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syill working on first story. · 9:23pm Jan 13th, 2018

hey my followers. still working on the first chapter but please try & bare it. I'm doing my best in making it jest as good as 2 others that I like a lot.
But if you all need the calming then here's the title of the story. 'The Fore World Adventures'. So please try & keep calm ok. :twilightsmile:

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That's cool. I've seen every episode. (Chuckling) you know, it's funny. The idea of a Equestria Ninja Girls adventure with Static and Gears, I can easily hear Rarity griping about the Gas Station.

His origins and who he idolize as a hero.

So, how much of Static Shock do you know?

  • Viewing 228 - 232 of 232
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