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knight phoenix snow

im happy im pacific I am happy with my life and my friends

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hi Girls And boys

hello my name is knight phoenix snow

sign: leo
birthday: 23 june
colour favorite: green and yellow
age: 17 years old
I have nothing against lgtb
I don't like politics or religion
1) no discrimination if you are a bully or a troll I will block you since I don't have time to warm my head
2) I like meeting new people
3) I like to make people smile
4) I hope you understand that I suffer from tourette syndrome
Tourette's disorder Chronic motor tic Chronic multiple tics Tic disease Tic syndrome
its not serius
5) I like to play the bass
6) my favorite animal: they are monkeys and sharks
7) I'm bisexual
8) I'm not looking for dates, but I believe that love will come to me when it has to come
9) I like to listen to music
10) my favorite hobby: swimming, playing ping pong, tennis and dancing
I'm a bit effeminate, I can be a bit delicate and smooth
i live in South American
That's all for now

knight phoenix snow


I need to unburden my thoughts · 10:17pm May 18th, 2022

I know that many have heard of lion star, the truth is I was his friend, I was his partner, his shoulder to cry on, but
she lied to me i mean everything she said what she did was a lie for more context please read this:

I feel useless for having believed her and having fallen in love with her sentimentally, I loved her but I must forget her as I must forget my past self

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I don't blame you for not knowing. Star tricked all of us at some point, and we didn't know until recently exactly what was going on.

Eeyup. And apparently this account isn't the only one of theirs, although I haven't found any other suspicious accounts myself - yet.

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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