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Dr Bomb Doge

Three of the biggest things about me: High anxiety, too much free time, too many interests. - Dr Cat Fiesh is my other alias.


Hey you! If you are reading this, then you have decided to check out my page, and I thank you for that. Whether it was to thank me for following you or comment about something, I thank you for just taking the time out of your life to check me out. See ya around mate.

Best pony - It used to be Rainbow Dash, but now I'm not sure. I feel like they're all my favorites without any single one feeling like they are less enjoyable, or aren't loved as much.
Things I like or like to do - Playing games, hanging out with friends, reading, watching youtube, watching anime or reading manga, occasionally writing, listening to music, very occasionally making videos, designing things, space, and quite a few other things

Top 3 anime that had the highest impact - Angel Beats, Another, Steins;Gate
Top 3 Manga/Manhwa - DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything, Assassination Classroom, Solo Leveling

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Thank you for adding How I Ended Up Living With Six Pony Girls? to your favorite! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

I was looking for a story that was new and being updated somewhat frequently, and I found it. I have loved the sapient sword/weapon idea for a long time as well.
I'm bad at this kind of stuff, lmao.

Thanks for the fav on The Warrior in a Mare's World! What did you like about it?

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