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Many moons ago, Equestria was protected by Seven Brave knights of Might, Courage, Optimism, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience and Honor who battled alongside the Royal Sisters: The Swords of Justice.

But these great heroes were lost when Nightmare Moon rose to power and all memory of these Knights was wiped from Equestrian History.

Until Now...

Join Midnight Shadow, Blaze Burst, Storm Belt, Hydro Wave, Rocky Roader, Volt Havoc and Arbor Greenly. As they fight alongside the Mane 7 to protect their homeland from the source of Luna’s fall to Darkness.

But can these boys and girls set aside their differences and work together, or will they and all of Equestria fall before an even greater evil yet to return.

(Story is set after Rainbow Rocks and Sunset Comes back To Equestria and becomes the Element of Empathy)

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When Twilight Sparkle, a young alicorn, leaves her home to find the truth about her past, she finds a shocking discovery - the fate of the world rests in her hooves. In a race against time, Twilight must discover her hidden potential, Alongside new friends and unlock the incredible powers that slumber deep within her in order to confront a terrible Darkness from the Shadows.

Story written by me and Dinoman.

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This holiday season is the worst time of Sunset's life. Anon-a-miss has made everyone believe that she has returned to her old ways and is now the target of everyone in the school.

Having just about enough pain and suffering Sunset tries to end it all but is saved and brought back to place where she can recover by an unlikely counterpart.

Now with the peace in the dark and guidance of the light, will Sunset prove her innocence to Canterlot High and even perhaps fulfill a dream she had long accepted would never come true.

(For those who read the MLP IDW comics, there will slight references here and there, so be warned)

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Twilight has come such a long, long way since she became Celestia's pupil. She has conquered become an Alicorn princess, found herself a student and has the best friends ever.

But what when she has a dream of a mysterious Alicorn couple she feels a deep connection with? It leads her to going to Canterlot to ask her fellow Princesses for advice, only to discover a startling and life changing secret about them, herself and Equestria itself: She was adopted.

Now she and her friends must journey across Equestria to find to truth of her past, learn the ancient history of the Alicorn race and the origins of the Elements of Harmony. And with an ancient evil rising from the shadows, the very being that ripped Twilight away from her family, She must harness the true power of Friendship within herself and achieve her destiny as the Heir to the Equestrian throne.

Get ready for My Little Pony: Return of the King & Queen.

This story is an alternate take on Season 7 of MLP.

Cover made by artist MelSpyRose.

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School is out and Summer is in.

the waves are calling and Sunset is ready to answer. She has been waiting all year for the chance to ride on the big, crashing waves and her chance comes when she wants to enter a surfing competition but she requires an adult to partner with in order enter so she asks her mom, Principal Celestia to enter with her when she learns that she use to be a pro surfer.

But she soon learns a very personal secret she's been keeping one involving the fact that after an incident at one her latest competitions during the apex of her season, Celestia experienced gained a fear of waves and major lost in her surfing confident.

Can the younger Sun help the older Sun regain her Surfer mojo so the two can bring home the surfer gold and spend the rest of summer with some Mother and daughter time on the waves?

"Note in the story Sunset is adopted by Principal Celestia and this takes place two months after the Battle of the Bands and a year before the Friendship Games"

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Sunset is all alone.

She no home, no Friends and Especially no Family.

All because the user called Anon-a-Miss who has been using other student secrets to turn them against her. The school hates her. Her friends have abandon her. And she had no family to turn to.

She was all alone.

Or was she? When walking in the cold, she would soon be taken to the home of the people that would change her life forever. And perhaps give to her, the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Cover image belongs to edCOM02 on Deviantart

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has a crush on a guardpony named Flash Sentry but is nervous to tell him but with the support of her friends and family, she might be able to tell him. How will this story go expect to find out in this story but will Shining have anything to say about it?

This Story is a Flashlight fanfic, it will also include, StarlightxSunburst, SoarinxRainbow Dash, ApplejackxDouble Caramel, PinkiexCheese sandwich and Fluttershy and Rarity x OC and will also take place after MLP the Movie

This story was made by Branix or Xinbra on fanfiction who I'm co-authoring for on Fimfiction now.

This Image was not made by me from an artist named

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It been one week since the Ninja's victory over the Oni and all of Ninjago is at peace that is until the Ninja realize that when Lloyd destroyed the Realm Crystal it pull Ninjago and another realm together merging them into one realm. Now in a new united realm along the rest of his team they knows next to nothing about Lloyd must work alongside a newly crowned and overly curious princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle and Her Friends the Elements of Harmony and the rest of the Ninja to protect this new realm he himself had inadvertently created from enemies both old and new but can they face an ancient evil that almost brought doom to their home once before and may just succeed now???....

Events of this story take place after season 10 of Ninjago and Season 3 of My Little Pony
All creatures are different human or humanoid creatures:
Ponies: humans with/without wings and/or unicorn horns
Equestrian Dragons: dragon people with wings, horns and tails
Changelings: Elven shapeshifters, with horns and insect wings
Griffins: Harpies with talon feet and feathered ears
SeaPonies and Hippogriffs: Merpeople and Avians
Breezies: Fairies
Yaks and Buffalo: Fauns with hooves and horns
while Ninjago dragons and other monsters and creatures from Ninjago
including the Serpentine, Formlings and skeletons will remain as they only imagine them looking at little less Lego

some ships will include; Jaya, Applecole, TwiLoyd, Fluttercord, Spikebelle, Etc
Ninjago Is owned Lego and My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro

Cover image was Created by my friend Fluffeh-Shiba onn Devianart

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