Hi everypony make sure to make every Miraculous Ladybug fan and Miraculous Ponies Fan even those of the Pony Guard Fanclub may stay here, also keep things from the show as an secret and if you can't handle it use it on the Spoiler Tags which means that if you didn't put the spoilers of the show or more you have to fix it if you didn't fix it you get kicked and if you do it again you will get banned for one whole week or longer depends on whether or not I find your account


Rule 1: Don't post NSFW posts if you do you'll get banned

Rule 2: Keep calm and don't rage whenever someone does something bad if that happens you'll get a warning

Rule 3: If you're nice for one whole week you'll get one step up but if you do something worse for one whole week you'll get lower

Rule 4: Don't fight others (Except if you hate an Character from one show)

Rule 5: If there's an Episode not out yet and you find something regarding the Episode DM me with the link and I'll see if that can be added in the Forum (You first need proof before doing this)

Rule 6: Be nice because if you aren't you'll get a warning

Rule 7: Follow FimFiction's rules easy one

Rule 8: Have fun since I don't want anyone leaving all because you did something that's not fun

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