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This Group is dedicated to the Legend. The Legend of a Fanfic author named MaggieHeartsLove who one day decided, "Hey! How about I write a fanfiction combining Friendship is Magic and The Legend of Korra." And so she did. And from there, the legend twisted and turned. Grew and prospered.

And so, join us all now in following The Little Pony Legend. A saga about redemption, hope, love and of course, the magic of friendship.

This is important if you wish to read the saga chronologically, especially due to the note below
1. The Little Pony Legend
2. Cutie Troubles ( exlcusive)
3. Tales of Equestria (mostly) ( exclusive)
4. Spirits of Courage
5. The Great Change
6. Rainbow Rocks
7. The Nightmare's Return
8. The Friendship Games
9. The kingdom of Friendship
10. The Crystaling ( exclusive)
11. There and Back Again ( exclusive)
12. Balance of the Heart
13. Legend of Everfree
14. The Redeemers (Though the timeline of this story spans from Friendship Games to after Shadow of Ronin
15. The Shadow of Ronin
16. The Journey of Iris.
17. Magical Tales
18. The Guardians of Harmony: CANON ENDING

(Note: Despite this being the core legend found here, certain stories are also found exclusively on These currently include the side story Cutie Troubles, Tales of Equestria or There and Back Again. None of these are essential reads, but might be helpful for )

RULES: Take all shipping wars to the forum if you want to discuss it. Do not do so in the comments below.

If you want to complain about this series at all, take it to the forum as well.

Core Canon is restricted to those stories officially written or recognized by the original creator, though this rule may be discarded in the future depending on Maggieheartslove's flexibility in managing the story. However, non-canon is available for any to contribute.

Also, it would be a BIG help if you'd be able to find some other members could be added to the group. After all, what good is a group if you can't find a way to share it?

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They should update the list with the addition of the story based on "A New Generation"

A new story has begun.

Hi, I Highly Recommend for you to make A The Little Pony Legend Superhero/Superpowers Story Fanfiction on I Found Out That Every One of Your Fans of your The Little Pony Legend Saga Including Myself Really Really!!! REALLY!!!! Want A The Little Pony Legend Superhero/Superpowers To Be Made....REALLY BADLY!!!!.....and Here are The 2 Videos All The fans of Your Series Including Myself Really Want For You and All The Other People involved in this Series To Use as The Main Inspiration with The 1st Video Being How Both Groups of Characters (The Mane 6 and Princess Avatar Korra and The Guardians of Harmony 6 and Princess Avatar Iris) and The 2nd Video Having The Main Plot Inspiration for The Fanfic...along with also having 3 The Little Pony Legend Videos as Reference:

.....also If You Must Know If This Superhero Genre Story Is Made....It Would Most Definitely Be A Alternate Timeline/Alternate Reality Universe Fanfiction Where The Events of The My Little Pony Legend: Guardians of Harmony Doesn't Happen Till Much Much!!! MUCH!!!!!! Later with The Little Pony Legend Main Timeline Going in One Direction and The Timeline of The Little Pony Legend Superhero Story Going in Another Direction.............
So Can You All Please Make This Dream Come True For Me and All The Other Fans Of The Little Pony Legend....Because!!!!.....I AM YOUR BIGGEST #1 FAN!!!....and It Would Be A Shame To Let Me and All The Other Fans of Your Saga Down.....SO PLEASE MAKE THIS REAL FOR ALL OF US!!!!!.....PPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!......
Nuff Said.
To: The Creators of The Little Pony Legend
From: YOUR BIGGEST #1 FAN IN THE HISTORY OF THE HISTORY OF ALL OF EXISTINCE!!!!...Who Along with All Others Who Are The Little Pony Legend Fans All Simutaiously Highly Recommend for A The Little Pony Legend Superhero Fanfic To Happen....FFFOOOORRRR RRREEEEAAAALLLLL!!!!!!...........

GREAT WORK!!!...on This Saga and I Hope You Will Reboot The Saga In A Entertainment Style Reboot (Film Reboot or TV Show/Cartoon Reboot) Soon..............

Dang, 5 years? I'm actually surprised it's that old now!

The Little Pony Legend turned 5 on April 2, 2017. Five years of adventure, magic and music! A great big hug and thank you for everyone who stuck around for the ride!

I honestly don't know what to say. This is so sweet, and I am truly honored that you would start a group dedicated to the series. If there is anything you would like to commission, an art piece, an AMV, anything just name it and it's yours! It's the least I can do. :heart::twilightsmile:

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