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I enjoy world building, and for some ungodly reason, here I am!

FTCtH Update Progress?

Alright, I'm putting my rewrite progress here, as a small update. Currently I'm rewriting the entire first arc in Canterlot (with new chapter names!) and planning edits for the next couple arcs before I FINALLY continue the story.

Arc 1

<001 On the Path She Met a Wolf>
4.3k words / 100%

<002 To Grandmother's House We Go>
4.7 k words / 100%

<003 What Big Ears You Have>
3.6 k words / 100%

<004 And What Big Eyes You Have>
1.8 k words / 40%

<005 All the Better to Hear You With>
3.6 k words / 99%

<006 Memories of a Girl We Haven't Met Yet>
1.6 k words / 99%

<007 All the Better to See you With>
1.9 k words / 80%

<008 And What Big Teeth You Have>
100 words / 5%

<009 All the Better to Eat You With>
2.1 k words / 50%

<010 The Jack's Cold Axe>
4 words / 1%


Sneaking back into writing · 3:36am Apr 16th, 2017

*peaks at first few chapters* What the fuck was I writing here?

Anyway, I'm kinda back ... at least in spirit. I've been working over Fire that Chills in my head. Unfortunately, as I've figured out how I want the world to work now, I have to go back in time like 3 years and fill in all my shitty, unplanned plot holes.

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Things I Shook Out of My Keyboard

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Hope everything is going well for you!

Truthfully I've had it downloaded on my laptop and I just go on it last night and finished it today and well it was a very awesome book if I do say my self but I'm wanting to continue it with chapter 30 but all up to you man

Thank you so much for the favorite on "Lingering Shadows!" :twilightsmile: I'm happy to see that you liked it enough to add it to your favorites!

Thanks for the Fave on Rise of the Furball!:pinkiehappy:

Dat avatar
I chuckled

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