much less of a beef with it. The prequel only got good about a quarter of the way through, before I improved at writing.

Characters involved are pretty subjective to change.

Side story concerning Scoots in Ponyville to be found here.

Art (more than just the cover) by Shadow Bolt

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Great job on the sequel!
Have a mustache:moustache:

Sequel? Sequel?! Sequel!:rainbowwild: But seriously my mind went into overdrive when it saw sequel on the previous story!

"Oh, that's easy! I thought you weren't going to want me to not put beef fat in the cakes."

want me to not put beef fat in the cake

not put beef fat in the cake

beef fat in the cake


1984 uhh damn that harsh lecture.

Huzzah the sequel is here.:pinkiehappy:


Brillient work, I enjoy how your doing this and wish you luck with the story. :twilightsmile:

I missed Winds of Change. Now the sequels out, and I shall attack the comments with my MORE troopers.
This chapter, I like it. Another!

Hey, you got anything more lighthearted on that comp?


Never forgotten, always remembered.

I have created a picture, and I will send it to you once it's on the Internet.

2 chapters in and it's already on the front page.

Sorry, my good sir, you've got the wrong story. The Winds of Change. They're named the same thing, unfortunately.


This is the sequel bro. :twilightsmile:


The background made that perfect

I have to say that this was an insta fave and thumbs up from me. I like your style of writing and I love the plot (teehee) intertwined in this story. :derpytongue2:

go on, this story is perfect.
i hope we hear a lot more of the mysterious soul fiend, just be careful when you come to the point in were you states his objectives, most people fuck up that.

My god, featured already.

2148508 sure he does when ever he is on leave with his wife

The only important canon character.

They're leaving at 0900 (9:00 am)? That is WAY into the day!

Sorry about that, I meant nine at night and screwed up.

I just meant that he doesn't play a major part in the story, no need to get worked up...

Wahoo! More WoC! That reminds me, gotta finish the prologue to Shroud's story.
Oh well, for the next chaper,
(HA! Didn't use Allons-y that time!)

I was wondering when the gryphon (that is my preferred spelling, if you don't like it, sucks to be you then) would be involved again. I can already say, he's on his way to becoming my favorite character. Man, gryphons are the shit, coolest things ever. :rainbowkiss:

I'm sorry! *Sobbing in corner*

Well this will be a very intertaining battle/operation! :twilightsmile:

Love it! If only you could hear the tone of voice I use when I say that. :rainbowlaugh: I really do enjoy this story though, it's badass. :pinkiehappy: I eagerly await more!

"I haven't slept for three days, and I'm kinda starting to feel it"
believe me, I can relate :applejackconfused:

Eravel's codename should be marksman or bullseye(if he's that good)


Two things.
I hope you do an arc about the changelings.
And here's a bit for ya:
"whenever there is a archer, there is a kestrel nearby"

somehow I knew that blueblood would be on the team I think he gets some points for actually enlisting and not going trying to go straight to officer status because of his nobility

hu Jason mgith be gettign closer to the Hive if its tryign to link with him, maybe not sure eh. :twilightoops: Good work btw

I wonder how it would go if there was a human among the hostages.


"Yeah, I can't believe I forgot that. Now stealth. You saw what she did. Remember, be resourceful, be smart, be silent. And use your resources to their fullest."

These are the exact points you have to use when you're lone wolfing in the outback.
I think soldier called dibs on that title mate. Also shibby, you can't forget the shibs.

2159076 really? i thought demoman took that name


Who's the bloke that shoots 'ROCKETS' mate? Certainly not spy.

I liked how you revisited Potato, and keep him fresh in the story, making a charter what was around for such a relatively short amount of time make such a real and filling change to the story is refreshing to say the least.

Spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes everywhere :pinkiesick:
Aside from that, can't wait for next chapter, oh the suspense! :pinkiehappy:

MOARHUMAN WEAPONS FOR TEAM GREEN BEAN:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

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