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See the ninja turtles and the main 7 to stop the evil And in joy some pizza

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So this is where you think up the ideas for Equestria Ninja Girls stories?

To those reading this, this group page is dead because the one who made it was banned and nothing here can be updated. So it's been moved to another Equestria Ninja Girls page

Is there a reading order list for the stories posted here ?

Please make a Equestria Ninja Girls oddworld new ‘n’ tasty story please

I got a idea of a Equestria Ninja Girls story

Agreed someone do a crossover story of this movie! Don’t forget the poster shot otherwise, someone’s getting fired.

"If no one does a story on this future Netflix movie, someone will be fired...":

No problem. I already informed him you had idea to pitch

He uses the Equestria Ninja Girls Clan

Boss doesn't use this one

why you think i put it up here?

Pitch to other group. Boss might be interested

great. i hope it might work.

I saw the show... It might be possible.

yeah?? is it good??

hey has anyone thought to cross over to this show at all?

it might be fun to watch how it'll mix.

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