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Join the Rainbooms, the Mane Six, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as they travel all over from New York, Canterlot High, Equestria, and beyond to help each other out, solve problems, and take on the baddest of baddies each group has ever seen. And with plenty of pizza to go around!

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Hello everyone,
I am a great fan of equestria ninja girls and, if you want, I think I know how she could free the dark dragon.
In my opinion, if Chang wishes to release the Dark Dragon, she may have to seize the geodes of the Rainbooms, the medallions of the turtles but also find the scepter of Kavaxas which had disappeared shortly after his last confrontation against the ninjas.

I got a idea of a Equestria Ninja Girls story


You got my logo up. That’s awesome! Thank you, my friend.

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