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Universe 010583: A universe where the Mane 7 have boyfriends (Things from the past come jump up, kick back, whip around and spin in style That's my motto!)

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The New Master of Metal · 5:46pm June 8th

In Blaze's next MLP/Ninjago story: The Hooves of Time, we're adding a new master of Metal to the team.

Name: Irona Mills

Species: Earth Pony/Griffin Hybrid

Features: Pony body, Griffon wings and Tail

Coat: Silver

Wings: Dark grey

Mane: Platinum periwinkle

Personality: Shy and Reclusive

Likes: Rock and Roll Music, being accepted

Dislikes: being called freak, critics, bullies

Abilities: Metal manipulation, Armor coating, Metal Attraction, Ore finding

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Hey harry any news on your MLP/Ninjago story when realms unite? You gotta make twilight trust Lloyd already.

Hey Harry. Any news from Blaze-Saber?

Thanks for adding my story to your favorites.

Thank you so much for adding MLP - Equestria Girls: The Magic of Friendship to your favorites.

  • Viewing 182 - 186 of 186
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