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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.

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Seelie Saga: Legends of Agartha book series coming soon! · 5:18pm April 17th

I’ve chosen to delete my outdated Seelie Saga/MystiKnights blogs because, well, they were outdated and I doubted anyone was really all that interested. I was still getting my footing on the story and what I wanted it to be. As of now, I am currently in the process of writing chapter 15 and have been working almost around the clock writing down notes, sketching and making original art pieces for the series.

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What would your OC that would represent you would be?

Hey Sis, can I ask a favor of you?

It's okies, Maggie. :heart:

You're still an awesome hooman ;3

Ouch. Sorry, I was hoping it would help

I did. Still waiting for responses and such.

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