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Sage the Ero Harem Kami

"It is my sworn duty to protect the harmony of the Haremverse but if ones so salty try to disrupt this harmony in any way, THO SHALL GET RIGIDITY WREAKED BITCH BOI!"

Creating your own Character Sheet!!







Cup (If Female):

Milk Flavor (If Female):

Cock Legnth (If Male or Futa):

Cock Width (If Male or Futa):

Balls Size (If Male or Futa):

Eye Color:




Top Wear:

Bottom Wear:

Head Wear:



Powers/ Skills/ Abilities:

New user Avatar pic

This picture was drawn by the lovely Little Tigress so you all can thank her for drawing my OC Daydreamer!!

New cover for Z.B.S.L.

My Bio

Name: Sage


Sex: Male

Species: Human

Nationality: African American/Black

Likes: MLP, anime, Pokemon, video games, burgers, family, friends, reading, pizza, comics, fanfiction, drawing, ponies, ferrets, phoenixs, dolphins, cats, dogs, Wolves, anime, cartoons, drawing, making stories burgers, french fries, pizza, root beer, girls, fun stories, ninjas, samurais, robots, cute animals, sci-fi, anthros, alternate realities, aliens, amozon women, BBW, MILF's, the supernatural, pirates

Dislikes: jerks, bullies, spicy foods, cheaters, idiots, racist, hypocrites, sexists

Favorite stories to write: MLP, RWBY, Pokémon, Naruto, My Hero Acadamiea, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Kamen Rider, One Piece, FNAF.

Now with a Fanfiction page my dudes!!

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Sweet and if you wanna see my fat story check out my story Making Piggy Pie a Mommy . I think you'll like it.

A man of dignified taste.
It's a little light on the fat fetish honestly, bit of an experiment but I had a boatload of fun writing it.

Hey, I see big boobs plus a fat fetish, I click real fast my friend.

That was the quickest read-it-later I've ever seen :p.
I happened to be online so just wanted to note that, dang son.

  • Viewing 669 - 673 of 673
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New story on Fanfiction!! · 4:57am Yesterday

Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that I posted a new story on my fanfiction account. If you love Power Rangers and RWBY then you're gonna love Power Rangers Grimm Unchained! Go give it a look see and leave a review on your thoughts about it because I'd really appreciate it.

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